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Pennine Petal
PS it's too soon for Christmas! I ca't think about it yet.
Caz W

Evening Dean - site working fine here too.  Geoff - perhaps the dog is worried because he's heard you say  you're going to Spain and doesn't know if he can come too

.  Perhaps you need to have a little chat with him. 

Talking about organisational skills


Deanos Diggin It

Night Jo! Enjoy ya weekend!

Evening Caz!

Geoff! This may make him feel better! Knowing he shall not be left out n can still enjoy XF with your goodself!



evening. Hope you all bought treats.

Had fish and chips yesterday. Was very slow  getting into site earlier but seems fine now

Aaah poor Cody - left in chicken house

What about the chucks geoff?

Never been to Spain, except we drove into Spain, didn't like it turned round and back to France - does 30mins count


Have had thoughts about the hens-have a few ideas-I doubt if they can come with us

Have told Cody-he wagged his tail with excitement and had a biccy

30minutes does not count Bjay-what could you see in that time?

Skin on fish-ugh



Bilbao docks I think! May have been a bit longer, We were staying at Biarritz


Did you see any fish with skin on?

That is Northern Spain-we are heading for the bottom bit -ole


Not the best  part I know. Maybe visit properly one day though goodness know when. Fancy Granada, Sevile, and Andulacia. One day (sigh)

See Nigel's back. Even OH laughed at his apple trick.

Not one for fish skin. Slimey


Miss Becks

My baby's poorly. catch you all later. x

The Doctor
Blimey that was a strange feeling, not thinking about gardening.

Sorry for the absence guys been busy with changing jobs & hours, darker evenings and weekends filled with crap weather. Oh and when the weather is nice I'm doing other things.

I haven't neglected the garden, I've just taken a step back and slowed down

Dan xx

Nice too "see" you again Dan-to "see" you again nice-what is the new job?

Becks-hope it nothing too bad


Caz - Three Wise Women :- D :- D

Becks, hope Jess is soon OK.

Dan, good to see you again.

Bjay, I was most impressed with Nigel's trick :- )


Evening all - time for bed.

Pleased to meet you Dan

Hope all is well tomorrow Becks


One more day of sunshine,then back to rain--the forecast is for -4*C tonight, so topped up the woodpile and moved the last of the plants into the greenhouse. Planted all my free strawberry plants yesterday--and today they got mulched. Loving this sunshine--but had to wear a hat because of the glare. This low autumn sunshine is dazzling. Need to have a big bonfire, but neigbours are working outside, and I don't want to smoke them out.Meatballs with mushroom,red wine and onion gravy tonight, with roasted cauliflower and garlic puree tonight. Have lost about 3 lbs so far.


Gary Hobson

Not a lot going on on GW. Very pleased to see Nige back on screen and doing his party trick.

Commendable use of mycorrhizal fungi. It's the fist time I've seen Monty using mycorrhizal on the roots of plants other than roses. The regular use of mycorrhizal is spreading.

I found Carol's piece quite interesting, and she didn't seem to be as hysterical as usual. I'm sure that her hyperactivity is due to a nutritional disorder. Carol has possibly eating more natural veg recently, and cutting down on certain E numbers.

Thought the roots of the maran grass were a bit like speading bamboo. Also interested in the Bloody Cranesbill. I was surprised to see that growing naturally on sand dunes, because it grows well in my garden, on clay.

Monty is writing in the Daily Mail today (I don't know if he writes every Saturday). It's about fungi and leaf mould...

Nothing new there, though he partly explains why he didn't use his mower to collect leaves on GW last week. He recommends using a mower if the grass is dry.


Jean Genie

Morning everyone  Free day today, no packing, boilers or washing machines. Daughter sorted and gone visiting so I'm going to be busy doing nothing - Just a quick ??? visit to G.C. to replace pot for sambucus as I haven't had chance yet. Also need to bottle some more rain water and sort house plants out, then the day is mine !

I see there was a Spanish theme last night. Christmas in Spain looks interesting if you enjoy jumping over bonfire, eating at midnight and swinging.



Morning forkers.

Inka, you're wether sounds much like ours, ie unpredictable!  Enjoy your bonfire when you have it, I love a good blaze. I reckon it comes from being born in the year of the dragon ;- )

Jean, what else to do on a free day other than visit the GC?

Haven't watched GW yet. I was busy taking baggy cuffs off a cardi and re-knitting so knew I wouldn't pay attention to MD and Co. Turned over just in time to see Nigel with the apple. I'm wondering if I could teach Maisie the young westie to do that with a biscuit, no point trying with Pepper as shih-tzus don't have anything to balance it on. His trick is 'meerkat'.


Morning forkers. I'm not usually up very early on a Saturday but son no. 2 needed a lift to work so I said I'd take him (being the softie that I am!) Plus it saved me having to pick him up last night so I could enjoy my glass of cider!!

I'm planning a quick trip into town today, but first a relaxed breakfast - something I don't have time for in the week.

Inka, I think we might have a bonfire tomorrow. I love a good blaze, enjoy yours!

Caz - loved the 3 wise women!!


I cannot believe it, it is the weekend and it is raining 

Gary MD writes in the Mail every weekend, they are all available online.

Becks hope Jess is OK.

Geoff I would prefer it if you went to Barcelona, it is one of my favourite cities. I can take the chickens off your hands they will need plucking first though.


Morning peeps

It is a bit dank and dismal today-I shall not be playing outside-frost forecast for tonight

Eldest son has e-mailed me to inform us that he will be coming for Christmas on 16th December- as they are going away-someone will not be happy

4 watchers now on the JS book-still no bids -ends at lunch-time