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The Doctor

Good evening Forkers, I hope your day has been good to you.

I handed my boss a post it note the other day, on it i simply wrote

"Please sign me up for any courses you want.


This afternoon i received and email saying i will be on the following courses.

First Aid at work, Evac Chair, NVQ Customer Service, NVQ Business Administration, NVQ Website Design, Fire Warden and if they can find one, App development.


Deanos Diggin It


As they used to say in the Army!

Never volunteer for anything! 

Yo! Beck's! 


Evening All

Just been on phone inviting ouselves to lunch at BIL next wednesday.. Food will be good, Think SIL is WW as well but she changes often so should be free of stuff like cream, cakes etc 

Never volunteer!

Night Jo

Wasn't there something in the depths of my memory that Green Shield Stamps were what became ARgos. Would be about nearly 40 years ago, as got my first set saucepans from Argos using green shield stamps!

The Doctor

I know that you should never volunteer but..... looks good on a CV

Deanos Diggin It

Dan! How right you are!  

But it's the chasing the certificates after that does my noggin!  


Deanos Diggin It


What the heck is that?

Now if I were getting voicemails like that! I wouldn't bloody sleep! 


Now that's a call I wouldn't return! Creepy!

Miss Becks

LOL That's exactly what I thought when I heard it Dean. 'What is that?' I had to record it to keep it's so weird!  


I thought cat. Do you know anyone with a cat?

Did you 1471? guess it's too late now, still makes a change from India or PPI. 

Right bye all going to iplayer now. May be back later

Deanos Diggin It

Check ya later B'J!

Not far behind if I am honest!

Arrived home to a letter fom solicitor saying they are looking to complete sale of Parents house tomorrow, n could I hand in all relevant key's etc!

All my gardening machinery stored in thier garage! Grrrrr!

But a mad few hour's, it's all back home n safe! 

Just don't tell Kate I have petrol tools! 


Miss Becks

I did actually try to return the call, and it took me to E.ON call centre!! Either it's a technical fault or someone has a really, really bad throat!


Pennine Petal
Evening, it used to be my job to stick the green shield stamps into the book a page at a time. They tasted horrible!

My head feels a bit like that Dan. I have now forgotten most of what I learned in iPad training.

Falling asleep now, not sure I will make it much past 10. Working at home tomorrow, so can have a lie in
Miss Becks

Aaw Glyn, make the most of it.


Have been watching Corrie and I'm a Celeb-evening all and now it is good night from me and good night from him

Will look at the youtube clip in the morning


Goodnight, all--I'm off to tend my bonfire again--will probably burn til tomorrow, when the rain will put it out. Perfect day for it-cloudy, no wind, and the neighbours away. It's a big'un!