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Calling all shipping

I have seen the Top Gear special -it is a very good watch-and the end is amazeballs

I have recorded the Apprentice -have not seen it yet- but now know the result

Jean -nice to see you back-you missed the champers-shame about the leccy

Hello Flo-Jo


Hi Forkers.

Well Jo if you have a chance go see the latest Bond. Great.That's all I'm saying Kate and Geoff!

Pleased progress is being made at your house Jo.

Such a long time without electricity.  

Very cold wind here and about to venture to greenhouse to take temperature. Think it will just say 'Cold'

No swimming today - half term, so I had a bit of a lie in


Oh no, now they're on the front flat roof! Ok I accept that it's neccessary, but usually NO one goes on it, coz of the cost of replacing........ Just hope that when I go into garage later no plasterboard on my car!!!!! J.

Jean Genie

Cold here as well Bjay but beautiful sunshine  Glad you enjoyed the film. Quite fancy seeing that.

Geoff, will compensate lack of champers with offer of full english  Going to the cafe now - friend says they have new menu. Thinking I may be spending a lot of time there a week on Monday.

Kate, I have read all the small print and they say the work is important but I suppose they have given us plenty of notice. I feel sorry for the people with children and the elderly though like you say.

Glad your not doing too much Jo.

I've spotted the sparrowhawk on the back fence this morning. He was sent packing with the help of 2 pan lids.




Flo - a wood burner and crumpets? I may pop round!

I've seen the Bond cars programme, and the Bond cars at Beaulieu - am an expert now

Sunny and cold here too, but I will venture out at lunchtime to do some digging - nearly got all the plot dug over now.



Jo Not doing too much!!!!

Wel Forkers I've managed to get a pole, no bends, joins or central fastenings. Not quite colour I wanted but this is fine. What is more they had tie backs to match. Good for Wilkinson.

During week we had note through door saying no1 were hosting a small wedding reception, they have asked guests to not park in our road, not room to pass a parked car, and it would run from 1 tomorrow until midnight. Fair enough, good of themto let us know. Houses are plenty big enough

We also all ahve larger than usual gardens. Marquee turned up yesterday and today portable toilets. Left us wondering just how small, small is

OH attempting to make bread again - I hope its only a phase!


Bjay I always find that I am nervous of these events from experience, people start with such good intentions and your neighbours are probably very considerate but it just takes one guest to get lairy and it all kicks off. But I am sure that it will be fine.


That's what we thought Kate. especially when marquee turned up!

Could have invited the street don't you think !!Only 16 houses.

Just covered outside tap as in Dove's (sorrycan't remember real name) thread'. So easy , can't think why not done before. OH says simple ideas often get overlooked

Gary Hobson

Attenshun all dogs (Nigel, Cody, etc).

Uggie, the Jack Russell terrier star of film The Artist has just published his life story. 'Uggie: The Artist: My Story':

Story behind the book, and celeb-dog photo:

More doggy photos of Uggie at his book launch:


Ooh, water coming into radiators. Only 1 leak so far- daughter's one, which yrs ago OH managed to get to really leak! If you look carefully at the lounge ceiling you can just see the marks from where the water ran down along a pipe! Well I know where to look.

Am trying to find out the best saving rates for some money. Driving me mad, but would prefer to stick to where am an existing customer & so on. Too much choice, but not much interest.

Nearly done? she says hopefully... J.


Still at least you were warned Bjay-perhaps you will be invited round later for nibblesand to test the toilet facilitues-I am glad the pole saga is reaching its conclusion

I am sure Jo the roof will be fine

I have made a big decision that I may regret-have asked an estate agent to value the house-coming Tuesday

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Sun is out, but still cold.

Had a lovely night last night. Cake was appreciated, and tasted fine.

Very late night though. Didn't get home until 12.30am.

He loved his Father Ted Box Set DVD's. We even got out some Christmas Crackers early!!!



Right, better get some tidying up done. We have no water due to roadworks round the corner. Due to come back on at 2pm, according to the card shoved through the door.

Between the lot of us on here, we are all missing something essential due to some kind of works!




Glad all went & tasted well Becks. Treasure the pics, I know we do.

My layers are being removed, OH still has his extra on....

Geoff- move planned? Being nosey.  J.


Jo-this is a very small step into fulfilling the Spanish dream-at the moment am being a bit sneaky but trying to get a realistic valuation and what an outsider thinks-then see where we go from there

Becks is looking at her phone, Dad is on the phone,Jess just just checking all her fingers are still there and the lady of the house is contemplating washing up?-a snapshot of the modern family

Pudsey who won BGT has written his memoirs

and has a calendar out for 2013


Gary Hobson

Wasn't there a recent TV series, 'How To Add 10000 to the Value of Your Home' overnight.

There are some simple must dos to increase value here:

Not sure about 'pave over your front garden'. But it's a sad fact but most purchasers don't want to do a lot of work gardening.

If you don't have time to do anything else:

1) get a couple of cans of Magnolia and paint the living room, and as many other rooms as you can.

2) house Cody in a kennels, and drench all carpets and upholstery with Febreeze; Any wiff of dog and you can kiss goodbye to 5 grand..


Miss Becks

LOL Geoff. That is very true. But that is Sammy on the left! I'm taking the pic!

Cody doesn't look like a dog that 'wifs'. How rude.


Oh stoopid mecouldn't see because of the hat-looks very festive-any cracker jokes to tell and what was in them?

Crikey Gary-life is complicated


Lottie, welcome, it's better for my waistline if I can share the crumpets.

Bjay 'I hope it's only a phase' made me laugh.

Geoff, are you planning a major crime hence the need for the Spanish bolt hole?

All dogs whiff, in my experience!!


When we were thinking of moving, showing estate agent around he took one look at my daughters bedroom and burst out laughing. Deep purple walls and bright orange ceiling doesn't sell houses apparently. Decorater came and had same reaction. In end had to have walls lined - only way to obliterate colours!

It's just FloBear that our bread maker, that he has control of isn't very well so he decided to branch out on his own. Baker he is not, and it mkes him so angry. Just eaten one of lastest batch of pancakes - whoops - bread rolls - Does taste Ok but...


Bjay, I thought bread dough needed (kneaded hoho) a good pummelling. Perhaps he could take it out on the product and enjoy better success.