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Pottie Pam

Moring Jean,Jo,Chris, Geoff and Bjay,

About ten years ago in  Brittany I did see ladies in a village washing their clothes in a stream. There was a place specially made for the purpose out of concrete I think.

Still quite mild here.

Pottie Pam

Morning Lottie too.

The last of the summer flowers picked this morning.


Mornign Inka, Pam, Gary, Pam, Jean, Jo, Chris, Geoff, Bjay, Lottie, Becks when she gets here and others yet to come.

Well done those who lobbied for seasonal smileys, here's hoping.

Electing police commissioner is passing me by. Very little literature. I did hear them on local radio but I don't understand why we need to vote for this post and I'm not happy that party politics seems to be behind it.

Dull here after gorgeous day yesyerday. May nip into GC for cheering but expensive coffee after dog walk - in this weather the dog owners ans smokers have the outside bit to themselves.


I have walked to the polling station -fought my way through the crowds put a kiss on the ballot paper -based on purely political affinity-and walked back

My democratic job is done

Go Commisioner Gordon

Hi to Flo and Lottie and Pottie-pam who I mayhave missed erarlier


I thought this was interesting

Always been interested in the history of food.

I love cosmos, but pulled mine up a couple of weeks ago when they became very bedraggled. Kept some seeds. This year I have tried to keep a few seeds of several plants Sweet peas have germinated, but not those from the hanging basket variety, must check to see if they were F1 

That's an amazing view PPam

More fun lobbying for smileys. In America are these commissioners independent?



Pam's new washing machine-hope she gets her divi



I've made a tub like that into an almost finished water feature, maybe not quite so deep, more curved...

Jean Genie

I've got a belfast sink Bjay

 Between us all we could have all helped Pam out if her new washer hadn't arrived .

Morning Chris. Flo and Jo

Lovely cosmos Pam, mine have given up the ghost now.

Geoff - it was the shades that gave you away

Anyone remember these ?



I do- and pink stamps and green shield stamps

Oh what fun- sticking pages of stamps in a book and cashing them in for some luxury item

Great times especially- on double stamps day-and quadruple stamps day

Still got a co-op divi book somewhere-is it worth anything?

Note to self-must grow cosmos next year-if we are still here

Gary Hobson

Just been to vote. There were 4 people there. 2 invigilators, a voter, and moi. So I joined the queue to get my voting slip. I think I passed.

Called in at the newsagents on my way back and picked up a copy of Pam's article.


I remember them and green shield stamps. I can remember what reward there was with Green shield, but what with the coop was it goods or money in bank?

Must tell OH to buy Garden News.

Jean Genie

If we are still here ??? Geoff . if you have inside information about 21st Dec 2012 - I would like to know.

So I can get a HUGE LOAN.

See as much of the world as I can in a month .

Tell all the people I don't like what I REALLY think about them.

And not buy any Christmas pressies !


We as in the "royal we"- not we as "we are the world"

You can still do all of that anyway Jean -just make sure you are not here on the 22nd December-but that does mean you will miss out on the £10 Christmas bonus and Morecambe & Wise-and you don't want to do that-do you?


Back again, well for a bit, then am off outside to continue clearing the border that daughter disrupted yesterday with her 'how do I do it?' bulb planting! The sun has arrived too.

We trotted up to PO- daughter sold something else, unlike OH who keeps buying -then into local supermarket for supplies until w/end. Even more chaos than normal as they are expanding, into not much space anyway, presumably to offset the new Asda which is due to be built sometime soon. I dont intend to drive up to either as roads already bad enough & the supermarket parking is even more reduced & people, drivers, are just being stupid/selfish.

Ooh different nurse coming tomorrow, but she says has visited me before. No memory of her but there are several with the same first name, so confusion, by me, very easy.

Poor daughter just left- wonder if she'll last the shift? J.


Hi Jo. Hope your garden clear up is going OK. 

I am going out later to top up bird feeders but that will be that. A lingering fog here.

Did you say you were going to the hospital next week? 

OH went out earlier and came back with a Gardening News. PamLL has written an article, I think hers is about hardwood cuttings.

Just going to have a cup of tea. Back later.


Pennine Petal
Afternoon all, sorry for being AWOL. In iPad training currently, sitting in the back row, not paying attention.

Glyn-are you chewing girl?

Afternoon Jo and Becks-are we going to behave today?-

-I trust not !!

Pennine Petal
No, chewing is an abomination! Are you mistaking me for a football manager?

I can see someone in the back of the class chewing and cribbing off the one next to them-and stop throwing paper darts at the teacher