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Glyn I found Skyfall great entertainment. Won't say more except Daniel Cranes body Yum!

Probably a mistake putting that on herer.

Just been to greenhouse and attempted hardwood cuttings on this pretty shrub we inherited absolutely no idea what it is but would like a back up in case anything happens to it. Tried with softwood cuttings - dismal failure.

Love the Noddy costume complete with getaway car, Hope Jean is OK- not too cold. Can I be tessa Bear please?


was White Horses the one wherre they galloped through the sea at the start or is it something else I'm thinking of?

Even Noddy (original) takes me back. I still have TessaBear! Must check her condition

Caz W

Oh no, Flo's got me going on another song now - "On white horses let me ride away, to my world of dreams so far away let me run,to the sun ... "

Geoff - not much room in that getaway car, but don't worry I'll help out



Morning All.

Hope everyone is well

I can remember life before TV, makes me feel very old.

The first TV we had was very small screen, could have been 12", for the Coronation, before that there was only on family in our street who could afford one, and if there was something really special on we would all pile into their house to watch it.

Got quite a busy day today, I have cleaned the conservatory, bathroom, flicked a duster over the rest of the place, had coffee, made tonight's tea, Irish Stew, with the left over lamb from last night. This afternoon, library, visit Mum, then on to daughters to see how she got on at work. She has been of work with a broken foot and torn ligaments for 10 weeks and she now has to see HR to explain why she has been off for so long.

Certificates from the Dr have been provided, she has seen Occupational Health, now having physio ,why does she need to explain. Have they nothing better to do?

Moan over, must away to finish off jobs, might be back later

Have a good day folks,



 Here I am. Rushing to help



Sympathies to your daughter Chris - I slipped on snow winter 2020/ 2011 and am still having treatent and discomfort. I ripped all tendons in foot, mind you I also did not seek help. Oh I'll rest it was my solution That Attitude jusr doesn't work some times. Was told I am right age for tis to happen

On Saturday i was told Inkie cat was right age for her problems to develop.

Seems a good medical answer!

Caz W

BJay - get back at once and put your top on .


  was in such a rush to help I forgot

Caz W

Chris - hope your daughter will soon be feeling better.  It's a nightmare the way you are sometimes treated when legitimately off work.  I was off for a long time with a slipped disc and had to see almost everyone,  HR's reason for my interview was something politically correct like "Employer's Duty of Care".  I told them it was too painful for me to travel to see them . They settled for a phone interview which was over in about 30 seconds!  It is upsetting though when you are unwell and made to feel as if you are cheating - surely a doctor's paper is enough for these people.


We didn't get a TV until 1963-also had to visit neighbours-it was all radio before then and none of this 1,2,3,4,5 etc stuff just the Light programmes and the Home Service -could not cope with The Third Programme-too posh-have made up for my deprived childhood since then.

Chris-but you sound sooooo young

Just been watching one of those property buying programmes-not only was the home bit based in Surrey- and my birth place of Ash- but the away bit was in Argeles France where we went this year-now what are the chances of that?

Venice is flooded-there might be a song about that?

Postman Pat had a catchy tune

Caz W

I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg with earplug (just the one)  in bed late at night, hiding under the covers so my parents wouldn't catch me!  The signal would always disappear in the middle of any favourite songs though!

Right - time to go and do something houseworky now .  Catch you later ~~~~~


OH said Champion the Wonder Horse.

I sort of remember the song, 'White Horses'  not the programme. Still TV was rationed to me!!!!! And think we first has it about 1960. Don't really remember.!



Just cleared out a plastic basket in kitchen where I plonk stuff when come in from garden. Found £20(don't know why that was there), £5 vougher from Thompson & Morgan and my garden scissors. No sign of secteurs though


Remember the name but not watching Rin-Tin-Tin


Blimey-that is a little treasure trove-have you checked other waste bins for your diamonds?

Perhaps Becks is hiding there or Jean has taken refuge-(or the refuse)


Hello, all---very drear  here; will be staying in and drawing today. So dark this morning that the motion sensor light went on when I let the dog out.

I remember Rin Tin Tin and Lassie---we got our first TV in the mid 50's. Of course here we got the Mickey Mouse Club and the Ed Sullivan show,too. Before that just the radio. And we read lots of books--still do.


Wish I had found the diamonds. Ancient mother put them somewhere and we can't find them anywhere. Won't be in my gardening stuff though. Well satisfied with money as didn't know I had it, have put it in my extra raised bed fund. I would like a cherry tree as well - voucher will pay the postage- but I was going somewhere else for it.

Sorry Hi Inka.  Commercial TV - that with adverts didn't have a TV for I think

I used to watch Rag Tag and Bobtail at my grandparents, oh and Woodentops (Friday), Bill & Ben,(Wednesday) Was it picture book on Monday?

  • Picture Book – Mondays from 1955
  • Andy Pandy – Tuesdays from 1950
  • Flower Pot Men – Wednesdays from 1952
  • Rag, Tag and Bobtail – Thursdays from 1953
  • The Woodentops – Fridays from 1955

Just had to check

Nobody like Picture Book-we wanted puppets