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Deanos Diggin It

Here's a right water shed!

 n talking of water! Bathtime!!!!!

Miss Becks

I'm free!!! Yay!  geoff, we make a good tag team regards to 'that' corner.

I promise to behave!

I have been put on school standby. Her Dad might be home in time.



Dean, I was hoping to be sent to the same naughty corner as you ;- )

Necks, who mentioned necks? Though whilst on the subject, mine is very sore. Shan't be doing head-slides at belly dancing tonight.


I will have no play-time tonight if people are out gallivanting

Call that a sore neck?-this is a sore neck





Oo-er.  I'd prefer TLC to help mine. A glug of brandy in the milk would go down well.




Deanos Diggin It


Beck's! You had better! (was hearing whispers of Gladiator school next) You really don't wanna go there! Sweaty men n all that! 

Geoff! If all abdicate! Sure we could pull some entertainment out of the bag for the side liners! 

Miss Becks

I have been summoned. Catch you all later. x

Deanos Diggin It

Me Too!

Head is weary! Eye's are dim! Gunna call it a day n have a last tin!

Hey! Hey! I'm a poet n didn't know it!

You started it Geoff! Night all! 

Dean wrote (see)

Geoff! If all abdicate! Sure we could pull some entertainment out of the bag for the side liners! 

Nope- lost me again there Dean

Night Yorkie


Am completely confused- what's new?

I had a good time in garden, but am paying for it now. Intermittent headache, dont 'do' headaches very well, cant concentrate & know that if I go to sleep on sofa wont sleep properly tonight.

Daughter keeps going on about a patch of dust that she can see in front of fireplace! She's been walking past the hoover all week......... Am doing cleaning tomorrow whilst it's wet!

Tumbler going, ironing pile can wait till whenever.... night all, J.

Pennine Petal
Evening all, lounging on the sofa after a tiring day. OH made vegetable soup today, so had that for tea.

Having renegotiated our BT Vision deal when our hub went caput, we were expecting a much lower bill, but got one for 121 pounds! What's that about? OH will be on the phone to them!

Going to bed to watch tv-if I lounge I will fall a asleep-keep yawning

TTFN all


No playing tonight Forkers. 

Good night

Miss Becks

What a bloomin long night!! Jess just dropped off.

I take it everyone has gone to bed!

Becks-I'm still up! Just having a last browse but I am off to bed now.



Good Morning Everyone

I hope everyone is well

I can't believe it's friday again already - shopping this morning,flu jab this afternoon!

Have a lovely day

Pam LL x

Gary Hobson

Morning folks.

It was another nice day here yesterday, so got some Autumn jobs done.

Trimmed some hedge. This is the best time of year to do that. And prunned back some buddlea. The buddlea cuttings are very long and straight. I don't know if they'd make good canes when dry and dead. They might be brittle. I don't know. I'll keep a few to try. I put most of them through the shredder where they make useful chippings for paths.

Courtesy of Google News this morning.... today's Telegraph contains a long article about Alan Tichmarsh, plugging his new book. It's about how he constructed his new garden, at the home he made when he left Barleywood. The article includes a couple of interesting photos of his 'new' garden (presumably taken from the book). Note that when mowing his lawn, Alan wears a tee-shirt colour co-ordinated with his alliums. Perhaps he's just very fond of that colour...

Apprentice spoiler coming up. Laggards look away, please.


Enjoyed Apprentice last night. It was a good episode. How many cock-ups can people make in an hour. Interesting insights into the world of publishing. I actually agreed with that girl's strategy - that a niche product would be more likely to be successful.

Useful that one candidate was an expert in the industry, and had their own successful publishing business, etc, etc. The consequence of that is always inevitable.

I can understand that no-one might have been able to spell corjet. But not being able to spell potato?

Pennine Petal
Morning all, got up later the usual, will probably make it just in time for my first dissertation student. No time for breakfast, that means a buttery toasted tea cake when I get into work, yum. Catch you later.