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Deanos Diggin It

Kate - Peace will prevail! 

Geoff - Tried golf once! So inconsistent n annoying! Gave my club's away to an inspiring beginner n called it a day!




Have I done the spare room? No, of course not, just sat & played solataire whilst watching trashy daytime tv. 

Am cooking a huge potato in the remoska. It'll easily do the 2 of us when daughter gets back. I have wiped the large mushrooms & washed the leaks ready. Fry the leeks, plus garlic, & grill the mushrooms. Then top the mushrooms with fried, seasoned leeks & some cheese over the lot. Very quick,easy & yummy. Goes well with red wine too according to my notes....

Me inspirational? No-way, just realistic, grumpy, critical, argumentative, 'b' minded.....& the rest! J.


Dean-it is a game you have to stick at-I am completely inconsistent but sometimes something nice happens -the problem is the nice things are quite rare

Jo -I think you will find that leaks are self-cleaning


Deanos Diggin It

Exactly Geoff! That's why I hung up my bag! 

Jo! Can't knock ya! 

And after today! 

In the early hour's, someone sent an email suggesting some top brass doing the rounds Thursday! All hell broke loose!

But being a good boy! n doing such a good job! I walked away at hometime with a right sack of goodies!!!!

Have spent today in Brighton, hell on earth id forgotten it was half term. Why are some children so awful? and why were they all in Brighton today?

The daughter and i went to an exhibition of Biba clothes, very interesting. Shame i was too young to wear them.

Had tapas for lunch delish and im very glad to be back jome with a cup of tea and my slippers on. Must be getting old



Maud it is awful when that happens, at least the exhibition was interesting.

Deanos Diggin It

Maud! Don't knock slippers! It's the highlight of my day!

Right guys! I'm off! Got a few driver assessments to do early doors! 

Bright eyed n bushy tailed n all that!  


Bye Dean

Maud-I wonder if we were awful in our yoof or whether today's kids are just different-but I know what you mean


WEnt to a local supermarket this morning and could get parked easily - no school run!

Next door is in despair - tennagers home - decorating the bedroom!!!

I'm just glad I'm over all that, professionally and as a parent!

Bought some balloons today to hang on door tomorrow - 2 black, 1 orange suitably decorated. Should keepthe locals happy


I do not own slippers

bjay will you dress up?


I don't want to push it too far!

Anyone dressing up? Apart from Jess that is.


You are asking if I am going to wear some odd clothes tomorrow?

I do that every day


I will be in gothic black but nothing unusual there

Gary Hobson

There was an interesting dressing up event at Warwick Castle today. They were trying to establish the world record for the number of people dressed as witches. Must have been interesting to see local buses travelling to event, full of people wearing pointy hats, all chanting Buphthalmum Speciosum.

TBH, I'm not sure what the spell Buphthalmum Speciosum is intended to do.

Miss Becks

Evening lovelies!

My what a day. Was up at 5am to take Sammy to her audition. We got there at 8.15am and it was all over by 1.30pm! A lot of faffing around and waiting, And I didn't even get to see them sing!! Just got to wait to hear if they got through now.

Haven't read everyones posts yet, will catch up in a bit. We got home at 3pm, we had a long nap, then have just been to the chip shop. Catch you all in a bit. x



Gary why did you not join in?

Becks how long will you have to wait?


Maud- complete agreement re kids nowadays.... or perhaps it's our age, sorry.

Biba clothes- bet that was good. I was too young too, but think I had some make up? certainly had Quant make up.

Was cross acouple of Easters back- daughter & OH clearing the loft, which is almost as full again-oops. I could have sworn that there was a bag up there of Laura Ashley originals. No sign of it, drat & nor the original 70s Miss Selfridge dresses too. Must have had a clear out at sometime, but neither OH nor me can remember when.

Who forgot the wine with tonights' meal then? J.


BTW Geoff, yes LEEKS, but quite like the leaks...... J.

Evening all!
I won't be dressing up for Halloween, having a bonfire night family get together Friday instead.
Have some parkin cooking at the mo, almost done. The kitchen smells lovely
I have a recipe for sticky toffee apple cake to try later in the week too.

Jo-my spare room is waiting for a sort out as well (it has been on the to do list for a while!)

Dean-it is getting trickier to be bright eyed and bushy tailed with these darker mornings!

Right, oven timer beeping.....better dash!

Becks -nice to have you back-what reaction did they say they got?

Nola-I am now getting firework complaints -more going off now-OH not happy but she has now gone swimming