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Caz W

Well I'm off to start making dinner now before you lot get me into trouble.  Catch you later ...


Becks! Thats very rude!!

Geoff, I try to make sure I never suffer from that!

Pam, I'm on my way over for some of that cake!!

Bjay I sometimes get that ad - it does look quite strange.

Dean wrote (see)

B'J! You don't want to know! 

n my thought's entirely Beck's! Hope I have not offended!

Thought it a tad ealy for our silly games! 




Miss Becks

Peace shattered. Jess is home.

Yes Lottie, it was. Sorry. And to everyone else. No more initial guessing for me. I'm on my way to the corner.



Watch out for the spiders-whilst there could you do Pam's ironing?

Miss Becks

I was always the one in trouble at school as well.


Me too-but it was Lottie that started it-

-I was also a snitch


Nothing to do with today - i have just delved into fork handles archive to read OH the stressed Santa joke. He well 

Deanos Diggin It

Just off to put on clean bedding! Been ordered! Love clean bedding!!!!!! 

Miss Becks

Competition Update:

Simon from Sky has just called. The slot has been narrowed down to 9am-11am, so Pam and Bjay, you're going to have to re-guess!


Oooh- Simon eh-first name terms already-this could be the start of a beautiful friendship


'lo there. Back from dog rescuing.
Chiropractor was not too painful - apart from the suffering bank account. Neck is now sore but I'm being a brave little Flo and not mentioning it.

It may be of interest to persons awaiting Sky man that my sister had a very nice chap called Simon who helped her out several times when she called her computer helpline and guess what...

... reader, she married him :- )

Dean, LMAO at your tree piccy.

PS 9.24
PPS Did I mention that I'm not mentioning my sore neck?


Checking in and catching up (along with a coffee and slice of parkin.)

Isn't it dark early!

I can't bring myself to use too many of the initial letter abbreviations-especially when texting. I use punctuation in texts as well.

I shall guess 10:23 for the Sky arrival.
Miss Becks

I have been punished for my sins. Eldest daughter just phoned to ask me to take her to an open evening at her school.

I have to enter a school again.

I'll roll some extra ciggies just in case I'm sent to stand outside!

Flo, time noted. and yours Bjay/Nola!

Geoff, I don't 'do' beautiful friendships.

Deanos Diggin It

Flo! Careful with the initialing bit!

People have been offended, sent to the naughty corner with stern pointy finger, n done a runner to cook dinner n let someone else get it in the neck! 

We shall have to agree a watershed I am thinking! 


Off to play with the Cubs now. Behave whilst I'm gone!

Becks, as I was partly to blame you can come out of the naughty corner now - and go to school!!


Not a school open evening -aagh

Has someone had their neck fixed?

Nola-it will get a lot darker before it starts getting  a lot lighter

Will pass on the watershed-seems a lot of faffing about

 On way my way to the naught corner