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top middle could be Leucothe

Pam LL x


bjay - we grew Harrier Butternuts this year and the best pea is Hurst Greenshaft

 Pam LL x


Pam, the one at the back with large pale leaves looks like choisya - I have one of these and its now about 4ft tall by 4ft wide. Has white flowers and is evergreen. I would have thought it would be ok in a pot for a little while but then you'll want to plant it out. Not sure about the others. Good selection though!

Bjay my recommendation for peas would be Early Onward or maybe Hurst Greenshaft. As for squashes, I grew Sweet Lightning this year - small sweet squashes, and my favourite Crown Prince - bluey colour outside and sweet orange flesh, and very good for storing. I'm going to try a new one next year which is supposed to be a cross between a crown prince and a butternut (seeds from DT Browns). Plus the usual pumpkins of course!

Pottie Pam

Thanks for your help all.

Not very clear photo but I've googled your suggestions.

Hebe, leucothe, gaultheria,euonymous, choysia and some kind of conifer seem to be what they are.

They were only £6.99 for the collection and I thought they'd give a bit of winter colour and then I'll plant them out next year.

I'm looking forward to Skyfall, Chris. I'm like you with traps but if the critters stayed where they are supposed to we wouldn't have to get rid of them. I've had a rat that has tunneled through the concrete floor of the chicken house. I set a trap and caught one that was killed cleanly but another was caught by it's leg and I had to kill it myself. i felt terrible especially as it had dragged the trap across the floor and would have suffered for some time.

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Quite pleasant out there today! Asda came on time, new Sky card arrived in the post this morning, ready for Friday, Got a text saying my phone and broadband will go live on the 20th, some of my sweet peas have germinated, and just took Jess to nursery!! All is rosy in the Flynn household so far!

Still no kate.



Wind a bit nippy out the back now, but washing flapping well. Have also opened up the big coldframe for some ventilation & fished out a couple of small slugs from the other coldframe where the HA seedlings are.

The Weeping Fig in greenhouse is still going ok despite the couple of cold nights. The top of the back garden went down to -1C & by the greenhouse it's often colder, but have no max/min down there. I know the plant is inside the greenhouse, but the roof single polycarbonate panels do not give much protection IME. We shall see.

Debating going outside to potter, but with the wind today any leaf sweeping daft. Not really in the mood either. Tomorrow I shall go out- if wet I can do the bulb pots in the greenhouse & even start to clean it out, maybe..... no rush this year. J.

Pottie Pam

Hi Pam, I've always been pottiepam. I think I saw a pottering pam once on here but that wasn't me. 

Hi, Becks, glad you are rosy. I've been tempted to change my broadband as it seems expensive but never had any trouble with it and always get straight onto this site so maybe better to stick to the devil I know. Virgin Media.


Hello to all those late for registration-have spent the morning in the garden,tidying lifting and putting way-that will do for today-also bonfire building has started for baking hedgehogs-very mild outside

Still waiting too see who is going into the jungle this year along with the MP and Rosie from Corrie

Will save Skyfall for the DVD release

And now lunch-time-no rats spiders or cockroaches


Miss Becks

I know what you mean Pam. This is just a trial really. See how it goes.

Your peas are so perfect Pam LL !!

Erm Geoff, bonfire night was the 5th!!


Hi all

Just spent morning sorting through seeds I have and where spaces are that I need to purchase. and chucking old ones. Went to Harroate Flower show and then Malvern Autumn show (of course) as a result have loads of freebie seeds, but of course, does leave spaces. As 2 of you have said 'Hurst Greenshaft' is a good pea I will give it a go.

never grown squash before and hope to have an extra bed in new year - I have raised beds,- for squash, cougettes, etc. hope they don't grow too large!

Thanks for help. Any other suggestions greatfully received.

Those peas look amazing, Pam

Loved Skyfall all those thinking of going

Pottie Pam

Hello Geoff, I think the gypsies baked hedgehogs in clay so the prickles would come off. Phillip Schofield is getting a bit of stick for eating a guinea pig while on holiday in Peru. I love guinea pigs but rabbits are kept for pets too and it seems  okay to eat them.


I like to be a rebel

How was the mucky movie Becks?

Pam -you should go on Masterchef


Oh goody, forecast looks ok for tomorrow so shall get a 'to do' list sorted!

I need to move a small rose bush, it's still in leaf, d'you think should be ok now? The soil for its' new position is in good nick so I'd prefer to do asap before the frosts harden the ground.

The small pot clematis is also still in leaf, but the new pot is waiting for it. Already wrapped & just enough JI3, plus mine, available.

IF enough energy might have a look-see at the compacted border. I might end up leaving that thinking about the amount of work needed. There's still loads of thug type ground cover there, plus lots of snowdrops beneath, so another few months wont hurt. Cant stand bare soil & it certainly isnt that. J.


We use Virgin media - i agree seems expensive but never had any trouble with it.

Back to seed packets and catalogues. Still have foot up, it's so boring sitting here!


Bjay- daughter & me went to the malvern Autumn show a few yrs back. Dad living at Clent hills was a good base. We loved the small size of it.

We now do Tatton every yr. We took OH,plus his posh camera, for the first time this year. As we got through the entrance daughter turned to her Dad & told him to behave & not spoil things as it was our day out! Either he didnt hear her properly, quite likely, or it's a Dad & daughter type thing, but he never grumbled at all.  In fact he really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful displays, took loads of pics & bought me a swanky new coldframe!!

Yep, local forecast agrees for tomorrow, good. J.


Miss Becks

The film was quite good actually. It had Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver in it, who I like, but the audio on it was very poor. The speech was very quiet, so I'd turn it up to hear, then the loud sound effects would blast out really loud!! Will look for a better copy, cause it's what I call a 'keeper'. Can put in on disc to watch again.


Is this a downloaded film?-I have never done that

We are having a sunny spell

Miss Becks

Yes, it is. And sun has come out here as well! Although I see VERY dark cloud creeping this way!


Wish we were sunny here Geoff. It's ominously dark out there....

Have just checked up that I am on the list for the course am attending in a couple of weeks. I realised last night that hadnt actually had any more paperwork etc, but it's only just been sent out apparently & by 2cnd class so no panic yet! Shall be happy to leave OH & heating/plumbing people to get on with things. The hospital is within walking distance, & shall allow plenty of time to wobble down having had a drug session the week before the first day.

SIL just phoned- she needed to check had got correct mobile number. She's lucky, I dont always answer unknown numbers. Wanted to know if I'd liked my birthday pressie? Not my birthday this month I said, but at least I now know that daughter must have it!

Off to get my seed tins out of the shed-Bjay mentioning hers has reminded me. J.