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Love the falling meerkats.

Mine sits on the bed in case of sudden need to doze  - though not on pillows as a rule!


Caz W

Those meerkats are gorgeous - they must have cheered you up Geoff.


I have made no plans for Christmas yet. Will wait a bit longer and see how it pans out.

Geoff, can completely sympathise. As Jean says, manners cost nothing. 

I was going to go and do a bit of tidying in the garden but it seems to be getting dark so soon! 

Becks, glad you've got some calpol to hand. 

I have just paid my council tax (do it online). I feel robbed.


Becks, hoping that Jess is feeling better. Flobear, that dog is adorable--mine can't get on the bed, as it is too high and they are too big!

Geoff, I hope I wasn't one of those that offended you-----still don't understand why I am invisible.

Got cold overnight, but nowhere near the -4 predicted.

Jean Genie

I've just potted up the sambucus in the new pot and when I was placing it back where it belongs noticed 2 holes in brickwork that the cavity wall men forgot to fill  I'll tell them Monday when I also tell them I have receipt for replacement pot.

Love the video  and Flo, your little dog is so cute

Hope your foot is ok Bjay and Beck's - hope Jess feels better soon.

Lottie, I always feel robbed when I pay the council tax.When we first moved here we didn't have a road - just a muddy track and we were all paying full council tax. I rang to complain as we didn't have a road and was told you pay your council tax for the upkeep of the road - not the road itself ???  There must be logic there somewhere but not as we know it !!

Hi Caz



Flo-they are cuties- dogs -when they do that

I try to analyse what I get for my council- tax-got as far as the bins being emptied than ran out of thoughts-it must do more good somewhere

Jean are you sure that is not mice drilling outwards

Jean Genie

Could be the little woodmouse.



That's the little fella-Driller Killer

Jean Genie

Speak of the devil ! The woodmouse is hoovering up at the base of the bird table as we speak  Hope he likes meal worms


Inka, I can see you, are you invisible to yourself?

Pepper-dog is a whited sepulchre - cute and adorable on the outside, wilful and scheming on the inside ;- )

Fish crumble tonight, with broccoli, followed by banana custard. If it gets near Strictly kick off, OH will be making the banana custard.

Jean, I think woodmice are just the cutest things with their huge ears.


We don't have bins to be emptied here, Still in the land of plastic bags: pink for recycling,(very limited) black for eveerything else.- only one bag a week! WE pay to have a brown wheelie bin for garden rubbish, it all really bugs us.

So pleased some one has managed to cheer Geoff up

Foots improving thanks - just have to remember not to put weight on it apart from walkng, realised when planting a pot with rhubarb in that digging means too much pressure on foot

The potty gardener

Hi all. Never posted on here beforebut have read it often. Very difficult to try to keep up with who is who.

FloBear just love your dog


Welcome Bev-we love newcomers- you will soon get to know who is who-here is your welcome pack pack


Deanos Diggin It

Evening Girl's n Boy's!

Kate!.....Glad you survived the week!

Beck's.....Fingers crossed at this end for poor little Jess! 

We had a bit of a scare in the middle of the night! But all turned out well, n all now home safe, warm, n secure!

I need an hot bath! Just got back from the plot n am frozen to the core! Back shortly! 



outside christmas decorations gone up down the road, tasteful but.......

Hi Bev

you'll soon work out who everyone is, I soon did, just became confusing when we all changed names for Hallowe'en

Are we having Christmas names? -but not till later on in month


Jean Genie

I love them as well , Flo - they have the biggest eyes . We managed to get a good look at the one we rescued when it got in the house.

Glad your foots improving Bjay

 We have a blue bag for paper and cardboard, a blue box for glass and tins, a green wheelie bin for green waste and a black wheelie bin for anything that cannot be recycled. They alternate every week so we usually take stuff ourselves to the recycling centre - its only 10 mins away.

You have to PAY for the brown one ?? That's terrible

Look what I discovered today - yet another new leaf on my monstera


Jean Genie

We tripleted !! Hi Bev  Dean - what was the scare ? Is all ok ?


Yep we PAY for brown bin empitied every 2 weeks. Came from a place where just bins - hate these plastic bags, foxes and cats rip them, wind blows them about. There was a move to introduce re-cycling bins, chairman of council walked out - big thing. No re-cycling bin though.

Glass has to be taken to banks.

Then complaints about traffic queus at tip - mostly peope emptying garden rubbish as they haven't the brown bins

Jean Genie

Well after hearing that don't think I'll ever complain about our re- cycling. That must be very time consuming. I suppose it's all down to funding again

Off to stuff the tatties - ready for tea now

I have choux buns as well


No its not down to funding so much as die hards who don't want to spoil the 'look' of the victorian town, I guess they don't have foxes, older people etc who struggle with all this. Feel very strongly about it

Enough, think I'll have aChristmas avatar any way