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OH has made chocolate cake



So glad I have cake in


Geoff I know, I know.... Do practise that with clothes, on daughter's instructions a couple of yrs back. She's not impressed when I asked what she was getting rid of this time? She's just bought 3 skirts!

Been neighbourly again, to come back to answerphone message asking me to be neighbourly! It does go dark early now.

Anyway, airing cupboard all but empty- shall remove the clothes from there tomorrow morning, after all they may as well be 'aired' one last time.

Understairs also empty allowing access to pipework etc. OH wont know where to dump his rucksac when he gets back tomorrow morning. J.

Looking at a recipe for toffee onions.

The best Lardy cake is I've ever had is from a bakery/cake shop in Burford, Oxfordshire can't remember its name offhand. Full of fruit and just delish.I have to have just a corner of OHs if I get wrestle it from him


Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!

Have tried to catch up, but my, my! You have all been so busy on here today!

Beck's....Look's like you all had a smashing day out considering you really wasn't looking forward! That video of Jess is so cute!

Geoff....Loved the ghost joke's!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Inka.........Well everybody actually!!!!!!!!!

Lovely bun's Pam! LL that is! (Geoff!........ Leave it!}

n Jo! For god's sake! Pour a large glass n just go sit down!




OH is going to swimming so I will have to be nice to any door knockers-we usually get a warning so am guessing the usual crowd aren't doing anything-and it is chucking it down.




Very cold here and I have turned off the door light to deter anyone.

Does nutty nora still have a pumpkin outside?

Deanos Diggin It

Kate! Think everybody is busy with door knockers! Must admit this last 2 years we haven't had any! n none as yet tonight! 


Oddly enough yes and she also has something in the window-this is completely out of character

Ghosts come throught the windows


Pennine Petal
Evening all, managed to drive home through the wind and rain without incident, though it was a bit hairy over the tops.

Jean, you can look forward to longer visits to your daughter and they will be more special.

You should see next door's decorations, skulls and light in the windo and tape all over the doors saying enter here if you dare. They have a skull door knocker all the time. And they don't even have any children.

Haven't had time to buy any chocolate, but then no-one came last year and I had to eat it all myself. Shame!

Well no-one gas been yet-and there are 2 bags of Haribo jellies by the door-not sure I like them-will swap for choc



Still no visitors glad I did not buy any sweets.

Glyn how far is your commute?

Deanos Diggin It

 Here are a couple of an old collegue! Don't ask me how she does it! But a proper dab hand!


They are very good

No visitors yet - what am I going to do with 3 packs of chocolate bars

Pam LL x



Have had a knock-2 children with mums-I think that is it




Pam will you be sharing ?


Oh good, will send Geoff over on his broomstick.

Chelski are losing

Miss Becks

Well, just got home from taking Sammy to cadets and taking Jess to my sisters to 'Trick or Treat'

Candles are all lit and I can now relax.Wet and horrible out there.




 She refused to take the sticker off her hat!

Fish in batter and chips cooking.