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Miss Becks

I normally do Magenta Caz.

Do chucks lay all year round Geoff? Might sound a daft question, but just wondering?


Ideally they need a minimum of 12 hours a day of daylight -so as the nights draw in instead of getting an egg day it might be every other day-in a commercial operation they use artificial lighting.

They put themselves to bed as it get dark so that could be 4.30 in winter or 9.30 in Summer-and also wake when it is light

Clever old things.

Miss Becks

I'm with you. Cool!

jo, we need the outfits to go and rescue kate in! keep up girl!

Jess just fell asleep, and Asda order done. Time for a film methinks!


I'm going to bed soon-as they will be awake just after 7 along with Cody-it is alright for some

Night all forkers

Miss Becks

I'd still be up late if I had to get up early! Night Geoff.


Gary Hobson

There was an election last night. I like elections, when they are close-run and exciting, and usually stay up to watch.

But this one seemed to be a foregone conclusion, so I decided not to stay up. I didn't miss anything. The outcome was as predicted.

Looked at Google News this morning... now I'm worried about Kate....

This appears to be one of the main stories in today's Sun...

I hope things are not as bad as that.

Maybe she's simply working late, giving private tuition to pupils with special needs.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone,  Still no Kate ? Love the rescue mission outfits  

Woken this morning to the sound of the tele blaring away  Hubbie had election results on. Like you say, Georg - I also though it to be a foregone conclusion. To be honest I take Dean's view on politics . At the end of the day they are all out for themselves anyway so I'm not really interested. Apart from the M.P. who has been mentioned on the news from the 70's that is. I have someone in mind. That should be a revelation.

No rain today but it looks pretty dismal out . Think we may be in for another soaking.  Have a good day each and all


Good morning everyone

I hope everyone is well this morning

It is a beautiful morning so I am going to check the watering in the greenhouses

Then I will make some soup for lunch and maybe start on the ironing mountain

I hope Kate is o.k

Have a good day

Pam LL x

sweet potatoes from the allotment



Morning children

I thought the election yesterday was too close to call-as the Americans love to say-which with a margin victory of 1% or so is?-hardly predictable

Nice bit of "Thats Life" veggie from Pam

Pottie-Pam is now MIA-could she be in a hostage situation as well?

I need to lift the dahlias-better get dressed at some point-soon


Morning Forkers. Sunny here and not nearly so cold as yesterday, thank goodness.

Am glad that the Americans have seen sense and re-elected Obama. I don't think Romney was the man for the job! However the more I hear about politicians and what they get up to, I do question their motives - I agree with you Jean, they're all out for themselves. And many have never lived in the 'real world'.

Georg - I read that story yesterday in the Mail. Very sad. Am sure Kate is fine, but probably worn out!



Morning Forkers.

Woke up to a cool house- heating had been too hot yesterday so had turned things down, but I do want some heat in the mornings please.... At least the hot water temperature more to me & daughters' likeing.

So have 'read the flippin manual', to quote a certain motoring journalist, & twiddled dials, punched buttons etc & hopefully all will be ok........

It's not cold out there either, for November that is. Washing on, but not sure if going to be worth putting out except it's windy-ish. As usual we're under the faint blue splodge on weather map! Shall decide later.

Might walk up to local shops to collect the photos, but perhaps a good idea to ring shop first to see if they have come back. J.



morning forkers.

bright and breezy today. Good gardening weather but as I am still banned think I will do seed catalogues.

Any one any recomendations especially in squash and peas. Grew Kelvedon Wonder this summer, foolproof I thought,  Not great though. Remember I am a fairly novice veggie gardener.

It takes a while to sort out new CH Jo, It;s getting the system no's in the right balance

No news of Kate. She'll have a lot of catching up to do, Those outfits!!



Morning peeps.
Hope the absentees check in soon, though I did wonder if they have sneaked off to Australia to be in 'I'm a (not very well-known)Celeb', which I hear is currently going on.

