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No real news on wedding front. Cars - not that many all tidily parked.

Just spent a while being amused by birds. There are all the little ones pecking and fluttering to get at the seed and there is wood pigeon calmly walking in a circle around all this activity picking up the seeds they are sending in his direction

OH  - no bread today/ 


OH of course has now gone to sleep whilst firmly clutching the tv remote!

Have asked daughter not to even try painting the inside of the cupboard door. Nothing dries at this time of year- I'll sort it out, possibly, next'll need sanding down quickly to allow any paint to stick as obviously been glossed at some point in its life. Dont think we've ever done that. I tend to do the paintwork around here & I know I only did the door on the outside. OH could try making it less inclined to stick though. Also how about him actually redoing the light fittings in our room & landing. We can then use the new lampshades instead of them lying around in spare room.

What I have decided to do tomorrow whilst supervising the painting job, of course, is to try & sort out stuff/things on/under daughter's (!!) computer table, now defunct, in the spare room. Then perhaps OH could take it to the tip? Then I can move Mum's ottaman, which is really useful storage, from the landing into there. Then the new dehumidifyer can go on landing as before. Phew! Even better if OH could go through the box of 'things' in the porch- all brought from Dad's utility room. Am sure all of the stuff should just go, but OH has also dumped things in there & now I dont know who's is what!

Everyone keeping up?

Wonders will never cease, OH has just agreed to do some sorting tomorrow! J.


Hi everyone.

Those pics are gross don't these people have a mirror? it's enough to put you off food for life.

Didn't win the Euro Lottery so will have to postpone buying a Roller..

Room nearly finished, yeh and just had invitation to go to a birthday bash later in November, so things are looking up!

I thought GW was pleasant enough but they do seem to go over the same things each year, but I suppose new gardeners will find it interesting. Thought the tulip bulbs were lovely. I haven't been a huge fan of tulips in the past but have set some in pots this year after seeing them at Sissinghurst back in April.


Sort of Jo-painting,sorting,not sorting, not painting,painting ,screwing, remote control, someone gone out,someone sleeping,ironing,cleaning-I think

Well that is a disappointment Chris and I was going to don the Parker costume



Just taken dog for play on green. (to be nosey) It'sin centre of all the houses.No queue at the portaloos. -in fact seemed very quiet. Made me think if it was my family you would at least hear revellry!

Did pop in and see extension just built on next door but one. Hmmmm!

Oscar dog now in detention in kitchen area - large muddy paws.

Jo just CHILL 


Bjay wrote (see)

Just taken dog for play on green. (to be nosey) It'sin centre of all the houses.Hmmmm!

Whats going today?-first we have good thongs and now sin centres on the green for all the houses-there is a lot of salaciousness going on

I'm in shock


Oh I'd love to just chill out! Somehow not in my nature?

No, seriously we've lived here almost 30yrs & done the barest minimum to the property- bought already extended & in good nick, then! So it's catching up on us.

OH's businesses took up most of his time in previous yrs. I just worked part-time & took care of the garden & everything else I could manage. Doesnt help that I loathe having workmen around- can you tell? Now OH lives away most of the week, me being ill, daughter doing regular night shifts doesnt help matters. But the boiler suddenly playing up was the catalyst & knowing that we also want to move elsewhere once my treatment finished, we've had to get 'stuck in' so to speak.

Now to think of tonight's meal..... J.


Jo so glad we bought a new house.

Chris what is wrong with tulips?



Geoff, thong pic :- D

Becks, that pic is vile.

Fish pie tonight, better get organised so it all happens before Strictly.

Caz W

Busy day - done our weekly shopping (& mother's shopping) and tidied up outside so OH could pressure wash all surfaces that have become slippery and/or mossy.  Not many leaves left on trees now thank goodness. Made some vegetable soup before I went out so it only needs warming up when we get hungry.

Those pics you two  - Becks I must say that one reminded me of your description of your dad's birthday cake .

Looking forward to Strictly - no themes or strange make up. 


Looks like everyone's stuck into inside activites today--I am remembering when I wished for rain--once it started, it hasn't really stopped for 3 weeks!!!! So gloomy--I am taking extra vitamin D, and tonight our clocks go back.I have been mulching with manure in between showers, and cleaning out cupboards. Got on the scale yesterday, and was shocked. Have locked up all the carbs for the foreseeable future--otherwise, the back view will look like one of Geoff's gross photos!

Went to allotment this morning but it was very cold and wet with a lovely chilly wind.Didnt stay too long but got a fair bit done. Oh Inkadog where do all these extra lbs come from? they creep in from somewhere when you are not looking. Recently did the Slimming World plan and lost 2 stone but i got so fed up thinking of food all the time. So now i try to be good ha ha, and have the occasional treat. And then theres Christmas

Deanos Diggin It

Evening All!



Well my daily plan's scuppered as somebody blobbed! 

But managed to get the fencing completely finished


 And at least one bed completely done

 Now have an invite to SIL anniversary bash! Really can't be bothered!


Caz-there will still be clapping and corny jokes though

Christmas- 7 weeks and a bit

2013-8 weeks and a bit

Shortest- day around 7 weeks

Kate- works 7 weeks and then gets another break

Caz W

Looking good there Dean - is that your famous Cordy in the first pic?


Deanos Diggin It

Tis that Caz! 

Must rush! Have to be ready for 6pm, being chauffeured by eldest Daughter who doesn't drink!

Catch ya all later! 


I am also looking forward to a normal strictly then the circus that is XF.

Chelski have drawn, Spurs have lost and AVB was booed. SAF is looking smug.


Maud you have been brave.


Saints play Monday in a Championship decider

I can't cope with these Yorkshire idioms

Come on team Jahmene


Ella is the bookies favourite and Tulisas only runner

Should be a good game 


Lord Brucie is orf on hols next week- is the latest info

The favourites don't always win -Little Mix, Jonathon and Charlotte, Susan Boyle, Gareth Gates.......................