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Miss Becks

That one is awful!!

Will you just keep relisting it if you don't sell it, or alter the price, or not bother?

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff - 

But must agree with Beck's on the second one! The old one's are the best! 

Miss Becks
Dean wrote (see)

The old one's are the best! 

Are you on about the jokes, or Geoff?


I think it has to sell now -whilst the topic is in the news-probably quite a small window of time-there are rumours that e-bay may ban the sale of JS related material

Try this one for the ladeeez~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

10 Reasons Why a Woman WOULD LIKE to Be Santa Claus
  1. There'd be no more early morning decisions about what to wear to the office.
  2. No one would bother to ask Santa Claus for a ride to work.
  3. Buy one big brown belt and you'd be accessorized for life.
  4. You'd always work in sensible footwear.
  5. You'd never be expected to make the coffee.
  6. There'd be no need to play office politics; a hearty ho-ho-ho would remind everyone who is the boss.
  7. Juggling work and family would be easy.  All your children would adore you; even your teenagers would want to sit in your lap.
  8. You'd never take the wrong coat on your way home.
  9. You could grow a tummy the size of Texas and consider it a job requirement of a funny Santa Claus.
  10. No one would ask to see your job description.




Excuse me -you are as old as you feel-today I feel like a 21 year old


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! Ok geoff.

Dean, are you saying you are too much of a gentleman?

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Careful! You are bordering on being reported to moderator! 


Geoff, was the estate agent news good or bad or about what you guessed? (Judging by the varying prices in the immediate neighbourhood!)

Caz, you cannot share a packet of custard creams between 36! What are they thinking!! In my house there is trouble sharing them between more than 2.

Nola, I must confess I have neglected that end bit of the plot and have now decided it needs sorting if I want a good strawberry crop next year, but the bindweed is a nightmare. (Nice that you have popped in by the way, do stay for a cuppa if you have time!)

I hope Kate has survived, no doubt she will catch up with us all when she's able to.

Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! I lay coats over puddles, open doors, pull chair's out from under the table! But draw the line at picking up the tab! 

Equal opportunities n all that! 

Miss Becks

Ok, I think we need to send the troops in to save Kate!!


Deanos Diggin It

Evening Lottie! n must admit, I too am a little concerned about Kate! Hope she has not jumped in at the deep end!



We must save the Grange Hill one-will start a fund-has anybody got any old clothes?

Lottie about the amount I expected-there is work going on in one of the houses in the street that has just been sold-still 2 up for sale


Have been slobbing it watching daytime tv after the tennis finished.

Off to assemble the cabbage stirfry with noodles next. I can just hear daughter's muttering now.... but shall point her in the direction of remaining egg custard & if that's not enough the iced bun &/or chocolate pot should please.

Lottie, your energy in digging that out- well done. At least you know that you've done a proper job, always pays off. J.


Miss Becks

My baby is home! Yay!

What will the fund be used for?? Can't we just go with crowbars and free her??


I am not ruining my white joggers climbing over school fence-will need a whole new wardrobe and that costs-Primark is not wot it used to be

What is for 3 year old dinner today-did she have a good time?

Deanos Diggin It

I have a pink baseball bat n a balaclava! Count me in!

Miss Becks

She had a great time apparently!! And she hasn't decided what she wants to eat yet. She has the choice of fish fingers or sausage and chips!

Dean, looks like it's me and you doing the messy stuff then. Just don't wear your onesie!! Geoff, you can drive the gettaway car!