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Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! Sorry.

Afternoon lovelies!!


What time is the Sky chap coming?

I feel another lottery in the offing

Miss Becks

The appointment slot is 8am-1pm. Don't they know I don't 'do' mornings!!


There is an 8 -o'clock in the morning as well?

When did that start?

Caz W

HI everyone - glad to see you're all behaving yourselves today .  Weather very mild so been finishing emptying containers and clearing some ground for a new little flower bed (using free bricks).   Can't be asked to save all pelargoniums but have brought little trough into the porch of a variety called "Caroline Schmidt" which a friend gave me a few years ago as it is so close to my name. 

Sorry to hear another one of us has a cold Maud - look after youself.  I have seen Dog the Bounty Hunter and you're right it is bad but OH is rather fascinated at the size of Beth's "bazookas"

Hope everyone else is feeling OK and not overdoing things.


Pottie Pam

My guess 8.15 

Is it an official competition and if so what are the prizes?

Miss Becks

Erm, prizes?? My old BT Vision Box!!

Miss Becks

Caz, we like to misbehave! Keeps the thread exciting!

Geoff, I think they introduced it when the clocks went back?


Doesn't seem right-

-this is what happens when people call to early




Caz-why are you asking plants questions?

Caz W

I thought it helps them grow Geoff


My guess is............................................................................................

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10.17 am~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Miss Becks

BT sent me a text earlier saying they were sorry to see me go!

I don't think they really meant it.

Gary Hobson

I don't exactly know what you're having done.

But when I had my satellite dish installed, by Sky, they only took about 15 minutes. I was quite surprised. There were 2 guys. One went up a ladder to screw the dish to the outside wall, while his chum was drilling a hole through the wall, and fixing up the box and cable inside.

I later dropped Sky as I found I never actually watched Sky, or any of its premium channels.

But I was able to keep the dish, and can now get all the Freeview channels, on satellite, at no charge. So I'm subscription-free.

Miss Becks

Yes gary, that's what they're doing. Installing the dish/TV. That's good to know then.



Raining again & lack of energy has driven me in. Coffee, biscuits & some of those little pancakey things should help, but not the weight!!

Still I have moved the rose. All finished I thought, as I finally mulched it, turned round to see the tin of bonemeal, still closed, sitting on step! Only stabbed a few bulbs & replanted the ok ones around the rose.

The pot clematis is now in its' new bigger pot. The sale buy Fatsia is also repotted.

Some small plants that were propagated whenever were either composted or planted out. Too many to use all of them & no need to keep all. Causes more work when sweeping up & constantly potting on, or not as is the usual case.

Seed tins now in porch, as are the tulip bulbs. Next week for those now.

Germinated sweetpeas now out in coldframe & one pot back on sill, just in case any decide to grow.

Abandoned having washing out. Kept showering, so off to sort that & get changed & flop for a bit. J.


Becks -you will be watching the Waltons in bed-that is you in bed not the Waltons-they are on a mountain

Jo-you need to do an avatar-that blank face is spooky

Gary Hobson

The only thing that can go wrong with satellite installation is if they haven't got a clear view of the satellite. But they're very professional.

I find my satellite signal occasionally drops out in very bad weather, so in that respect, receiving a service via a phone cable might be a bit more reliable. I don't know.

As I said just above,I now use the dish to get the Freeview channels, on satellite, without paying any subscription.


11.10 - It's a bit like how many men to change  light bulb isn't it.?

Car's better and am waiting for it to be returned. Foot also better - well - as better as it ever is but not got sharp pain in it when I walk now. I hope weather holds off so I can do garden tomorrow, sitting on a chair, large bag compost and lots of pots, may get tulips in at last!

Deanos Diggin It

Oh My! Certainly hope my bit's don't drop out in bad weather! 

Aftie's All!