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Gary Hobson

Morning folks.

Diarmuid Gavin is on the review of the newspapers on Sky News this morning, explaining the reasons for the outcome of the US election. I think he might have been swatting up on that before the program.

I think Sky actually asked him in to say something about the ash tree problem. He did have quite a lot to say about that, though nothing new to us.

Also something about the death of Clive Dunn. He article headline in the Mail (shown on the TV) says 'he liked to paint in the nude'.

It was a lovely afternoon here yesterday, and a series of frost free nights ahead. I took some geraniums in pots, that I'd brought into the house, back outside for another week.


To quote someone 'I dont believe it!' it's wet here this morning! Am still having a garden day, but plans will alter.

OH said lovely sunrise over Glasgow this morning & he'd not taken his camera! Daughter set off early thinking would be trouble on motorway & took less time than usual!

Right, off to get into mucky clothes, waterproofs- oh hang on is that the sun? & get out there. J.


Where is everybody?

Slept in till 7.15 this morning-that will never do-have completed all usual tasks-I might go and empty more containers-they have had it


Morning all. Just off to chiropractor to get neck clunked.

No birds spotted on the gibbet yet, though I have yet to see what the hens make of it.


Bjay present.

What a laugh last night

I hope you all have proper clothes on now and your bazooka's are safely away

Last day of confinement today - Hooray, but wondering if I should go swiming tomorrow.

Hoping being frost free will get my greenhouse carrots growing, They have 6 more weeks to reach edilble size. About 1 inch tall at moment!!

Car been collected for service so OH can only walk, still good selection of local shops round the corner.



Got another cold and feeling rotten. Did more christmas shopping yesterday so its all nearly done. We had a new Asda open in Worthing on monday the queue was an hour long to get in the carpark then you had to wait another hour to get in the shop. You had to wait for people to come out before you could go in. Im waiting for the novelty to wear off before i go to see what its all about.

Does anyone watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on pick? its so bad its good. I just love it.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Safely covered up and  bazookas away.

Get better soon Maud.

Flo can your parrot see the birds outside? I wondered how he reacted to them.

I want to finish clearing up ouside but raining now. The cosmos is looking tatty. Still got begonias and dahlias flowering. I leave the dahlias out and cover with bracken and have been lucky so far.

Went with my daughter and grandchildren to see Skyfall. I'm more of a Downton type of person and not really into action films but thought this was fantastic. Films that are really hyped up are sometimes disappointing but really enjoyed this one.

My grandchildren really appreciated your stressed out Santa joke, Geoff.


Rhubarb just arrived I guess needs to be planted immediately. One root is a lot bigger than other and splitting the pack with a neighbour - we are all making new gardens here - now do I give her the big one or the smaller one?? Hope it will be ok in garage till tomorrow when I should be allowed out.

i keep thinking i got my begonias in far too early, will leave them out till October next year


Morning everyone!

Maud, see that's what happens when you go Christmas shopping! Keep warm and drink hot blackcurrant. I agree, wait for the fuss to die down about Asda. Its only a supermarket.

Seems like there was fun and games on here last night. I used to love watching the Waltons - and Little House on the Prairie - used to rush home from school on a Thursday for that one.

Flo - chiropractor sounds painful!

Bjay, go swimming but take it easy. Being in the water is probably beneficial.

I've got some cosmos which is self sown (as its in my herb bed!) which is only just coming into flower! It might get a chance if we don't have any frosts for a little while. And the other large one in the front border is still going strong, although it has fallen over and needs to be propped up.


The sun keeps popping out- great, but so wet underfoot. Sweeping leaves, forget it, plus windy too.

Germinated sweetpeas, not many, are now in a coldframe & am having a banana break before going out again.

I've still got cosmos flowering here, bit tatty, but not yet over by any means.

Bjay- if no chnace to get the rhubarb crowns into ground yet, big pots ok for now. Then when you're able they can get put in their new place later on.

Which keep- hmm, depends on the state of the crown. You could always split the bigger one & then have more..... J.


Garage just phoned. We have a 2 year old car, just about 12000 on the clock yet they say one of front tyre treads is very low and tyre needs replacing. Seems odd but we now nothing about cars. He said something must cause the excessive wear on that side! OH says it's me Ha Ha. Any one out there know what could cause the wear?


Tracking out? if front wheel drive. Garage should check that if they've noticed uneven tread wear. Are there lots of unavoidable pot holes around? Very common in a certain make of car IME. Not been at correct tyre pressure? is another thought.

BTW if car front wheel drive & it's a front tyre 'gone' ,once the cause has been established, I'd have 2 new tyres fitted, or use the spare for the 2cnd & keep the remaining better front tyre as the spare. That way you have equal tread on the driving tyres coming up to winter. J.


Thanks Jo. All those thoughts had happened. Spare is one of these things that isn't quite a spare. Am having tyre replaced, but did think front 2, but pennies are tight as well!. Will keepcareful eye on them all.

My sweet peas have germinated, noticed to day - quite pleased as saved seed from a lovely deep purple one that grew. I know may not come true but try anything once.

I also saved some seeds from some basket sweet peas.No sign of germination ther. If any don't come have some freebie packets to sow in spring


Take care if only1 front tyre being replaced & front wheel drive, the handling may not be as good. BTW understand about the cost of such things! I'd also want to know why it's likely to have happened in the first place- garages' job after all.

It's turned into eat your buttie now day whilst waiting for washer to finish. That way I can get stuck in out there without having to stop until later, energy permitting.

Back sometime. J.


Bjay, son no. 1 is a tyre expert so I would ask him, but he's away on a course today and tomorrow! Also if the back ones are ok you could swop them round, if its front wheel drive?

I kept a rhubarb crown in a pot for nearly a year because the plot needed sorting and the space for it wasn't ready (it had the manure pile on it!) but it was planted this spring and has grown really well. I didn't take any stalks from it this year but will be able to next year, along with the other one which is much bigger and better established.  

Jo, don't over do it! 





Another lovely morning carrying on with autumn tidy up-more containers and baskets emptied-only one had weevil grubs and they were a treat for the hens

It is like Spring today-very odd-retribution from the weather gods will follow

Begonias drying in greenhouse

Maud-not another told-poor you-not seen Dog The Bounty Hunter-seen it in listings-never bothered

Remember with tyres there is really only a tiny bit in contact with the road-much as it pains me- I always follow the advice of garage etc

Another sign of old-age Flo

Becks must still be asleep

Jean Genie

Afties . just reporting in .  Checked last nights posts  Glad Kate checked in but sorry she's having a rough time. Back over to daughters - BIg problems with boiler and a month until completion and her washers broken now. Won't have time to check in much due to packing etc  but hope everyones colds, tyres feet etc get better.

Going back to daughters now so have a good day everyone.  



OH just bought me a big bunch of grapes as a treat

Oh dear Now east coast USA has snow

Miss Becks

Nope, I'm not asleep!!

Had a busy morning shifting living room furniture around making sure the Sky chappie can get to all wires/sockets he needs to get to tomorrow. I haven't a clue what's involved to install it, so just making clear areas! Not long plugged the PC back in.


Are we not lovelies any more?