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I have one watcher again and 23 views-so dunno-ends tomorrow -lost interest really

This is from a couple of years ago


Pottie Pam

Going out to feed my girls and one boy now. they have more or less given up laying to. Even their husband is not claiming his conjural rights.

It lovely when the new ones start laying,Geoff. I can usually keep my son and daughter's family in eggs from my eight chickens so they are going to be disappointed this weekend.

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Pam! The hat might fit me!

I've popped that one on my watch list Geoff! Cody does not look happy in that!


It is odd about the chickens Pam- how some stop in winter and others don't- it must be because my new ones are less than a year old?


It was hard to get him to stand still



Pottie Pam

My chickens are over 2 years old, Geoff, They seem to be moulting and 4 of them have been broody lately  which seems a strange time of the year for that.

Haven't you got a book about DLT?





Geoff now seen full photo that is one cute dog you have there


PPam, mine have also been moulting recently - but they're not broody. They are just over a year old, apart from Alice the little bantam, she's a bit older, Here's some photos of when they weren't looking so scruffy!







Our heating got put on early today- nurse got cold! I'm prepared with body warmer over jumper, over vest (!) as know will be attached to a drip, not really portable, for at least an hour or more & our longe faces East so is cold after midday-ish. Got daughter to press the button.

It normally comes on about 4.30 nowadays, but assumed OH would be back about 3pm as per norm, so thought warm house would be good. He's just got back & left door wide open whilst he unloads the car! J.


Pam if only about the book

The broodiness and the moulting is a pain-it is never easy is it?

B-jay-dont tell me that I will post loads of pictures


They are lovely Lottie-why didn't I do this years ago?

Pottie Pam

Jovely chickens, Lottie, and Cody knows he's cute.



 Will stop now-promise



Spoilt then HUH

Oscar dog is camera shy so very rarely do I get good photo!, just a crazy dog when he sees camera.

Pennine Petal
Evening all, out of the wardrobe for a while, haven't got as much done as I should have (as usual). Still haven't planned Monday lectures.

Jo, when are the markets on, I might give them a visit this year.

Geoff, is the name of your house Dog Heaven?

Manchester Christmas markets apparently start tomorrow, Sat 17th. Usually finish just before the Christmas w/end. If you can go in the week they're much quieter, but early in W/ends not tooo bad! Main bit Albert Square area, by town hall, but they seem to extend further each year.

BTW I think dates & times on net somewhere. Try 'googling' Manchester Christmas markets- dont ask me to post a link..... Not all continental stalls. Last yr seemed to be lots of almost 'junk' type ones as well- not quite what you'd expect.

Off to start cooking now, grumbles starting from my tum & daughter too! J.


Hello there, back again. Caz, loved the thing about cleaning, that's me to a T!
Becks, schools always think it's such a fun idea for children to dress up, I think it's because teachers like an excuse to do so ;- )
Glyn, I smiled about your garden reflections, I too am easily distracted. There are times I can remember when I was teaching that my eye would be drawn to the window - usually a bird arriving on a bush. I'd lose the class's attention and have to explain what I was staring at and then describe what a bluetit is and what they like to eat.... My classes quickly learnt what sort of topics would get me nattering and off the subject of the work in hand!
My two remaining chooks are still laying, I get either one or two eggs a day though lately some are very thin-shelled and break in the nest. Esme the parrot is moulting, but the hens aren't.
Geoff, you have a chicken called Flo???


PS, because Edit won't work at the mo. Love the pics of Cody, Geoff, though he doesn't looked too chuffed to be wearing a hat.

And, Lottie, what lovely chickens. I've never seen a grey one before.