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Good Morning Everyone

I am still confused about who everyone is

Looking after our two eldest Grandchildren today

have a lovely day Everyone

Pam LL x

Pennine Petal
Morning, just a quick hello before I go to work, didn't manage to catch up with you yesterday. Didn't want you to think I was slacking. Left OH in bed this morning and just made a quick cup of tea and a piece of toast.

Sorry to hear abot the boiler problem, ours is 24 years old, so expecting to be in a similar position soon, can't get the parts for it any more, so we just keep our fingers crossed.
Gary Hobson
ernie's ghostly gold tops wrote (see)
Has anyone ever seen a pixie sitting on a toadstool?


Mushroom of the Day.

Found this mushroom yesterday aftenoon, a red cap with white blotches, is the distinctive and hallucinogenic Amanita muscaria....

Glorious sunshine outside at the moment.

Jean Genie

Morning all.  Didn't realise just how many hallucinogenic mushrooms there are . That fairy looks a bit chilly

Just been checking cobaea bud - it hasn't grown at all so don't expect a flower now .

We have a little bit of sun now after a dismal start but after watching news , don't think I'll ever complain about our weather again. Those poor people.

Wonder when we'll get the backlash ?


The backlash will arrive in around10 days

Off to knock a white ball about a bit and occasionally into a small hole-looks like a nice morning for it



Pam it must be lovely to see so much of your grandchildren.

Jean it has been a tough year for the cobaea imagine how sad the plant feels.

The sun is out here but so are the builders 

Why are   people still walking on the streets in NY?


Morning everyone. Pam, I'm still confused too. So nothing new there then!

Sun is out here, no builders, I'm glad to say, though occasional peculiar noises from next door.

Georg, I went hunting for those hallucinogenic mushrooms yesterday, in a place where I know they always appear, but there wasn't one. I concluded that it must be the wrong time of year for them but clearly not if you've found them.

Pottie Pam

Good morning Ghosties and ghoolies,

Lovely day here and going for a walk in the woods later with my daughter and grand-children. In the middle of making a big pan of soup from turkey legs for when we get home.

Poor Americans, it's going to take a lot of clearing up.

We weren't affected too much by Michael Fish's big storm but was chaos a few years later here in Cornwall. We didn't have electricty for 6 days as there are only two houses down our lane so we weren't a priority. A tree branch had fallen on the power lines to our houses. We eventually had a team from Ireland mending our line as so many lines were down the local work force couldn't cope. In a way it wasn't too bad although we did go round to a friends in the evening who had a rayburn. we later got a second hand oil-fired one ourselves. Very expensive to run and have not turned it on yet but at least if the electricty fails I'd be able to cook and keep warm.

Pottie Pam

Flo, what were you going to do with those mushrooms?

I think I read somewhere that the Shamen in Lapland used to eat those mushrooms and that's when they saw reindeer flying. The ordinary people weren't allowed to eat the magic mushrooms so they'd look for the yellow snow where the shaman had been so they could go on a trip too. 

Jean Genie

Pam - and here's me complaining about our 36 hr powercut.  That must have been terrible for you.

Flo , I've never seen any . I found white ones and saw something once which was called a fly agaric (excuse spelling if its wrong) but there doesn't seem many about in our local woods.

Hope the builders don't stay long , Kate.

Have fun Geoff

I'm off to supermarket to get flu jab soon. Who would ever thought that would be possible years ago 

Gary Hobson

A lot of mushrooms are psychoactive, in different ways. The red and white one is the best known, but the little cone-like brown one (yesterday's snap) is related to another psychoactive mushroom, used by shamens in central America. Both of those are fruiting now.

And many are lethal too.

It's surprising how little we know about all the chemicals in fungi, and indeed about all of the natural chemicals in all of the vegetables and fruits we eat, and their roots and leaves, and their various effects, for good or ill.

Miss Becks
Morning lovelies from the holding area G of the ICC birmingham! Lots of talent rehearsing around me. Wish some of it was good :-S we have a long wait! No way of uploading a pic from my iPhone.

Holding area, Ghost Lady, that sounds alarming. At least you have the forum to keep you entertained!

Pam, I only wanted to photograph the mushrooms, honest :- )

Georg, one reason I like fungi is because they are so overlooked and under-rated. I mean it's only recently that scientsits have decided that they aren't plants after all !!  They are a vital part of the planet's recycling system and they are perhaps more varied than any other living organism - maybe I should transform into Mushroom Lady.


Been looking at pictures of New York this morning. Most of the streets seem to be under water - am guessing this is the lower lying areas. And there are literally millions of people without power - so I think its going to take quite a time to restore normality. 

Complete contrast with here - nice and sunny. But I guess we will get the tail end of that some time soon.

Son no. 2 has just sent me a message asking how you grow pumpkins - not sure why! 


Gary Hobson

The Sword of Damocles still hangs perilously from that crane.


Hello everyone. You have all been busy again. Taken me ages to catch up.

Hope the fairy put some clothes on Georg

We have builders on one side of us and tree surgeons on the other. Peaceful it isn't, still it should mean next door but one can have sun in their garden!

Have seen dentist today, ancient parent wrapped her dentures in a serviette and threw them away.! Bless. New ones modelled, loads of money to pay for them.

Holding area makes it sound like a 'cattle' market!!


Not had time to look at NY yet, will do in a minute. Looked aweful last night.

Jean Genie

Well that was a waste of time. Couldn't have flu jab as I still have a bit of a cough and I'm not fully clear of it yet  Now booked in for  week today. On a plus note , bought a nice cherry bakewell cake

Becks, give us all an update when you are released from your pen

Good luck to Sam

Bjay - I have dentist next week . I will be taking my purse.


Becks have you seen anyone famous?

Jean with all these jabs better safe than sorry.

Lottie may be your son has seen a money making opportunity with the pumpkins

The builders are the same ones that have been here for the last two months, today they are trying to attach the trellis so it is noisy and they are looking straight at me 


I'd never imagined that trellis-attaching was a noisy job! You'e not dressed as that pixie on a toadstool are you? Could be why they're looking at you ;- )