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Morning all.

Organised (?!!) chaos here! All actually quiet at the mo.....

Daughter painting. Big argument between her & OH as to the extent of surfaces actually needing doing. OH lost by 2:1!

OH needs the desk in his study/workshop, so it's been reprieved. I've cleared it- dumped stuff from it on our bed. My back muscle keeps threatening to 'go' again, getting def twinges, so not sure about me being involved with the carrying it downstairs. Oh it's just come down, good job I removed the box crate form halfway- more long-term sorting required- Dad's photos.

OH now having to sort the 'junk', sorry, 'very important must be kept at all costs' in workshop, so space will be created for the computer table. Involves moving filing cabinet to under a workbench etc etc, you get the idea!

His TV going into our bedroom, from which the old tv, not now working methinks is going to the tip- no prizes for who will end up doing that after all!

Have got my 2cnd coffee, vital, & am about to go sort out 'stuff' upstairs.

The cushion covers still to be changed.......

Oh there is a tv dumped on our bed......byee, J.


Me again- I love T. Princess Irene too. Mine due to go into a large pot sometime soon.

Daughter now wearing a headscarf, but has no idea where an old pair of spex are likely to be...... think shall give up!

Will catch up properly on posts later, J.


Morning all. 

Boring on wedding front I'm afraid.

I discovered Princess irene tulip last year and planted the, in my jewll bed with Queen of the Night. Didn't like QoN.This year I have seen one called Gavotta, so have planted it in pots.

 The idea was to make them look like jewells popping up. The bed now needs a lot of work after a successful summer as the grass seems to like damp! It has taken over.

I have Gardeners News sometimes, let us know when you are in and I'll get a copy to read with interest.

Old coca cola (dregs od bottle) also works on very burnt saucepans - Pour it ib, boil it up and the carbon flakes off. Don't think I wouls use it in nn-stick though - too corrosive.


Heavy paining here today.

Pam sounds like you had a lovely time with the kids.

Those tulips look great.

Gary why was Louis marked so low?

I have had enough of fireworks


Morning all, love the tulips. I only have red ones (no idea what) but they are very reliable and look glorious with the grape hyacinth that rampage around everywhere.

Planned a leisurely start to the day but on opening back door found a small moat which extended right round the front of the house. Out came the drain rods and the hose, spent a jolly couple of hours rodding and hosing. In fact the main problem seems to be with the drain out on the pavement. Have now showered and got warm, time for coffee and a well-deserved biccy or two.

Have a good day one and all - esp. the workers ;- )


Gary Hobson
kate1123 wrote (see)

Gary why was Louis marked so low?

It's not too bad an idea to mark Louis on the low side. It prevents him from becoming big-headed, or worse complacent. And Darcy had a point to make. I don't think she likes Bruce going on and on about her and Louis (and possible favouritism), so she gave Louis a low mark just to prove the point.

Bjay wrote (see)
... coca cola works on very burnt saucepans - ..Don't think I would use it in non-stick though - too corrosive.

Wonder what cola does to people's insides then.


Have been up since before7-got woken up with heavy pain-big puddle to wade through by the back door

Coke is renowned toilet cleaner as well-got that tip from Kim and Aggie

Glyn is so tired- she is hallucinating and spotting the sights of Tunis

Smashing tulips pictures Chris

I have one watcher on e-bay

Morning all other forkers

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Have been up since before7-got woken up with heavy pain-big puddle to wade through by the back door

Coke is renowned toilet cleaner as well-got that tip from Kim and Aggie

Glyn is so tired- she is hallucinating and spotting the sights of T

Morning all other forkers

I got the coke tip from them as well along with lemon bits in boiling water to clean microwave.

Great excitement neighbour 2 doors away just come - street bonfire etc tomorrow night. - nothing like long term planning. We have wood no good for wood burner, he has cardboard from new kitchen. We will use the green. 

Back leater going to Skypw


Bjay, I dont like QOTN tulips either & wasnt too impressed with Spring green either.

Purissima & PI for me now on. Treat as annuals & do in pots. Still got the odd unknown red, yellow & some Purissima that reliably pop up evrey yr in various beds. Just leave them be.

News this end- OH is sorting in his room, daughter doing 2cnd coat of paint, box of stuff in porch been sorted!

