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Am back again.

Have had a busy time in garden. Had to supervise daughter planting bulb pots, hopeless,  me as teacher & her as pupil!

Wasnt best pleased as was getting on with the cutting back & had to stop that to ensure bulbs went in properly. Honestly, never listens to me nor accepts that I do actually know more than her about certain things!

Right, winge over, now shall catch up..... J.


I'd never heard of that game either.

Daughter insisted that I bought her an advent calendar this yr- cant remember where it is......

She took herself to Trafford Centre today & got some more pressies on my behalf, helpful & some for herself. I'll pop along next week I think. I refuse to go anywhere near the place in Decmber!

Oh the latest from here is- after about an hours' wear of her scruffy jeans they appeared dumped on landing meaning 'please wash'!! I promptly threw them back at her & said gardening/old clothes did not get done until they could almost stand up by themselves! She retorted that she didnt want dirty clothes in her room! If you could see in there........ Anyway, compromise, jeans now in a bag so that they can be kept somewhere in there!

Potatoes baking in oven, brocholi trimmed & washed & goats cheese tarts to go in next. Easy tonight. J.


What about a sort of Calendar Girls and Boys when for one night/day only we post a festive photo of ourselves - disguised of course and try to do it synchronised order

But Jo, if we don't show these young ones what to do how will they ever know for the future, in their own place, what to do.

I am a walking/mobile phone recipe book and garden book for my 2 that are not with us, but I must say not so many calls now they are confident. i have even had a couple of baby ones

The best was some years ago (univesity years) we were in middle of Burgundy and  I had a text Can you fry sausages? - reply 'I can, can you?'


Bjay, that's inspired! I think calendar girls and boys would be very entertaining.

Caz W

Hiya playmates!  You're all getting very festive on here today.  Sounds a great idea Bjay and very original too .  Always fancied being a Calendar Girl

Been busy today - OH had day off so we both went for a check up/clean & polish at dentist and then did some shopping as OH is away for long weekend in North Wales at some residential "jolly" from work.  He's fast asleep now .

Hope everyone is OK - especially Figrat at this difficult time. 



Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! I can see it on the shelves of WHSmiths now! The Gardeners World Fork Handles Calander, 2013 - with all our mushes on each month!! It's a winner!


Mobiles have a lot to answer for. Some yrs back friend & me trolling around Bodnant Garden in NWales when her son, then about 16 I think, phoned- could Mum collect him from college that night as he wanted to go out & the bus would take too long!! He didnt believe her when she refused as not possible!

Me post a photo? no chance....... that's a task for me to learn/sort out over the rotten winter months. J.

Deanos Diggin It

Evening Jo. B'J n Flo!

Large bowl of pasta bake smothered in pulped tomatoes n grated, melted cheese!

Very much enjoyed n needed!

Jo!.....Been around your neck of the woods most of the day today! Would have popped in for, as you dudes say over that side of the hill, "A Brew"  


Do we have to dress in something festive for the disgused photo and is there a prize for the most original (or funniest!)?

Dean already has an advantage with the onesie!

Caz W

When my son was 23 he took my Mam to Dublin for a weekend break (this was pre-smart phone days) and we had a phone call to say they had gone out for a walk and were lost and couldn't find their way back to the hotel.  They couldn't remember the name of the hotel either!  Luckily he had left their contact details with us so we could look on-line, find a map showing hotel and direct them back to it.


Jo-honestly-it really isn't that difficult to post pictures-you do not need months -come on join in

Now will I post a self-portait...............................

Caz W

Hi Dean - that pasta bake sounds good .   Bet you'll come up with a great Christmas outfit


Evening All,

I thought a Kerbey was a posh vacuum cleaner or maybe it was a Kirby.

We have some new neighbours from Lancashire, and they say brew for making a cup of tea. Where I come from originally, they say are you mashing?.

Chilli con Carne and brown rice tonight for tea, OH out for domino training, in other words a pint with the ' lads', so a quiet night in for me and the cat.



Miss Becks

jo, I agree with Geoff. It takes 5 clicks! That's it! Jess could do it!! I bet your daughter could show you!

Evening Dean/Chris/Caz/Lottie/Flo!


I thought Kirby was a place in Liverpool-I went for a job selling Kirbys once didn't get it-didn't really want it

I took this in July-that is me done



Miss Becks

Uurgh, Geoff. I hate 'Muscle Men'.