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Pottie Pam

Liked the spider cakes. Pam and Lottie's pumpkin face is impressive.

I think Geoff's neighbours are spies and MI5 is bugging the place. Loved your jokes.

Flo, really spooky photos. I wouldn't like to go in your woods tonight.

Happy Halloween Inka. I will only have my younger grandchildren, who live next door, Trick or Treating.  We don't live near enough to anyone else.


Pam -you say you will only have grandchildren -but how do you know?-there are ghoulies and ghosties about

Why are chelsea buns so-called?

Dol-why wrong curtain-pole?


I do not know? why are chelsea buns so called?

Pam I bet you spoil those kids if they are so close.

Pottie Pam

Ooooooh, you've scared me now, Geoff.      

Just googled ' chelsea buns' They were created in the 18th century in Chelsea.


Because I need one that is 6 foot long without any centre supports so that curtain will slide right across as can only put curtain at one end. For some reason one I bought is in 3. Got it from Argos so can't see before you buy.

Means trip tomorrow to Argos again. The Plus is that I managed to drive, but getting into old habits with speed as OH pointed out as we sped around a sharp S bend!


Pottie Pam

Kate, I think it's good for both me and the grandkids. I tend to do the simple things with them where as their mam and dad are rushing around taking them to one activity or party after another.  


I have spoiled myself - well nobody else will! Got a mini packet of maltesers and a tiny Bounty bar! The trick or treaters can have the rest - and any leftovers the boys will soon polish off!

MI5 have heard that Geoff spends his days sending cyber- messages all over the country, and even as far as Canada, and are now investigating.

Pam those cakes look wonderful - I bet they were lots of fun to make as well.


Have stuck the notice on front door, but will be very surprised if any kids out & about round here tonight as absolutely TORRENTIAL out there now & apparently all evening, if forecast to be believed.

Top of airing cupboard now empty- how many towels? Now let's see what is stored around the base of the hot water cylinder- yep, I do keep a lot of junk!

Being a Brummie- Lardy cakes better! J.


Jo where do I get Lardy cakes in the SE?

Lottie that is always my motto, hence the buns and I need to keep my strength up

bjay I always wonder how people buy sofas from Argos without sitting in them

Pam I lived very close to my grandparents as a child and have very happy memories.


I would take those buns back Kate- Pam says they are 300 years old and past the best-before date

OH brought me back a mini-bag of Maltesers they were giving out in the street

I would be frightened to knock on Jo's door- she will ask you to move stuff around and call it a treat


I love Chelsea Buns - makes me want to make them just talking about them. Did you see Paul Hollywood making his version last week - Yum

Can't have any though (sigh)

Lardy cakes are OK but very localised i think? 

Should have known better than go to Argos. Wouldn't usually, just wanted to save time 

We live 3 1/2 hour drive from our Grandchild. i would so love to be involved more in her life. She is 7 weeks old. Still it'sa good excuse to not be able to baby sit!!

Still we have one and we thought it might not happen with them (eldest son)


Argos is in a spot of bother-they are going to stop the printed catalogue, close some stores and concentrate on online sales and tv shopping-it is a throwback to the the last century really


bjay that is why I bought them but when you see your gran daughter you will be able to spoil her rotten

Geoff I am not falling for that one, I will pop one in your cyber locker, 


I feel really blessed to have our 4 Grandchildren living so close - I love their company and although they are 14,11,7 and 5 years old they all get on really well together

Kate - I am sure I have seen Lardy cakes in Waitrose

I have choccie bars ready for any trick or treaters that visit  but we haven't had any for 2 years

Pam LL x


Yes lardy cakes Brum/Black Country only. Poor mans version of Chelsea buns I think- lard, yes, & lots of fruit & very crispy sugary topping.

Am getting there. Towels all in spare room, along with toilet rolls & flannels & a dble summerweight duvet, rolled up. 1 box of shampoos, soaps, etc from the bottom bit. Some of daughter's stuff dumped into her room. Tissue boxes next. Wonder what will turn up from behind the tank when it gets removed?

Have even got sidetracked- ha- & started to pull stuff out from under the stairs, into hall, when emptied the tumbler, which is in there.

This is why tonights' meal is reheated left-overs! I've had my pudding already- an egg custard. J.



Dog's getting really upset by shadows of balloons he can see through door window. One has burst now, in wind.

Aah still thinking of Chelsea buns (sigh)


Jo you need a golden rule, nothing comes in until something is thrown out

Pam who eats the left over choccies


Mmmm, egg custard Jo, lovely!

I wouldn't say no to a Chelsea bun either.

Just baked some gingerbread men, just carrying out quality control as I have a quick browse through.

All this talk - just printed off Paul Hollywood Chelsea Buns recipe!