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You plants must be a lot more advanced than mine Pam-I def would not be ready in 5 weeks


5 weeks, I would be in tears


Pam, am looking forward to your open day!

I didn't partake of too much bubbly so am clear headed today (unlike some people I imagine!)

I will go to Wimbledon if anyone offers me a ticket!


£20 is for ground admission and you have to queue or camp out-.......................

Lottie your in!!!-bring the tent


Geoff- no sign of the voucher! Paper wheely bin got done last week, so...... I still think it'll turn up with OH's stuff. It could easily have got knocked/blown down onto the floor where a pile of his paperwork was lurking......btw I did check in the wheely bin as best I could before it went- have a long-handled grabber, very useful.

Am still waiting for that parcel!! Hope that they didnt try down the road, same number 4 doors away. Shall not be best pleased. It's a dehumidifyer- half price in sale & cheaper than on Amazon! We have a cold wall, despite cavity insulation & still get some problems with rooms that side.So after some muttering again earlier this year, when still cold outside, I decided to get another one- had in past.

I did sit outside though, until all sun disappeared, & enjoyed reading.

Amended/added to tesco, after a quick rethink on menu. Any mutters from daughter & I'll scream!! J.



The Voice has had to cancel its tour!

Jo that voucher will turn up in the last place you look.

Camping sounds fun, can we have a BBQ and cocktails.


The BBC are still maintaining that there will be a second Voice series-don't know why they are bothering

I see from last week that Nicole Schwaskoffsinger the fourth XF judge

I thought I was going to Wimbledon on my own- now there is a coach party!!



I wouldn't worry too much it is probably just the wording if you have deleted your account and tried to access content.

You are always welcome to join the nonsense on here


David, as Geoff says, just join the nonsense on here! I can't remember if I joined the TAPS board or not, I don't think I did in the end but would defintely have been banned by now!

Ok, will bring a tent - the 3 man or the 9 man? Will we pitch it on the common with the wombles?


I am not snuggling up to 8 men-have you got any lady tents Lottie?-I don't mind sharing


David, TAPS has a 'sort out' every so often I believe. Geoff could do with some masculine support around here.

Parcel turned up just before 6pm! Van came up road, which usually means he tried the other house first.

If London wasnt so far south I'd join in the tented village 'do', but shall be glued to tv or radio for 2 weeks- ooh daughter got some hol next week, so must hide remote! J.


David may be they are planning on having a sweet pea competition

Jo good news about the parcel.

And here was I looking forward to the 9 man tent


David, I got an email ,too - I think quite a few people would have got them. I don't post much on taps mainly because I have trouble keeping up with all the threads.At the moment I have trouble keeping up with threads everywhere

Pam x


There are two tickets to the men's Wimbledon final for whoever posts message 1000.