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Gary Hobson
Pennine Petal wrote (see)
Morning all, I quite like this photo of me I might not change it! ...

I'm keeping my Halloween hat on too, and persona, at least for the time being.

We had a lot of rain here overnight. I didn't hear it, but a dish I use for putting out food was full of water this morning.

Spent yesterday evening watching Lympics Opening Ceremony. Had bought the 5-disc box set, for around £20. There are several alternative soundtracks, the dreadful Huw Edwards, or natural stadium sound, or a commentrary by Danny Boyle (which is even more distracting than Edwards), or subtitles. The sporting events highlights are on a Day-by-Day basis. So there's 30 minutes or so summarising each day. I expect the price will drop after Christmas.


Morning all, well I think all the trick or treaters came to me - we had 6 lots round altogether but they seemed to be in quite big groups so probably about 30 children in all. It was only drizzling slightly so not too bad for them.  

One very sweet little girl told me a joke -

 How do you make a witch itch? Take off the W!!

However there were some goodies left over so OH and I had a couple of things then the boys emptied the bowl!

OH checked the forecast last night and decided it was going to be heavy rain this morning so last night we arranged I'd give him a lift to work - which meant me leaving earlier than usual (he normally cycles), so I was out of bed at the crack of dawn only to find it was sunny! But as I was up I gave him a lift anyway.

Jess and the twins look so cute!


Good morning all.

Ah, it's good to get that Bat Woman costume off, and get back to wearing something  normal.

Geoff.-- love the new avatar of Cody and does the C******* poster mean we can now talk about C*******.

We didn't get one caller last night so OH will have to eat the sweets, he will be pleased.

We have got to go and get some emulsion today, hopefully we will be finished by the weekend As my Mum used to say, It's easy to be mucky, but d....d hard work to be clean.

Have a good day all.



HELP! The gas & water both off, front doopr wide open & how many lights do they need kept on??

OH, of course has escaped into 'his workshop' & shut the door! Daughter gone up to bank, but working later. Am layered up, getting a caffiene high & no more of my chocolate in the house!! J.


Hi Jo,

As the saying goes. "Keep calm and carry on", it will be worth it in the end, just not at the moment.~~~~~~~~( you have my sympathy)




S'not the end of it though.... Daughter always likes a daily shower so she can wash her hair. So guess who will have to get up early -eek- to do a hair wash for someone with jug over the kitchen sink!!

Oh well. Was going to start greenhouse clean up but since would get filthy & need water that's also been abandoned.

Might actually sort some paperwork...... J.


OK, Hallowe'en persona gone. Have decided to be purple mushroom woman for a bit.
I love the pic of Cody, presumably he has gone into hibernation.

Jo, it sounds truly ghastly, hope the day goes quickly for you.

As far as I'm concerned it's still C******** until the 24th of this month when the dog rescue is having its C******** fair!!

Off to deliver my leaflets now, while the sun is out.



Phew - what a relief to be Bjay again. Will change avatar later - will need to find something suitable.

Cinema we went to last night is 'back to the old days' We sat in the circle, had to walk through projection room to get to seats, on the uncomfortable old style seats - no reclining ones with head rests here.  But we sat on the edge of our seats from start to finish (not because they were uncomfortable). Had everything, humour, sex (well it was James Bond) car chases, shoot outs. I know not everyones cup of tea, but.......

Loved your spooky houyse Becks. Can't wait to see what you do in 6 weeks time!

Flo - sun what sun. Really heavy rain overnight and more to come by the looks of it

Jo- Hope you are managing, just think how warm you will be when they have gone. Just keep up with the warm drinks and soup.

Loads of birds in garden this morning. First time we have seen them since we re-organised and added xtra feeders. Robin, chaffinch, goldfinch, blue tits, and a plain brown bird  about the size of a great tit. Could ot be a Dunnock. Will look in the book later.

OH just gone to supermarket so time for a cup of tea.


Have been sweeping and bagging up leaves-it is very soggy out there again but now we have a bit of sun.

Gary -that sounds like a good memento-might consider it for my Christmas wish list

Lottie -your sainthood is in the post- for getting up early

Glyn-I like it too

Jo/Chris -it will soon all be over and life will return to normal

Flo-be careful out there-watch out for dogs on the other side of letterboxes

Bjay-this film sounds like a winner and has got great reviews-not a great James Bond fan but might consider this


I have been out shopping for a new alarm clock. The business that I have been running from home has finally crumbled but I have managed to find a new job, which I start on Monday but I will now become a part time forker.

Jo that sounds very chaotic there.

Bjay I am tempted by James Bond.

Lottie I hope that the men in your life appreciate you


And 'Bupthalmum Speciosum' I have a new avatar.

Doesn't worl too well, a lot of shadow so may have to change it again. See how 'Inkie' works in cyber land

Would recommend the film. Cinema was packed. Only cost £5 a ticket (over 60) but then son's was only £6


Kate-that is sad and good news-I'm sad but happy for you

What is the job?


Thanks Geoff I am returning to teaching.


Hard luck Kate, but good news about the other job, part-time better than no job IME.

The sun has arrived, so am warmer at the mo. OH has layered up as well- my Mum knitted him an Arran cardi yrs back & as he has long arms, overestimated the sleeves!! BUT it's still kept as an extra layer for times such as this.

Now need to visit 'bathroom' & how to wash hands?!!!!! Or maybe will go next door...... J.



Thanks Jo, the job will be full time, I asked if I could still have access to the forum for 8 hours a day and they said no.


I would resign immediately

What shall you be teaching?


I will be teaching sums. I did think about resigning but the letter from the bank manager changed my mind


Kate, look on it as an adventure. What/who will you be teaching?

Jo, I'd be tempted to go out for a few hours to a nice warm shopping centre where there is a choice of coffee shops! I'm a wimp when it comes to the cold.

Having said that I will be digging at lunchtime!

Geoff, thanks for the medal, might not make a habit of early mornings but I think its going to become more frequent as the weather deteriorates......