Now have box for tip, plus old kitchen steps, crate of 'to keep' apparently when I (!!) have sorted out all those 'b' plant pots (covers actually) in the garage so then OH can refill it with all his junk- How are we ever going to get sorted IF we ever need to move?

Charity stuff, shall phone for collection pick up this week, is in crate in hall. so now more room in spare room, where ottaman now has boxes of photos plonked on it. Our bed still covered, need to get OH to see if his little tv works with the old indoor ariel we have up there. Could be useful as tv/video combined- yay- so then can play the videos.

Back later, J.

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

My you've all been busy! Quite cold here today.

All the pics look great! Food, plots, tulips!! We are a creative lot.

Taking Jess to her first proper display tonight. One small problem though. She hates loud noises! She'll be fine on the fair, but once the fireworks start, she'll be standing there with her hands over her ears, and tears in her eyes . But it was her who asked to go, so we'll see how it turns out.

Jean Genie

   We have a lovely sunny day here but we had a frost last night. No doubt another tonight as the sky is blue and clear.

I have another use for cola - it cleaned all my 50p collection  but like Gary says , it does make you wonder what it does to your insides

Don't drink much of it myself, maybe a can or 2 in the summer but we didn't have one


Just spent half an hour on Skype watching granddaughter. She's getting podgy but at least she was awake. Quite funny Oscar dog barked, their dog barked back - like a conversation.

Thing id Jo when youare planning to move you have to be really ruthless, take a deep breath and get rid of stuff. Sounds as though you have made a good start - it may take some months -our clearing out did. Then Mum moved in and we are now ful of all her unsorted stuff. Parents!!!!


The tendency is to hold onto things because you think they will be useful-you have to take the attitude if you haven't used it for 2 years you just don't need it-we all watch too many antique type shows and think we will throw away a fortune-the real chances are that is no good  to anybody

On old tv will not work with an ariel-unless you have a digibox-videos will never be played-give it to freecycle

Becks-can I come as well?- I am not allowed fireworks

I have found 51 uses for cola



Well am getting there. OH will go back up into loft later to bring down the 2 boxes of Dad's clothes that the charity people can have. Daughter has gift aid for them so that all helps. The electrical 'stuff' that we brought back from dad's house all to go, p[lus a couple of small appliances that OH insisted on buying & now never uses!

Daughter doing a sauce to go with the chappatis that OH insisted he wanted last shopping trip..... & our bed is getting clear. Daughter & me off up to tip tomorrow! J.

Miss Becks

Of course you can Geoff!! Bring your sparklers!

Bjay, how old is your granddaughter?



Still pleased I don't drink Coke. Son does so usually remnants of bottle around for more useful uses.

Think you are all heading in right direction Jo

I see snow in west country. Not this far north though.

Eldest son has told us not to buy baby any Christmas pressies as thye have already been given so much stuff. (sigh) Did so want to visit a toy shop!


Jo. I'm breathless just reading about your household. Does anyone actually sit down and do nothing?

We cleared my Mums house last year and I have still to go through such a lot of things. She is in residential care but I can't bring myself to sort through some of the more personal things as yet, not that she is ever going to need them. So the shed is full and things are stored in boxes, all over the house. OH is getting fed up of having to move things every time he goes in the shed

On the subject of SCD, I said at the time to OH that Darcey marked Louis down because she isn't going to give Bruce any more cause to embarrass her, pleased someone else thought that.

Hope Jess enjoys her fireworks, kids don't want to go but don't want to miss it either..



On the firework theme-bangers anyone?


Miss Becks

Chris, you've hit the nail on the head there! She hates missing a thing!

Nice bangers Geoff!

Jean Genie

Just had mine , thanks  along with a nice farm egg   We've just discovered that there are some of our belongings in daughters loft. Must have forgotten them when she bought house  More to sort out. Think I may be joining you at the tip, Jo.

Becks , Jess may enjoy the fireworks now she's a little older.  We heard some last night but not many to be honest. Just wish that only organised displays were allowed - there's too many loonies around these days. Quite lucky here as our cul-de-sac is secluded but you hear so many horror stories every year.

Off to Cosco in a bit - May be tempted to buy some mince pies