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Jean Genie

Morning everyone  Spent most of yesterday at daughters - may as well move in with her until she moves.   Someone coming today to check at boiler for her as it wasn't what was thought the original problem and new washing machine has to be purchased as it has expired . Just one of those things bit it would have to happen now.

Pam, had my flu jab Weds, very impressed. It didn't hurt and no side effects . First one I've had. Last of my M.O.T. yesterday was a visit to dentist - no work needed so just had clean so purse didn't take to much of a battering

It's an odd day here - not cold but the sky is pink

Have a good day all

Miss Becks

Sky chappie just arrived.

Pottie Pam

Oh b*****, just about to enter the competition.

Good morning all


Morning everyone. Glad to hear the Sky chappie has turned up Becks.
Anyone else got a delivery or service booked for guessing? - I'm bound to win one eventually ;- )

No weather here to speak of.


Morning Forkers

Lost again.

No swimming today - foot saying take care! When I got up this morning felt much better though.

Dog rushed at back of car (open) and fell. OH thought had better get a step for him, so got kitchen step. After walk Oscar dog jumped in car like a '2 year old'


Miss Becks

Sky chappie gone! Flo, you are the winner. Where do you want your prize sent to?

Off to play with a remote.


Morning kids-cloudy but not cold

Have watched The Apprentice now-that boy needs a haircut-there are some rather strange people this year-tutors and publishers at 16/17??

A remote is a male preserve-ask Jo

I had my jab weeks ago -no side effects to report

Cody-even at 13 still runs up the stairs and jumps on the bed-hence the need for wellies

Estate agent phoning today-we have made a decision

Gary Hobson

Just returned from Sainsburys.

I've invested in a bottle of Sainsbury's hot chili powder.

Mr/s squirrel is getting to be a bit persistent around the bird feed. I've heard a lot about spicing up bird feed with chili powder, so am about to find out how well it works.

And Mr/s squirrel is about to enjoy a very hot breakfast. Just the thing for chilly mornings.


I didn't have time to finish last post - was distracted.

Few years back Oscar had a back injury - I think like Nigel,MD dog - and we have to be careful as it doesn't take much to aggravate it. Mostly he doesn't act his age. After injury he is not allowed to jump and leap so no frisbee - his favourite, but he can chase a ball, no jumping at all/Also have to be careful on walks with stiles. So when he falls into car we are concerned. as his back leg is not too good. Sometimes he just approaches car boot at wrong angle

Had flu jab 2 weeks ago - had to pay! - no side effects. Won't watch Apprentice till repeat, Monday I think

Hard decision, I think, to move or not, out of area or not. We don't regret our to move away from where we had lived  along time, and further from family. BUT it suited us. Not children, relatives etc just us.


Morning all, sorry am a bit late signing in this morning but I've been for my first appointment at the university for the research project. I now know how tall I am, what my blood pressure is, how much I weigh and that I have bones in my arms and blood in my veins. All very reassuring and interesting!

So Geoff, the decision is????

OH and I are considering a very similar decision.......


One thing though, we down sized just a little, not a lot, would have found it too cramped and on top of each other if not.


Georg-try the chilli with peanut butter

We have decided to postpone until January-bottled it at the last minute-that will give us time to de-clutter and do a minor bit of tarting up-but it is definitely going to happen,definitely definitely,definitely.....................

It is going to be a purely sefish move

Where are you thinking of moving to Lottie?


Sierra Nevada, Andalucia! Where my brother already lives. But it won't happen yet, got to sort the boys out first. I could go tomorrow, to be honest, but it will be a couple of years before we're ready to make the move, and then only if we can get enough for our house. We have started on some decluttering and tarting up but there's lots to do!

But we're also saying its definitely going to some time! 

Gary Hobson

Come January, it will have been sub-zero for a week, with the prospect of getting even worse for the next month. Who needs a better reason for fleeing.

I believe that airports are sometimes shut down at that time, to limit the exodus.


My heart is set on Valencia-we could be neighbours Lottie and have coffee mornings-it is only 4 or so hours away



Morning all. Slept long time & woke up straight away at sensible time.

Gosh Becks, it paid off getting up early! Be glad no OH to snaffle remote- which reminds me need to hide central heating instructions...

Already have been across to neighbours, spoken to another. Found out who's in hospital, again, who's having a bathroom redone & where more new houses are going to be built! Phew!

Dry at the mo, but wind is strong.

Am going to do my Mrs Mop next & then have ironing to do, but may leave until tv watching tonight.

Back later, J.


okay, we will have to meet in the middle!

Gary, where will it be sub zero? Is this the long range forecast? Should I go and buy my long-johns now? Or my onesie??


I have long-johns in a drawer upstairs

-must go in the de-clutter

The computer desk is now festive-courtesy of OH and Poundland




Miss Becks

Yes it did jo!

Geoff, love the tree!! I am itching to get all my boxes of decorations down. Just to check them of course. But if I did, madam would want to put them up there and than. I'm like a kid. So excited!

Gary Hobson

Am only guessing that it's going to get a lot colder than it is now. I shall be staying here. My plan is to reawake mid-February.