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Have suggested he uses dough hook on mixer, too noisy he says. 

Might show him up tomorrow,  Just hope I still have the knack and don't get a red face!


My sympathies, bjay, my OH has moods when he's determined nothing will be right. (To be honest, so do I occasionally!)
Maybe these would help. Includes handy visor to protect the baker from flying gobbets of dough ;- )





In despair just sorted out receipt, found we got a 3 year warraty with bread maker  PROBLEM its with Comet


Bjay- try contacting the actual manufacturer of it, since the retailer no longer 'around'. Hope your warranty wasnt with Comet though..... J.


I've just had crumpets-half with butter half with marmite-other spreads are available

What is it with this bread making?-sounds like a lot of hard work and lots of matrimonial tension

I am looking for la dolce vita


Jean Genie

Now there's a thought. I have a breadmaker in the utility room which has been redundant for about a year, it also doubles as a cake maker and jam maker. Think I may make a loaf tomorrow,  These gizmos always seem like a good idea at the time

Becks. lovely photos

Geoff. will you be buying a sombrero ?

Checked out new menu in cafe whilst scoffing full english and found a spelling mistake - no r in garlic.  My friend is not impressed as they've only just had them printed.

No sign of the sparrowhawk since I assaulted his eardrums with the pan lids  Just fed the birds and put some more fatballs out so will keep an eye.

Jean Genie

Geoff, Could this be you one day ?




Could be Jean,could be

We bought a juicer once -that is a cupboard somewhere along with all sort of gizmos-it is the faffing about and the cleaning up afterwards is when you realise what a rubbish idea

On a side note -from TV this morning-all Comer warranties are covered by an unconnected company and will continue to be valid.


Ok, engineers gone & am about to redo their cleaning up!

OH & me had a quick instruction on use & we are now both confused!

I may be gone some time........ J.


Wa- Hay  Does that mean i can take bread maker back and get a replacement. Tried their web site earlier - not available.

Would save a lot of - well - tension. trouble is closest comet is about 45 mins away!

We had a couple of Nuthatch in garden yesterday. Never seen one till we moved here.

Hope you are warm now Jo and not too much mess!


Web site is down-that was reported as well-they will not be going into administration till next week and you are also advised to spend any gift -vouchers before then

Dreams is the next one -so if you have a bed on order....................


Christmas cake in oven, Thought that last year I had done all the C stuff then looked at date. This time last year had op  on shoulder so arm was out of action for weeks.

Caz W

Hi Forkers & Hola Geofredo.  Lovely & sunny here today but at 5 a.m. we had thunder, lightening & a hail storm.

Jean - glad I'm not the only one who does crazy things to scare off sparrowhawks.  I know that it is part of the food chain but I'm not fattening up all my little garden birds for his benefit!  He can go elsewhere to do that sorry.

Jo - good to hear that progress is being made and at least you've been warm.  Becks - glad the cake was so well received - who wouldn't be pleased with all Jess' decorations.

Deanos Diggin It

Jo - Glad to hear you are at last now warm! 

Jean - Sad to hear you are not gunna be! 

Beck's - I missed an early finish due to road works! Does that count? 


Am eating biscuits & sort of listening to GQT, good job repeated on Sunday though.

Have quickly put a wee bit of washinbg out to blow away probably, it's that bad out there! It is actually raining in the wind, but who cares?

OH just had coughing fit & has set me off!

Dyson awaits again, J.



Who is Dyson-the butler?

Dean -you look like a walking wasp-is that a good look?


Deanos Diggin It

Geoff!  Thinking maybe not!

 Was a huge box of large resin Santa's, Snowmen n other Christmas characters on my arrival this morning!

I was really tempted to lay them out in a group and get a shot sat in the centre of them all, but with a lot of top brass still hanging about! Thought better of it! 


Hi everyone.

Just catching up with all the carrying ons.

Geoff, do you really want to go to live in Spain

All those expats with nothing to do all day but stroll around in the sun and sip Sangria?

I have got a bread maker, one of those you just sling everything into and about 2hrs later you get some sort of bread. To be honest I'm not that impressed, it never seems to taste a good as bread made the traditional way, so it's in the cupboard with all the other gadgets that I thought I couldn't manage without..

We have 3 walls emulsioned, Oh is still muttering about the cost of paint. I thought he would have a heart attack when we had to pay for it yesterday, it's certainly gone up in price since we last decorated. £39 for a 5 ltr tin. He was going to do the bedrooms, but is now rethinking

I'm not cooking tea tonight. We are having an Indian takeaway to see what  it's like before OH birthday do, having a few people round  for that so want to make sure it's okay. Any excuse.

Catch you all later,



I know Chris- it does sound like a nightmare- all that boring sunshine, swimming pool warm blue sea,full of foreigners................................

Take-away sounds like a nice idea-have a poppadom on me

Dean-where is the Christmas spirit?


My daughter lived in Spain for a fewmonths. Found the ex-pats very helpful especially when she had a medical problem. Did text me once asking what to do about jelly fish stings. Me noe a clue, directed her to pharmacy 

Just had a thought wedding receptions often have fireworks now and it is November. We'll have to grin and bear it, It's explaining them to Oscar (dog) that is the problem

Hello to everyone who has just joined in today