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Aah, bless him.

Yes I probably do 'spoil' OH, but yrs of him working long hrs 7/7 meant it all had to be me, so just got on with it. MIL also tended to 'spoil' him IMO, but he would deny that of course. Nowadays, am not wot I was, but old habits die hard. Tis my organisational skills, actually up the shoot these days, to try & ensure enough 'stock' things to save him the hassle & extra cost to us. What really annoys me is when he says he needs something of which there is plenty here, so if he just mentioned it........

Nearly done here & even getting organised for meal tonight which will give daughter a meal for over the w/end to save her too! J.



My doggy troop is all crashed out as well though two of them would spring into noisy hyperactivity at the drop of a squirrel !

Jo, I have a little issue with OH over stock, too. He likes to do the weekend shopping on Saturday mornings (the alternative is to walk the dogs) but he has a little habit of going off-piste and buying odd items that aren't on the list because he thinks we need them. Naturally he hasn't checked so we end up with mini gluts of onions or butternut squash or thickening granules to name a few. Last week I found cheese concealed at the back of the fridge behind a lot of 'stuff'. He sheepishly admitted to buying it but hid it so I wouldn't be annoyed - aaah, bless!


I read somewhere recently you can tell what class of person someone is if their television is bigger than their bookcase!

Becks, have you downloaded American Horror Story? There's been one series out so far, another one just starting - can thoroughly recommend it for those of us who like to watch TV from behind the sofa!

Jo, that's men for you. My OH will shop without checking what we have in the cupboards, which is why we have at least 3 jars of chili powder and 2 of ginger!


On my- now infrequent- shopping trips there are always people on the phone asking do we need this and that-obviously the list has not been provided with instructions to stick to the list.

There must one one of those phone apps for such situations-if not the whizz-kids should make one.

I am worried that Jess will soon look like this~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Yuk, Geoff, that is revolting.

OH has HD telly, I don't like the picture much as it looks too smooth and digitally enhanced to me. Mind you, I once said I wasn't keen on colour TV and would stick to balck and white, thank-you so I expect I'll come round to it one day ;- )



Whoops! dog food not come. Pasta with gravy and a sprinkle of crunched bonio for him tonight, lets hope it comes tomorrow.

The HD i've seen, have not seen mch difference. Our's supposed to be HD ready

OH does supermarket, to start with he always went over budget but is now very good and rewards himself with stars when it's really go. Thing is he now sticks so rigidly to list don't get any treats! 


Ok, off to meet OH at the supermarket now. I will mention treats!


I need some choc seeing as you going-will pay at the coffee morning

Has Dean not landed yet to confuse us all?




Yes shopping with OH is a nightmare! Walnut pieces in abundance now- Grumpy wasnt happy last time when I told him to put them back! Cheese, yes, but it always gets eaten anyway.

I do have a stock list & people are supposed to cross off/alter the amount recorded when they get a new jar/bottle/packet out & also either add to the shopping list or leave out the empty jar for me to notice. Problem is, am just as guilty at not doing it lately dont know why, just forget I think.....

No Hd nor big tvs here. The big tv at litle house is fine, but it's so big that the best place to view from is sitting at the kitchen table! Sofa is sideways on to it as well as being next to it, so permanently side turned head & stiff neck the result!! J.

Deanos Diggin It

I have arrived!   Sorry for late clocking in! errands done. n had a bit of running about to do, collecting raised bed material n such like in readiness of a few day's hard work on the plot! 

I really need to get my finger out n get it set up before the proper onslaught of the bad winter weather! We'll see how we progress this weekend!

Evening All! Hope all in ship shape! 




Evening Dean. Looks as if the weather should allow you to crack on this w/end. Typically am not here, so no gardening for me! J.

Miss Becks

Lottie, no I haven't! Will look for that! Cheers!

Geoff!! That picture is horrible! Jess will definately NOT end up like that!

Evening everyone else!

Dinner was fish in batter, oven chips and Spaghetti Hoops. Quite enjoyed the hoops actually.

Deanos Diggin It

Having a slow site thingy again! Anybody else having bother?


Well that is odd- had fish,chips and baked beans-home made rice pudding- puts me in the 3 year old category

Dean seems ok to me


Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! You guy's "Darn Sarth" will leave skin on fish won't ya?

Miss Becks

Does batter count as skin??


Site ok for me Dean.

Daughter is the spaghetti hoops person around here. OH & me Heinz bbeans! Just had aubergine & mushroom tagine with cous cous. Very nice, agree with my notes next to recipe. Portion in dish for daughter & double one in freezer container, already labelled! Am organised this time.

I really need to do some ironing now....

Enjoy your w/ends folks, 'see' you all next week. J.

Pennine Petal
Evening all, gold star for marketing Geoff. I've always fancied Valencia, but never been. I love Andalucia.

Becks, more channels, still nothing to watch!

Reading week next week, so working from home Monday and Tuesday, 4mornings without having to get up early, hallelujah! Saturday looks like it might be wet, so won't feel too bad, if I stay in bed until mid afternoon.
Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! I love batter! n know! It doesn't count as skin! 

But ya find people who live near dockside, like a fish in skin! Now I don't mind skin! But if I get a bone!