Nice and sunny at the mo. May have to try and get some washing on the go. However I have a small parrot roosting on my head and it seems a shame to disturb her - any excuse to stay here ;- )

Planning to set up my bird-feeder-lamp-post thing today but am pondering ways to make a good but movable base for it. I know I could buy one but I like designing Heath Robinson solutions!

Pottie Pam

Good morning forkers,

Apologies for the absence but have been trying to keep up with you all.

Esther  would be proud of your veggies, Pam.

Poor Kate. I was press-ganged into helping supervise a bunch of 11 year olds walking round the local village noting down points of interest. I was exhausted after. I think it was the stress of making sure they didn't end up under a lorry.

No chance of me going into the 'Jungle' Flo. I quite like creepy crawlies, even spiders, Geoff ,but I can't bear to watch the so called celebs eating them. Some MP has been kicked out of the party for taking part. how was she supposed to do her job from Australia?

My grandson's birthday today so we are going to see 'Skyfall' Tonight.



Gary Hobson
FloBear wrote (see)
.... Planning to set up my bird-feeder-lamp-post thing today but am pondering ways to make a good but movable base for it. I know I could buy one ...

I did buy one of those. It was just a metal spike that stuck in the ground, with a sort of hangmans gibbet protruding from the top.

But I don't actually use it. Instead, I prefer to hang the feeder from a tree or arbor.


Pottie Pam

I bought these yesterday and I'm going to put them in a tub underplanted with tulips. Could anyone tell me what they are and how big they are likely to grow?



Morning everyone.

I went to see Skyfall last night with SIL, we both thought it was brilliant, plenty of action, hope you and your grandson enjoy it Pam.

I am hiding in the snug at the moment as the gas engineer is putting some new thermostats on 2 radiators and then servicing the boiler, fire, etc.getting ready for the winter. OH as been ing the loft to make sure the engineer could access the header tank and found the mouse traps had 2 mice, absolutely mummified, been up there since the early spring. Will be setting them again when gas man has gone don't know how they get up there but we always get them over the winter, poor things come in for a warm and the are zapped. We hate killing them but they so much damage to electricals.

Have managed to polish some of the furniture with beeswax, it doesn't smell very nice, but does a lovely job, hope to be straight later today, thank goodness.

Enjoy your day.



Pottipam- had a go at identifying your buy- all hardy BTW

LHS yellow varigated one is an Euonymous. Hardy, low growing spreading shrub or the taller variety.

Yellow top RHS is Choisya Sundance- it will eventually make a LARGE ie 10ftx10ft shrub. Has white scented flowers in spring.

Middle back row with purlplish tinge- possibly Photinia Red Robbin. Can be grown as tree or hedge/shrub. It's the young foliage that is the coloured. Dont think it's a cotinus, leaves look too elongated.

Middle front- possibly a small leaved Hebe, not sure.

Top RHS is possibly a small leaved slow growing evrgreen Euonymous. makes only 3ft after yrs!

Bottom on RHS- that could be a Cotinus, not sure.

Because these are all small plants, they do make good tub specimens over the winter months. You may find after 1-2yrs that some/all need planting out or pruning &/or propagating. Good buy. J.




P.Pam - I will have a go at naming your plants

right bottom - Euonymous - good plant to have for ground cover or pruned as you like

right top- Choisya Sundance - shrub that can be pruned to keep it a reasonable size

top left - Hebe - not sure which one but not a really fast grower

bottom middle - conifer of some sort

bottom right - if the berries smell like germolene it is a Gaultheria procumbens - ground cover plant

top middle - I know it but can't remember the name yet

Pam LL x

Do I know you be another name somewhere


Have collected photos. Was pleased that walking the 2mile round trip wasnt too bad. Slight leaning tendency & I havent taken that tablet yet this week! Did Post Office, opticians,cash machine & Aldi as well.

Was good & didnt buy too much, just some things that daughter would like for her lunches over the w/end. Hadnt taken rucksac either so just had an over the shoulder bag so couldnt go mad.

Just had my snack lunch & think will go & put the washing out to blow after all. J.