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Geoff what is wrong?

I have done the ironing, made brunch  but it is still paining

I always enter the competitions, I am an optimist


I always enter the competitions. Never won anything.

Lunch being made - bacon sandwich day

Lovely bright day. No need for a coat so mild, They say will be realy cold overnight.

Every time I see hacienda I envisage the HIggh Chaparal! 


The ironing that was done 2 days ago is finally being put away-I could do this but never do it right

I am not happy~~~~~~~

1)-the book didn't sell

2)I am getting ratty about the lack of manners on this forum-too many people getting free advice and can be arsed to say thanks-

-Not on this thread and doesn't apply to all

Gary Hobson

But you still have the book. It's worth £65. It must be a good read, at that price.

If you really want to sell you could try again, like that book that has had 15 bids at £10.

Your advice is like getting a haircut, or a taxi ride.

Some people might think that it's worth a tip. Others might not be in the habit of tipping.

The procedure for tipping is not obvious to non forkers. I suppse you could end each of your posts with something like - "If my advice has helped you, please buy my book on E-bay".

But you don't want to sound too pushy.


That is not helping ease my rattyness

Where is Becks?-I hope Jess is ok




Geoff, sorry to hear you're not a happy bunny. Manners, don't get me started!
Sympathies re Cody, I've always had a problem with my old westie because she was 6 years in a puppy farm and will never ask to go out so if I'm not on the ball, we get a puddle.

Kate, shame about the pain; 'snot fair when it does it on your weekend :- (


I know this has come up before but it just seems that some just don't get it

Cody doesn't always do this -but if it is raining you have to shove him out the door-mind you would anybody stand and wee in the rain if they didn't have to?


Some don't get it, that's all there is to it. You can't change their attitude, only regret that they are like that. If I'm out and about and do something like hold a gate open or make way for someone, and don't get an acknowledgement I just say quite loudly, in my  chirpiest voice 'You're welcome'  - and probably if I'm honest feel a bit smug too ;- )
And no, I wouldn't want to wee out in the rain - it's worse for girls :- D


I am going to post something-just make me feel better-might include "you're welcome

Feeling grumpy-the rest of the dwarfs can wait

Jean Genie

Geoff, I have never seen you cybereticley angry  I agree wiyh Flo , some people are just like that but don't let it spoil your day. Remember your blood pressure ! Maybe some of the people are away from their p.c. and will post later


Jean-they ask a question -they get an answer and an e-mail-they must look to see what is said at some point if it was that important-it is just bad manners-makes you wonder why you bother to help.

For someone to be "just like that" is not an excuse


Which has given you such grief Geoff?

Inkie cat always growls at the rain when we open the door for her. Gets positvely ferocious if its snow, but then.....

Wonder how Jess is!

You could always try Amazon

Just come in from doing tidy up, Lost my favourite secateurs somewhere in garden so having to use some others not the same though. Ones I lost have orange handle but it became very muddy. Maybe it will turn up as tidy up continues.

Sorry Kate but it has been a lovely bright, mild day here.

Jean Genie

I take your point, Geoff . Good manners cost nothing.


I have relisted it on e-bay and stuck it on Amazon at a higher price.

I won't name names but there are plenty of them.

I have buried secateurs in the compost heap before now -did find them 5 years later

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

I'm only popping in. Haven't caught up yet. Jess is just taking a nap, poor little love. She was fine yesterday when I picked her up from nursery. Came home, next door knocked to see if I'd watch her 3 little ones while she popped to get a prescription, as the 2 year old was sick, which we did, for literally 5 minutes then came home.

Within half hour, Jess was literally shivering, saying she was cold. Popped her jamas on, and did her dinner, which she ate half of, but then she just started burning up. She's been like it ever since, so hot to touch, but saying she is cold. No cough, runny nose, sick or anything else. Just a temperarure.

She hasn't moved off the settee since getting up this morning, and doesn't want to eat anything, just lie down, and hold my hand, watching Spongebob!  She's been dosed with Calpol.

I'll catch up with everything later tonight. Hope everyone else is well. x


Caz W

Hi everyone.  Oh Becks, hope Jess will soon feel better.  Don't worry if she's not eating but try to encourage her to drink. 

Caz W

Just caught up with what's been happening here.  Kate - glad you've survived your first week, hopefully that's the worse bit over.  BJay - glad your foot is getting better.  Geoff - sorry you're feeling  and .  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  OH and friend here watching Wales getting beaten by Argentina (Rugby) so they are a bit  as well. 

I won a competition once - a Turkey Dinner - downside of this win is that I'm vegetarian!


Hope Jess gets well soon.

Men have just been out and repaired green where bonfire was. Repalced  turves and seeded around the edge. I provided some DAffs to plant under turves. One complained that he would have no where to play football, with daffs  there pointed out that there was plenty more green, then went in, could have said more!


Becks sounds just like something she has picked up from nursery or from next-door-hope she is running about again soon

Caz-just having a bit of a grump-normal service will resumed at some point

We are now having at least 2 Christmas Turkey Dinners-on successive weekends-before Christmas

Video of the day-to send you to sleep



There's something about David Attenborogh(Sure i've spelt name wrong) OH despairs of my spelling!