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Miss Becks

Glyn! I thought you'd done that on purpose so he'd know how to pronounce it!

You would notice that Dean!


Oh ye of little faith-am on a commercial break-back later


Cold here, there will be big frost tonight I predict. (And I saw two grit lorries on my way to collect Son no. 3 from work).

I remember Pearl and Dean - and they're still going strong - were on before Skyfall last week!

Son no. 2 is watching something on TV that he recorded and there's a naked person in it!! The young people these days.........

Miss Becks

Not just the young people Lottie! Geoff was naked on here last week! Did you miss it?


Hi Glyn --Skyfall is brilliant!!!!! It's quite a long film, but no intervals, I used to love the intervals when the ice cream ladies used to come to the front and you could buy a tub / ice lolly, or an orange drink.. Now you have to troop out to the foyer and get what ever you want at enormous expense, , but on the plus side our local Odeon has reduced it's prices on a Tuesday, and if you belong the premiere club you get 25% off, so it cost £3.50 to see Skyfall. Hope you enjoy the film.

Goodnight everyone, catch you tomorrow.




I am TV 'd out-Bonnes Nochas peeps


Have just watched War Horse that OH recorded for me on his Sky thingy. We have to sit in the dark and have the surround sound so I can't knit or anything. Thought film very good and glad to see no horseys hurt in the making...  And there was a credit for the goose trainer as well. Wonder if you can train chickens???

Anyway, all tellyed out here too, so nighty night all.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

Good SCD last night. A shock to find Kimberley in the bottom two. She was 4th from the top, so presumably all her fans thought she was safe, and no-one bothered to vote for her. But if a few more of Ferns fans had voted, and raised Fern out of the bottom two, then who knows who might have joined Kimbers - DVO even.

Good guest artist spot, with nice performance by Nat and Brendon. I gave Nat the first 10 of the series.

Then watched Celeb. A decent bunch of contestants. Was most impressed by Helen Flanagan's wardrobe. Might tune in again, just to see some more of that.

Wet day forecast. Might do a bit of fiddling around in the greenhouse.

News Flash. The Mail has a breaking story about Helen Flanagan's teeny-weeny bikini:

Jean Genie

Morning . Just checking in before I'm turned off  Not too cold here and no frost so that's a bonus . Have showered , hoovered and now need for coffee.

Flo, saw War Horse on sky the other week as well. Loved it  Reminded me of Black Beauty in a way - the book that is.

Well, have a good day all  I'm making the most of the kettle


Jean, I do hope your day passes quickly and all is restored pronto. I agree that War Horse reminded me of the Black Beauty story - the two horses that were 'friends', the experiences with different owners, the endings for both of them. I really must read Michael Morpurgo's original.

Hello Gary - where's everyone else this morning, I wonder.


I'm here -had plans this morning for ball whacking but that has been scuppered-trying again tomorrow

Anna Sewell wrote one book and died 5 months after publication-but there must have been loads of films and a TV series

I don't think that Helen Flanagan is as dipsy as she she portrays-she knows her strengths rather like Katie Price and the TOWIE Girls

Little Mix on XF last night-they have grown up

Jean will be out of jail later-do we have to mount a contingency plan?


 Morning All

Last night settled down to catch up on University Challenge and Only Connect before this evening. Woke up with The History of the World which I find very boring but OH likes it so went to sleep again.

Can't get going this morning

Dog came back from walk very wet and full of bounce, Is now in isolation in kitchen as his large hairy feet will take hours to dry even after rub down

Absolutely paining here. Fits the mood!

Pennine Petal
Morning all, a Monday at home hurray! Answering my emails from bed before getting down to some serious work. Life was much quieter and slower without emails. Students and colleagues (especially bosses) expect instant answers.

Looking forward to Skyfall, haven't been to the cinema for yonks. I used to love watching Black Beauty on the TV when I was a kid and Follyfoot.

Ooh er, fiddling in the greenhouse!

Wt her, work mean now returfin the park. they have made a path to nowhere and the standing stones right nexttomthe football pitch. Hope some child is not going to come a cropper there, that means compensation would set in for the damage caused. They have mashed up the football pitch with their digger.

Catch you later if I get bored with working, otherwise will report on the film (promise not to give anything away though).


Good Morning Everyone  

I have been Christmas shopping online - doesn't time fly when you are having fun???

I hope you all have a lovely day

Pam LL x


Caz W

Morning all or Bore Da as we're multi-lingual on here now .  I don't often visit in the morning but its such an awful day I cant go out to play  so have come to have coffee with you all.

If we need to rescue Jean can you arrange outfits for us please Geofredo?

Reading about muchas gracias" reminded me of a favourite saying of my late MIL - will leave out the vowels so as not to cause offence - Muchas Gracias p*n*s (translated as Thanks a Lot c*ck)

Glyn - you've started me off now with Follyfoot  "Down in the meadow where the wind blows free, in the middle of a field stands a lightning tree ....."



Hola-Caz, Pam and Glyn.

Pam -this is very organised -haven't even thought about Christmas pressies

Glyn-don't forget the Butterkist as well tonight  and stop looking out of that window and do some work!!

Caz-have got my costume ready



and the getaway car organised

 and the army is galvanised


Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope I haven't been marked absent. Sitting down to a late coffee.

Hasn't anyone a long extension lead for Jean?

I loved Skyfall. Glyn. I don't go to the cinema very often either but was grandson's birthday. My daughter has just discovered that you can get two tickets for the price of one on Wednesdays if you have Orange mobile. (You can find out how to do it on their website but maybe everyone knows now)

I found a golf ball down the field this morning. Was it one of yours,Geoff?  My son and grandson were pracitising in their garden yesterday and I think a seagull must have found one of their balls. They play at Perranporth and the seagulls are a pest there pinching balls.

The 'Real Warhorse' was on telly the other day. Really sad.


Morning later-comers. I've decided that I do too much sitting down so have given up crosswords and Sudoku for now. I could give up forum but somehow can't see that happening ;- ) Paining so no garden things being done.

Geoff, that outfit has already been taken - by the headmaster I worked for a few years ago.  Though I suppose, like Father Christmas, Noddy could have brothers who appear when he is busy. I hope Jean is rescued before 6.30 as I have to go out to see a filmed production of 'Company' this evening.

Caz, it may have been a little before your time but I liked 'The White Horses' TV programmes and also read all the horsey books I could get my hands on.

A weird thing is happening, I think my computer mouse is freelancing occasionally as things are happening when I just move it about even if I haven't clicked. Odd :- /

Pennine Petal
Digitally enhanced Noddy, no! He looks far too smart.

Morning Caz, or as they would say in Newport, awright but!

Geoff, I am trying to galvanise myself, but finishing writing my course report is not my dream of a morning. The emails keep coming in! Have to admit just read a bit more Dalziel and Pascoe!

Going to work right now.