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Morning forkers.

pleased daughter found house 

OH's never seem to understand about clearing things out to gain access to important parts of the unseen house I find. Did my understairs a couple of months ago. Interesting finds! Actually managed, so far, to keep it so that I (we) can find things,

Going to buy a curtain pole today. next door neighbour has said he'll put it up. Got out old curtain rail only to find the peices that fasten it to wall are missing. Really (secretly ) quite pleased. 

Hope your gaz man can fix it.

Have to finish off C******** puddings today. No plans for garden but if weather holds off can always find something to do.

If it's really grim may make C cake as well.

Look forward to the firework display Geoff. Love fireworks and have n't been to a display since we moved here.

They are not the nuisance they were in Staffs where they were going off all the time. Just get an occassional Bang at the weekend. 


Just realised that wont be able to get easily to tumble drier under stairs tomorrow either, so washing on as well now.

Becks- radio 4 Midweek, repeated tonight or i-player, had someone on talking abour paranormal/ghosts.

Cadbury's must've researched whether anyone would eat green 'slime', but they are owned by USA company..... J.


Jo - do you ever just sit down and rest??


Good morning I feel exhausted just reading everyone elses plans, I may do some washing today.

Geoff I am always impressed that someone can change their product from Easter only to multi events.

I have a Queen Vic lobelia, what do I do with it now the flowers have finished?


Kate-just cut the lobelia down to the ground there should be a rosette?-that is next years potential-and should get bigger or you can divide

Dolores Umbridge wrote (see)


 Just get an occassional Bang at the weekend. 

Oh my giddy aunt



Morning all and each.

Have just had major reading/carch up session.

Georg, odd that you should have a bit of skeleton by your fungus of the day - when I was out fungus-shooting I found a chunk of backbone hanging in a tree next to the one I was photographing. May post later, have to do litter picking and letter delivering duties for village volunteers now. Or should that be the other way round?

See y'all later.


I think you will find Flo that for a comparatively small fee postman deliver letters-or is this a new business enterprise?

Jean -you will probably see a lot more of your daughter than you think-there will be lots of decorating that will need doing

I can feel a moustache of the day theme emerging


Lobelia 'Queen Vic' I have just cut mine down, Managed to save some seeds and have given some to next door neighbour as he likes the plant. Will try to grow some as well.

Keep a very careful eye out in spring, once the stems have started to grow - slug and snail 'heaven'!



Geoff and bjay thanks will have a look later, I will try and save some seed too, the ones I grew from seed last year have not got big enough to flower but I am optimistic for next year.


I want to live in Flo's village.

Miss Becks

Happy Hallowe'en Lovelies! Eggs and toast for breakfast??


jo, no I don't think it was worth all the hassle, especially as they are no where near what I'd call good enough to enter, but they are young, it was an experience for them. Who am I to knock them. They had a go and that's what mattered.

I'll look that up on the radio! Thanks.



Banana time. Bjay, do rest/sit quite often really, but probably am on the go most of the time.

Spare room getting sorted v e r y slowly. Actually rather upsetting at times as lots of stuff from parents' house around.

Also just found 2 new shower curtains- so what you say? Having shower screen fitted at end of month. One shall def keep- cant find receipt to return anyway, expect been shreaded (that spelling looks wrong somehow) & daughter may like later IF she ever buys a house. T'other shall ask friend if she'd like, no idea when I got it.

Right, back upstairs, only brought the boxes of 'C' biscuits down to pop into sideboard. Previously they'd been dumped onto spare bed which I need for airing cupboard contents.....J.


Good morning all.

Becks Love the pics, made me feel peckish.

Best of luck to your daughter and co, must have been a very long day for you all, but quite an experience, it's always good to encourage youngster, some get such a bad press these days, it's nice to hear of some that are having a go. Jess seemed to have a good time

Well the decorating spree has begun now that the plaster has dried out. OH is painting the ceiling, doing a lot of huffing and puffing, must go and make him some coffee, got to keep him at it. I just hate the mess. I will be giving him a hand tomorrow when we start the walls, oh what joy awaits. Remember the song "When Father painted the parlour" it's a bit like that here.

Have a good day, will be ready for the trick or treat brigade tonight, sweets at the ready



We can all move to Flo's village- they have plays,belly-dancing and funguys

As someone with little talent it is nice that some have the nerve to have a go but it might be a cruel awakening-still if you don't try you don't know

Caz W

Morning forkers - am pleased to announce that we now have heat .  Glad I took Geoff's prediction seriously and got up and ready early as gas man was here by 9.35 am.  Amazing amount of dust/fluff/spiders/dead woodlice uncovered and hoovered up. Awful weather here today and due to continue for the rest of the day so not much fun for the trick and treaters this evening. 

The joys of decorating - you have my sympathy there Batty,  OH's can be seriously slowed down by endless need for tea/coffee breaks.

Feel a need for some fried eggs now .......


Chris it will be lovely when it is finished.

Geoff, I think everyone should enter daft things, it gives you great stories to tell the grand kids.

Many years ago I went to visit the ghost town Real de Catorce, during the day it was like any bustling market town but at 6pm all the tourists left, I was staying the night though and I never slept a wink with so many abandoned buildings all the windows and doors banged all night. I was sat at the bus stop at 6am.



I didn't allow for the time difference between Swansea and Southampton-but all in all not a bad prediction as I went for 9.15-what was the prize again?

So other that all the dirt- did he say what has gone wrong?


I am is the big pumpkin!

Although I didn't get round to doing the other two!


Jean Genie

I want one of these.

Don't mind really though - I like seeing the kids dressed up and they are always with Mum .

Kate , That would not have been me .



Jo, I need a new shower curtain, in fact am off to buy one today!

Caz, glad you're feeling the warmth!

Kate, sounds horrible! Apparently my school was haunted but I never saw the ghost.

The trouble with my OH is getting him started on a project. If there was an olympic medal for procrastinating he'd win hands down. 

Pottie Pam

Good morning Ghosties and Ghoulies,

Hope everyone is now warm and keeping well. 

This is my daughter and grandchildren taken yesterday when we went for a walk in the woods. It was a lovely day and hoping to see some fungi but none to be seen. It's back to be damp and chilly here today so not inspired to go in the garden.

Happy haunting