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Dear Lottie i do hope OH is ok. Its no fun getting knocked off your bike, it happened to me last year. Lay in the road for half an hour and then managed to get up with a lot of help, discovered i have severe osteo arthritis the length of my spine so still suffering now. Hope oh makes a quick recovery.

Off to library this morning and then to get ink cartridges refilled, what an exciting life i lead.

Do you remember The Singing Ringing Tree.


Lottie-did he come off or get knocked off?

Wasn't the Singing Ringing Tree one of those scary foreign cartoons Maud?

I was told when young that salt was good for you-now we are told it is bad-is smoking good for your health or is it good for the economy?

Dont think it was a cartoon i seem to remember real people in it and it was foriegn. I really enjoyed it. A cartoon film i love is Cinderella Penguin, my family thinks im daft and i dont like to dissapoint.

As for food all things in moderation except chocolate

Pennine Petal
Morning all, car collected for service, OH planning shopping list (Tesco vouchers have arrived), I'm answering emails, mostly from students who couldn't hand in work. Have to go up to the PC and do some proper work shortly.

Geoff, no, sadly not, we sat too far forward.

Lottie, hope he's OK now, it must have been a nasty shock.

I wonder if I could get a personal shopper to do my Christmas shopping? DIL says their Christmas presents improved when I married her dad, he bought things that he liked rather than what they might like!

Is there anything we can eat that is good for us? Everything in moderation I say (except chocolate obviously!)

Obviously going to the flicks now is not the experience it used to be

Glyn-what is going on through the square window?



Maud, that sounds horrible. OH didn't get knocked off, he came into a corner too fast and slipped on what he thinks was grease on the road. Three people stopped and asked if he was ok, including a schoolboy who asked him if he wanted him to put the chain back on his bike, and a van driver. He didn't ride in today, I gave him a lift, but he said his knee is still painful.

I'd agree - all things in moderation.

Glyn - you married your DIL's dad?  Confusing!

Dan, good luck with the Movember. I'm already donating for someone else, but will add a bit extra!


Morning all, finding it hard to get motivated though have made a couple of important phone calls to arrange workmen and massage.

Lottie, so sorry to hear about OH. I am an occasional and not very confident cyclist - all those tons of metal flying by does not help.

I like the idea of a personal shopper though, selfishly, would like one to find me lovely clothes that suit me to save me the hassle of hunting.

Loved the Clangers, so cute and fluffy. Also remember Singing Ringing Tree; there seemed to be quite a few programmes at that time made in European languages. I learnt How to say 'Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all' in German from one of them! Have not found a use for the phrase yet ;- )


Ouch Lottie. Hope he fully recovers soon. In good company though - Bradley Wiggins.

OH makes our bread in bread machine fortunately he's given up making his own, means minimum salt and additives. My BP was so high dr said tablets, I said no I'll lose weight. Have lost a lot, still a way to go BUT blood pressure now behaving itself and no drugs.

Christmas shopping no ttill first week of December, Christmas tree 2nd week, may go up to Cannock Chase for it - Becks.

What was the singing ringing tree?

I don't have natural highlights and have been asked what colouing I use and how often do I put it on. I tell my daughter I may have given her short genes but I have also given her hair that doesn't change colour and she'll thank me for it when she is older.

Talk later have to go and witness part 2 of my mothers teeth!!


The singing ringing tree-really scary for kids

Have tried to weed a border accompanied by 6 feathered friends-not easy when they keep scratching just where you have been-also spread some compost-they haven't got to that yet as now busy scratching at the top of the garden

Workmen do massages now??

Lottie- as long as he is not badly hurt -he can play the wounded soldier for a bit-probably quite scary at the time for both of you

Am going grey and old gracefully-no Grecian2000 for this chap


Jean Genie

Lottie. that's dreadful - hope he makes a speedy recovery. Sitting around in hospitals is not much fun but better to safe not sorry.

Leaving Christmas shopping until first week Dec what with Daughter moving etc. Need to help out with the boys and get her organised.

Back to housework  Playing at catch up now - few things didn't get done yesterday and then back to daughters.

Hope viewing goes well , Geoff  

Good luck to all Chrimblemuss shopping

Caz W

Afternoon everyone, time for a sit down and, dare I say it, some Fruit & Nut chocolate. My excuse is I've done quite a bit of work in the garden this morning - dividing some very big clumps of primula and replanting and having a good tidy up outside potting shed which is a general dumping ground where we put things "for the time being".

Hope Mr Lottie will feel better soon - the shock is as bad as the pain sometimes.

Can't think about Christmas shopping yet - I'm a bit of a last minute shopper and usually get some great bargains when things start being reduced.

I used to love Tales of the Riverbank and I think it was called Zoo Time when Jonny Morris used to do all the animal voices.

Glad your over yesterday's ordeal Jean - you're due a quiet few days now

Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Lottie, hope hubby makes a speedy recovery!

Bjay, if you do, take your binoculars! We have Bigfoot and Black Demonic Panthers over here on the chase you know! Oh, and a werewolf and UFO's! Not to mention the Grey Lady ghost! Buying your Christmas Tree could be dangerous!!

I have wrote my letter to Father Christmas!



10 minute after my comment the hens found the bed and scratched compost everywherenow back inside their prison

Zoo time was Desmond Morris-Animal Magic was Johnny Morris-mixing up your Morris's here Caz-now a Morris Minor was something completely different again

Caz W

Well remembered Geoff - when I was young my dad used to have a Morris 1000



Our first car was a green austin A35

Becks!!-you up and dressed I take it-have already got you this book for Christmas


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. You're a cheeky boy! Just because I don't log in as soon as my eyes open does not mean I'm not up!!


Becks - Not heard of the werewolf before. Muust have arrived after we left!! Buying Christmas tree is often dangerous, mud, dogs, children, me being fussy - grumpy OH's

Going to be up your way next week as well, Can't remember which day.

No.Never seen the singing ringing tree. Such  a realistic fish, and the bear.What can i say!

Miss Becks

Bjay, it's heard of you!!



Some how posts have gone over 11000 and no celebration

Hope viewing goes OK Geoff