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Jo it sounds so frustrating.

Becks that looks fine to me


I am in the naughty corner bjay-but yes it was

Becks-no candles?-put four on it-just for me


Hang on a minute- the gas going back on... fire can be lit, & will have hob! OH can carry the oil-filled radiator in from porch, to hall & that will heat there & upstairs. Little fan heater flex just allows it to reach inside bathroom so that's not so bad, but kettles of hot water..... J.


Cover it with icing, sprinkles, chocolate buttons and candles and it will be fine!

Oh no, better get back to work. Good job I can multi-task!!!


Deanos Diggin It

Aftie's All!

Let's do away with formalities!

Kate....Congrat's on the new job front! 

Beck's...Love the fact you reverted back to normal just turned twelve.....Did wonders for my OCD!!!!!!! 

Jo.....Best of luck with the heating Jobbie!

Caz....Glad you got yours sorted!

Thank God today is done!

Loved the fireworks Geoff! (sorry Kate)


Thanks Dean.

Geoff can you see it??


Geoff always forgets me. I'm getting a complex. Boo Hoo.


Kate if I walk about 200 yards- then yes

Which reminds me-tried to be a good Samaritan this morning-a car had broken down on a corner on the main road I offered to push it for the lady she wouldn't have that offered to run her round the corner to my house to use the phone and she said she would walk to the garage

Afterwards I could see why but at the time...............

It has become a sad state of affairs that no-one is trusted anymore- but would woman get in a car with someone they didn't know?-I doubt it.

Deanos Diggin It

Inka! Sure he dosn't mean to!

I do the same with Gary! But love his in-put! 

Miss Becks

Oh Lordy! Happy Birthday Grandad! With a touch of Jess!

 Geoff, did you still have your hallowe'en costume on when you approached her

Anyone got any advice to stop cakes sinking in the middle?? Even my fairy cakes did it today.


Cake mixture to wet maybe? Or did you open the oven door to check too soon- that's the ususal cause.

At least you remembered the buttons, unlike me!

We have some heat- wow. Gas fire full on, probably need new, but forget it! Oil-filled radiator on in hall, so there & landing getting better. Have found little fan heater too. Coughing well.

Have sort of wiped down in bathroom- they'd tried, bless them. It'll get done properly over w/end- oh but OH will want to continue removing tiles in there......

Meal- waffles, baked beans & fried eggs! Yummy! J.

Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! Job done! 

As a Grandad myself! Would be more than happy to recive that cake!

Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

I think we can safely say I'm no competition for Delia Smith!

 Hopefully once it's decorated it will look okay.

But must admit, on your earlier post! Thought a few sausage would make that a perfect "Toad in the hole" 


Miss Becks

jo, I never open the door. In fact I normally forget it's even in there. Should I be baking on 180 or 190? It electric fan oven.



Four Candles

The circle is complete 10,000+ postings and 5 and a bit months later-

Kate they have arrived


Dean, toad in the hole :- D :- D

Becks, why is there a pencil sticking up at the front of the cake?  The giant-cookie style of cake, as that appears to be, was the type baked by my grandmother, who was always apologising for them, but we kids loved them because they were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  My other grandmother bought French Fancies, I don't remember her baking.

Miss Becks

LOL Flo!!!! It's a silver candle!!