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No not really once we know who's in. Are you??

Everyone can sort themselves out


Miss Becks

Well, in all honesty, although it's a funny and great idea, I don't think it will work out somehow! Not everyone is online everyday, or might not get an opportunity to get a festive photo to upload. Some may be shy, and not WANT to add a photo, and might feel excluded. We don't want that to happen.

I think Lotties idea was a good one. Geoff can hold the main calander and open the door daily, and we can all guess what the chocolate shape is! Or the picture behind it. We all love guessing games!

Just a thought.


Miss Becks

Just thinking about those who aren't as gobby and forthcoming as us Dean!

Deanos Diggin It

Beck's! Couldn't agree more! I'd show my arse on the town Hall steps for a laugh!

But as alway's! I shall go with the Flow! 

Miss Becks

That I would LOVE to see!!


Yep-tend to agree with Becks on this one-of course there is nothing to stop anyone posting festive pictures of themselves, pets or children if they want to-but should not be obliged.

But lets keep it simple and fun.



I'd rather not Dean -thankyou

Deanos Diggin It

It could be arranged! But not thinking anyone would be willing to rise that early! The central Police station is adjacent! 


Completely confused now...... my poor brain!

Am going to be very boring & sign off. Ironing awaits, but then maybe not.

IF someone is willing next week, I may ask for lessons......... J.


It would still be nice to encourage people to post something festive - maybe from the internet if photos not convenient or desirable for some. We've had flowers of the day and fungi of the day so could be a similar idea.

Dean, I have been known to show my midriff in the town centre but wouldn't go as far as you :- D


Jo-we will talk you through-never fear

I have topless shots


Miss Becks

I've got my 'Tatties' out before now!



Phwoar--nice tatties

I have a picture of my knockers -if any one would like to see?


Good evening

I am having trouble keeping up again  I can post Christmas flowers

Pam LL x

Deanos Diggin It

Ha! Ha! Flo! All in good favour of fun!

Go on Beck's! You have an harvest! 

Right guy's! Bedtime for me! Hope you all have a good one! 


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Nutters. Night Dean!

Coffee and jam doughnut time methinks. There's 5 in the bag. One for me, one for Jess. 3 left! First come, first served!