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Jean Genie

Hello Kate, hope your week ended on a positive note and you are less fraught

Becks . feel awful now  also meant to ask how Jess is.

All housework done, more coffee required. Where's El Geoff this morning ? Wanted him to check out the link about a Spanish Christmas


Thanks Jean, it is getting easier.

Geoff have you had any bids?


Kate-you sneaked up behind me

Valencia is just as nice

Noooooo- not my babies -don't take my babies

Have you done your maths homework?


Morning All

Good to see you Kate, Have you caught up with the week of nonsesnse(whoops) chat or are you giving it a pass?

Got up this morning to find cat Inkie had been very ill in many places in Foody room, third in a row so it's off to the vet later. It was thought around Septmeber that she may have ingested some garden chemical, but it all cleared up, Don't know where from. So she's off for a check. she also has the flea allergy.

Sunny here but very wet underfoot. Talking of foot came downstairs today without a single OUCH so that's good 

Any bids yet? I bought an old settee off Ebay to re-upholster, Daughters partner got it me for 99p. Think seller wanted a bit more! Still waiting for its new covers!


Jean-I can live with that

 No bids



But Geoff they will be so tasty Will you let your son visit or is he staying in the dog house?

Bjay I have been reading like a dervish, I am so relieved to know that there is a rescue team available should I need it. Ill pets must be so distressing.


More logistics-

Youngest wants to come the following weekend-Christmas is a few days later-does this mean 3 Christmas, 3 dinners, 3 showings of Morecambe and Wise?

Bjay -here is a spare foot-be careful with this one


Gary Hobson

Just been nosey on E-bay.

Typed in the search for 'Jimmy Savile Book', and found several book offers.

The first book listed has had 15 bids. It's called Stranger Danger, and seems to be about child safety. There's another book further down the page called 'Play It Safe - Child Safety'. Am wondering if JS was really the best person to be writing books on that subject.

Found Geoff's offer. Though there are two. Geoff's priced at £65, and another, for an identical book, priced at £65.22. The £65.22 one seems to be a professional bookselling company.

Pottie Pam

Good morning F. Fs

Glad you survived the week Kate. My brother and SIL are teachers and are semi-retired but do supply teaching. They quite often get a call at 7.00a.m. to ask them to come in. It's a rural area with small schools with one headmaster covering four or five schools and it does seem chaotic from what they say.

Don't take your chooks to Spain, Geoff. Don't they have some horrible traditional games there with live chickens.

Hope your puss is okay.


Geoff I always get at least 2 christmas  dinners, you should be happy about this

Pottiepam at least if it is chaotic, I do not need to be perfect


Geoff, don't think we can take our chickens to Spain, will have to find alternative homes for them (and not Kate's oven!). We will have to get some more once we are out there. My brother has 5 hens and a cockerel - called George. He's hoping for chicks but so far none of his girls have gone broody.

Kate, hope you are ok, and I bet you breathed a huge sigh of relief when you woke up this morning and realised it was Saturday! The rescue team was primed and ready for action! 

Came down to find a small puddle on the dining room floor this morning and Alfie looking guilty......good job its not carpeted! I think he wasn't let out last thing last night, or maybe he refused to go out, as he sometimes does if its wet or cold. He's a wimp!

Bjay, hope the poorly cat recovers. Glad to hear your foot is improving. 

Off to have my special juice now - I am a lab rat, this may or may not be fortified. 


Pam-one plan is to offer them as part of the sale,or give away /sell them -just depends

I shall not be taking up Kate's offer


Went to put washing out and found this under rain cover. Any experts know what it is or do I need to post a thread all on its own. OH says not grasshopper,


 WE finally had Christmas arrangements cobfirmed I think. We get baby and parents and daughter and partner weekend before Christmas. Means son 2 who lives with us won't be here as busiest time of year  for him. Then Christmas day we get son 2 late in afternoon. Next year when baby will be fun we get her and others on Christmas day.

Wish my foot was as esily replaced!

Pennine Petal
Morning all, had a lovely lie in, read some Daziel and Pasco, OH now making a bacon butty. Sunshine, blue sky and fast moving clouds, but think the rain coming later. Might get into the garden for a while.

Becks hope Jess is doing better now, Kate glad you managed to survive the week, the expression 'not for all the tea in China' comes to mind.

Escapees to Spain, I want to come too! I will have to make do with a placement. visit to Madrid in the meantime. Hablo un poco espanol!

Bjay, hope Inkie is OK now, is it something he ate?

Puddles on the floor, we just get mice. Cat flaps are a godsend.

Going to have a lazy day now.
Pottie Pam

Hi Bjay, I think it could be a cricket.

Lovely sunshine at the moment. I was going to do Monty's trick and pick up the leaves with the lawnmower but still too soggy. 


Pottie Pam

This is my tulip tree just changing colour. It's about 15 years old and hasn't yet flowered. Flowers will be a bonus as it's such a lovely tree anyway. One of the many ash trees behind. Will be a tragedy when they succumb .to the disease as they are now saying it will spread all over the country

Pennine Petal
Just been wandering around the site, so entered some competitions. I never win competitions, so I won't keep my hopes up. Having said that I won a Roberts radio in a raffle once.

Still waiting for my sandwich, apparently now sausage, not bacon.

Back from vet, sweet little cat turns into a ferocious lion when shown a needle. Last time it took 3 of us to hold her, this time 2 and a towell! She has a flea allegry, already known, from grooming it has affected her insides, so special food for a week, steroid injection and see how she goes, oh and top up the frontline. And lastly loads of money please!

Do we have crickets in this country? We did used to have one in the back of a fridge , long time ago, it used to chirrup when fridge got warm!

MD collecting leaves. We have tried it. Raked leaves into a longish pile about width of mower and ran mower along pile. loads of nicely chopped leaves and no ruts as only put mower in a small area. MD also said pile them on a path to do it, I'm not sure wether blades would survive

Lovely tulip tree. Colours seem to have come out to dazzle this weekend


Busy here while I've been out, then. Skim-reading posts does sometimes lead to misinterpretation. When Pam said she was going to do Monty's trick I pictured her, for a moment, balancing an apple on her nose!

Kate, so good to have you here and glad that things are starting to fall into place :- )

Geoff, I'm sure Aggie and Maggie would like some more chickeny buddies if you don't have anyone nearer to adopt them.

All these Christmas arrangements!!! As I have no children it is less complicated once my sisters and I get my mum sorted.


I am not happy

Flo-that is an option and am glad you have offered-at least they would continue to get spoilt

If I don't get the door open quickly enough in the morning Cody sometimes will not wait-

Mowed some leaves earlier in the week-there are still loads to come of the trees

I shall open the hacienda to all cyber-mates

Lunch-time now-ham and tomato sandwiches