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Pottie Pam

Believe it or not I was a goody goody at school but a teacher once slapped me across the face as we were learning dance steps and all the girls lined up behind the lady teacher and the boys behind the man. When it came to dancing with a boy I didn't realise we had to hold each other and Miss must have thought I was being awkward. My partner didn't get into trouble just me. She would have lost her job today I suppose.

Hi Bjay. I thought it was a cricket but didn't know what kind.  I don't know if they survive the winter or just lay eggs to carry on for next year. I had two in the bedroom about a month ago so maybe they do hibernate

sotongeoff wrote (see)

Do teachers still throw chalk across the room?

No, they hurl Smart Board pens - though only after a full risk assessment has been submitted to and approved by the school governors and the local authority ;- )


What did you teach Bjay?-apologies if you have revealed that before

Pam had 2 crickets in the bedroom-the mind boggles

School days don't seem like they used to be-do they still have psychopathic gym teachers?


Pam - you pointed us in right direction thanks.

Foot complaining so sitting on settee with it up. Watching making cake programme - wedding cake today - I am making one next year need some of latest ideas!

Lovetogarden wrote (see)

I don't like I'm a celebrity, but each to his or her own.I prefer to see a real jungle with David Attenborough and animals, not creepy crawlies. that you have to eat, yuk

Geoff, you would have plenty of geese if you moved to France, they eat every bit of it, fois grais, gizzards,etc. quite like the jungle, and they use the feathers to make duvets etc..

Our bonfire is no more, don't think we upset the neighbours, at least no one came knocking on the door, they are all probably muttering indoors.

Who will be out tonight on SCD? my bet is on either Fern or Michael, but I quite like everyone that are left in this year. Darcey is very posh isn't she, yarh

If you can't wait for tonight to find out I know where you can find out now - or I will tell you

Pam LL x


Gary Hobson

Several of us know where to find out the SCD result. I know that Kate does, and so do I. But it's better not to spoil the secret for those who enjoy the suspense of the dumpity-dumpity-dump, and like the surprise.


Pam -you can tell me- as I don't watch it

I would like the winning lottery numbers for next week-if you have a link to those as well

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

I would like the winning lottery numbers for next week-if you have a link to those as well

I actually do have a link to the winning lottery numbers for next week.


Primary - Year 1 finished me off. It was another life.

Find out results - now that sounds good. Don't really want to watch on a Sunday


Year 1, bjay? How very brave! Ankle-biters have always scared me to death in biggish groups though they are a delight in ones and twos. I did take the occasional year 1 class when I was part-time and covering for PPA but if it hadn't been for the TAs I would never have emerged intact.

I don't peek at the last page of a book or prod Christmas presents to try and guess - so no SCD spoilers here, thank you. I have to own up to finding the 8 to 10 second waiting time for every announcement annoying, though.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening all Forkies n Forkesses!

Thank's Pam (LL That is!) 

n to the Pottie one! I am in the process of commissioning rear window car sticker's saying "I Love Pottiepam" Just like the "I Love Dolphins" one's I see! Will let you know in due course! 

Georg!.....You must divulge! 

Beck's!.....Glad Madam as perked! 

Geoff!..... Hope Mrs Geoff was holding the base of the ladder! HSE Requirements I'm afraid! Safe systems of work n all that! 


Never really thought of them as 'ankle-biters' 

Dinner cooking. Gammon in wine, just a winegalss full prefer to drink it! - was going to be a can of cider but son drank it!! Think I will make a sauce out of some HM apple chutney and a bit more wine.

More leaves mowed up today, they look so lovely in a raked pile, especially the prunus ones coming over from next door.

Caz W

HI everyone, lots of posts to catch up on today!  By the time I get to the end I have forgotten all the things I wanted to say - maybe I need to make notes as I go along.

Most importantly, Jess is better .  It's great the way kids bounce back so quickly after they've been ill. 

Chris I have been to see Les Mis and I think it's definitely "one of the best" - very emotional so take plenty of tissues .  It's quite a long show too - maybe take some snacks.

Hope you've all enjoyed a lovely sunny day.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening Caz!

I have an admission to make! 

I actually watched TV today! 

But it was the Remembrance Parade! So am spared! n ya know what disgusted me! Although a terrific parade!  Out of all the royal's n hierarchy! Only two actually Saluted correctly in the proper British Stylie!  how sad am I to notice that!  


Thanks Pam LL 


Caz W

Hi Dean - you're allowed to watched Remembrance Parade as it doesn't really count as watching TV.  Tell us who did the correct salute please.

Pennine Petal
Evening all, been to Bodnant, will post some photos if I can find the appropriate thread. still some nice autumn colour. The woodland strips along the motorway were looking pretty good. Noticed that the broom was out on the way back.

Que tal hoy, el Geoff?

Glad to hear Jess is better, Becks.

Now watching You've got mail while OH makes the tea. Going to complain the Tphoo about their tea bags splitting! Catch you later.
Deanos Diggin It

Cheers Caz!  I now don't feel so bad n disappointed that I let go of my laurels!

Now your asking! I don't do names! n have the memory of a fish!

But one was an old Naval bearded gadgie who was standing in for someone serving in Port Stanley! n the other some young search n rescue pilot! 


Hi all, am back indoors now - had a lovely big fire to get rid of quite a lot of pine tree branches that were trimmed off a little while ago. I had to come in because it got too dark to see what I was doing. Plus as there was no wind the smoke didn't blow all over the neighbours gardens which was good. It was quite a blaze and is still smouldering now, and I smell of wood smoke.

Relaxing evening in front of the TV planned for this evening, I think I've done enough for today!



Have just caught up on Homeland-am now up to date on all telly

XF to come and I'm a Celeb--happy shallow bunny here

Lottie -can you have a shower first? -because...............

Glyn-I am ok today -gracias-there is a thread I started somewhere for pics-will see if I can link to it-unless you do first or start your own

Evening Caz and Dean-if only Caz was called Pearl

Roast chicken dinner to come