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I's back! so's the net! Now to catch up.... J.


Andy Pandy that's the one. Don't remember being that keen on picture book. Some woman used to play the zither sometimes

Ho Jo Did you have a good weekend?

Today I have learnt how to down load clip art


Some one else using Forum for advertising a product - see Water butts

Bjay wrote (see)

Some one else using Forum for advertising a product - see Water butts

Saw it-until he links- it looks ok



Never saw Muffin the Mule - think I was too young!!!

Pottie Pam

Hello All,

Has your art class started again, Inka?

I remember Champion the Wonder Horse but not the one about the white horses. I loved the Guiness advert with the white horses in the sea.

I was horse mad but never had my own. I've got two retired shetlands now who help me cut the grass. My grandaughter is horse mad too and we watch Saddle Club when I babysit much to my grandson's disgust. Why are girls into horses and ponies and not boys? Most jockeys and a lot of showjumpers are men.

Hope Jean has her power back.

Must have a fiddle and learn to do these things, Bjay




Miss Becks

Afternoon all!!

Have had a catch up day today! Never got to do much the weekend cause of poorly madam, so had a good go today!

I remember Ivor The Engine.


Apparently I loved Muffin the Mule, but have no actual memory of watching it, only when shown later. All the Listen with Mother things yes & anything horsey too.

Yep had a good w/end. No actual hiking walking, but lots of wallking into/around town! Including this morning- I need decent coffee & just cant get it at the little house. Water hardness or pipes, not sure. We've swopped coffee brand & marginally better. Anyway went into get my cafeine fix this morning & buy some vegs from market & some yummy cheese rolls from Lidl en route.

I'd also done some cleaning for OH, before I went into town. I'd always said that noway, but even he admitted he'd not done much recently. So we both set to yesterday & I hoovered today. OH had said that the hoover wasnt up to much & hadnt got the correct instructions for the model. Luckily for him it's a similar model to Dad's, now daughter's, & having emptied it, swopped head on flex/tube it worked fine! Did decide too much effort to go up the stairs with it to do landing & treads. Rest of house is wooden floors, dont like, but easy enough to sweep!

Daughter off for a few days, so planning a visit to Dunham tomorrow, if forecast as promised. We went to Bodnant earlier this year, do try & go at least once but hadnt been for a while. Enjoyed it.

Daughter is supposed to be cooking tonight.... havent a clue as to whether she's working over Christmas or not. Should have her rota somewhere. Wonder what time she's planning meal? J.


Phew, that was a surprising afternoon. Had urgent phone call at 12 to say could I cover a class this afternoon. Usually it's no but I had nothing planned and it's a dreary day so thought I might as well earn the other half of my new reading glasses. Just checked it wasn't year 3 as they're the scourge of the school.

So I mounted my trusty charger and sped to the rescue.

 Sorry, bjay, to leave you with a White Horses ear-worm, btw. 

Andy Pandy silly and poncey, didn't mind Picture Book, liked Rag Tag and Bobtail best as they looked lovely and furry.

Becks, Ivor the Engine - yeees! and even more so Noggin the Nog :- )



Must have been the advert I was thinking of then

Afternoon Becks 

It's taken several attemptsover some time to masteer the downloading. Only because I've been so bored today I put my mind to it. OH is a reasonable teacher when he wants to be


Becks it was getting to the point when I had put the swat team on stand-by to storm your gaff-I have never seen a talking train

Jo-are you serious? -he said "it wasn't up to much and didn't have the instructions"-it is a flaming hoover- you plug it in switch it on and it works-I think he saw you coming

Get my reading glasses from Poundland-so 50p for an afternoon's work is below the living wage in my blurred view-nice horsey though

Estate agent has called-we have a viewing tomorrow afternoon

Pottie Pam

I liked Ivor the Engine when the dragons were on, Becks. Also liked Count Duckular

Glad you enjoyed the weekend Joe. It's strange how much the taste of water differs in different areas.

Christmas is creeping up on us. My daughter bought a ponsettia today when we went shopping.














christmas is creeping


Pottie Pam

Oooops, sorry. My finger must have slipped.


Oh yes, I should've seen it coming. Seriously hasnt clue, all my fault & MIL's, but he's learnt all about showers cleaners & the unclogging of shower plugholes courtesy of daughter!

Anyway, have left him a note so maybe he'll take heed........? TBH I only knew what to do with it as virtually same model we'd bought Dad when I realised how awful his 3 (!) were when I was living with him.

I have left him to sort out the tumbling of towels as didnt want to leave dryer going when no-one in the house.

Nice cooking smells coming from kitchen. J.




Yes, Pottiepam, the drawing class began awhile ago--but I missed the last 2 sessions--once felt poorly, and second due to car trouble. So tomorrow is the last one.

I have done a drawing of a balalaika, will be bringing the instrument to class, as it is a musical theme. Lovely lines and shapes.

Never really realise that Hector had such a pompous voice!

Hi Dean, do you get those Tshirt adverts, the animal ones. I find them very creepy but can't work out how to post them to show all those with Firefox