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I am also fed up with the fireworks

Miss Becks

kate, they won't hear until January!

There was no-one famous there at all! LOL There was one producer and one camera man in the room where they had to do their audition. No recording of it allowed at all. In fact, mobile phones were supposed to be banned even in the holding room where we were waiting, but no-one took a blind bit of notice!

Sammy got all upset as she messed up in the song a couple of times, but she said the producer was friendly enough.

It was funny to see how they did all their recording of the crowds. After 2 hours of waiting lined up in the street, they decided they wanted to film us all walk through the barriers smiley and happy, so the whole queue of about 400 people had to turn round and 'reverse' up the street so we could all walk back down it with the cameras rolling!

Then, they stopped us all again before letting us through the barriers to ensure we were smiley and happy enough!

Once inside, the select few in the holding room were chosen to 'do their thing' on the warm up/practice stage area (Which Jess loved!) while they filmed.

Here's Jess on that area!

And a few other pics.






 Don't know if that video will work.


 I like the Katy Perry song 






Caz W

Evening all - just got a text from British Gas to say someone would be here between 8 and 1 tomorrow.  Geoff - could you give me a more accurate time please.

Becks - your little Jess is sooooo cute!  Sounds like a very interesting day out and hope all went well.

Will go back several pages now to catch up ....  Hope everyone is well.


Becks thanks for the full report and the photos and videos.



Caz-at 12.57 there will be a phone call saying they are running late and will be there in 2 hours-or looking in my crystal ball I predict they will be there at 9.15

Sounds like a fun day out for all Becks topped by fish and chips-so TV is just smoking mirrors after all

A sing-along firework


Nothing quite like a 3 year old to entertain the crowds is there?

Love the magic spell Georg. Think I will use it tomorrow as well|  Wonder what it will do?

My daughter went through a stage of wearing my old Laura Ashley clothes. Did get some back. Perhaps they weren't 'vintage' enough.

Thing is they reminded me of how petite I used to be!! 




Great cartoon.! 

Sorry Georg (Is it Gary) lost track! Spell was mine to start with 

Caz W

Please add my name to the I'm Fed Up of Fireworks list  

Geoff - I'm glad your crystal ball showed him turning up at all

Miss Becks

He he he Caz. Don't rely on any of Geoff's balls, crystal or not. They've proved unreliable in the past!

Funny, I've not heard any fireworks yet round here. I will be going to the organised one rather than having any at home.

Becks-what an experience!
funny cartoon too
Miss Becks

Yes nola, it was! And I've a feeling it's going to be a yearly thing if they don't get through! And X factor as well! LOL

We are going to an organised one this year. Jess has never seen a proper display, so may as well. It's only a couple of quid in our local one.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, an Open Day at uni today, recruiting students for next year, working in sales previously definitely helps in this job. Sounds liked we are going to get rained on this afternoon.

Are we changing to bonfire night names next week? Who is organising the firework display? Would that be you Geoff? Can we have on like thenOlympics had?

Has all this American trick or treating taken over from bonfire night? You don 't see kids outnwithnguys in prams now

All in hand-I will even display my sparklers

-note to self- seek advice about the crystal ball.

This morning I shall do the usual- and wave the workers off



Gary Hobson

XF is it about singing. Whereas BGT is about having a novelty act. Dogs are good for BGT. You could teach a dog tricks, like balancing a potato on its nose.

Mushroom of the Day

This is an absolutely genuine picture, taken in my garden yesterday...

This mushroom looks very much like an Agaricus, of which there are several species, all described as edible and good.

But I do not intend to sample it, because of the almost entire skeleton of some creature lying beside it, which is not a good omen. The skeleton looks about the size of a squirrel.

Jean Genie

Morning all,   just about caught up. Maybe that skeleton will rise up tonight. Gary  and you will see a ghostly squirrel running round your garden.

Love the video of Jess, Becks. Looks like you all had a good day.

Hope the gas board turn up early Caz, there's nothing worse than waiting in all day.

Daughter has found a house so it's all systems go now but it's miles away.  She wants a fresh start so I understand why she's moving out of the area but will miss her and the boys. As it stands, she 's only 15 mins away so we are used to seeing them nearly every day. Just a matter of getting organised now as completion will be early December. The new people want to be in by the 10th.

Have a good day. everyone.


I'm up, taken the 'nasty' medicine & so far so good.... had my breakfast, been neighbourly & am now off to shower & the rest before starting on the big clear out!

OH queried as to why under the stairs needed clearing out?  How are the engineers going to get at the gas supply & the pipework for the existing boiler otherwise?

Becks was it worth it? looks fun though.

Sorry to be a party pooper as have fished out my police notice for 'no trick or treaters here'. We had BIG problems in past with some youngsters around here & ever since that time all the neighbours agreed. Weather due to be c**p as well anyway. J.



Morning all. Am at my desk bright and early this morning (for a change!) which means I can leave early. Have to get home to put the pumpkin in position, and charge up the broomstick.

Caz, any sign of a gas man yet?

Jean, glad she's found something, but it must be difficult for you.

I saw a dead badger on the side of the road this morning. Very sad.

Gentlemen, are you aware that tomorrow is the start of Movember? That is, those that want to take part should grow a moustache? Ladies too if they feel that way inclined!! 



Oh no -dead badger-Dickie Davis may have lost his hair-piece

Confectionary of the day