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Evening All.

Just dropping in for a quick catch-up. No tea to cook tonight as we are out at a friends house, just what I could do with.

Becks- I love the Vodka Christmas cake thingy, very clever, who ever thinks them up

Geoff.  - Cody is adorable, he looks as though he just about tolerated being dressed up

We have always fancied having some chickens, but we really haven't got the room without re-organising the garden, and then what do you do when you want to go away?

Lincoln Christmas Market starts on the 6th December for 4 days. It's absolute mayhem, we get coaches from all over the country, but it's worth going to just for the atmosphere  and sights around the Cathedral and Castle. We are twinned with a German Town so we get the Gluhwein ,German Sausages, and biscuits yum,. Has anyone ever been to it? There are usually about 400 stalls and a fun fair.

Have a good evening, no GW but there is Children in Need.

Catch you tomorrow.



Chris -with going away and chickens-you need a friendly neighbour who can cope-which is not always easy

Lincoln like York, Nottingham, Liverpool, Manchester is another on the list of places we have never been to- but should 

Cody is one spoilt dog-but then all the animals are spoilt

Flo-yes there is another Flo

Edit works for me


Birmingham is supposed to have biggest german market outside Germany!

Might go. SIL went last night

Sat down on settee and OH just woke me up as I had a text!

Miss Becks

Oh Lottie, those chickens look so lovely! I'm getting broody!!

Flo, you hit the nail on the head there! Today was pyjama day for Children In Need, and all the staff had their jim jams on as well!

Chris, I got it off a friend's post on Facebook. I always chuckle at the daft stuff.

More expense from nursery today Geoff! She came home with the annual 'School Photos'. 3 packs of different poses, all at £20 per pack each, or the bargain price of £50 for the lot, with a black and white one thrown in free!! Are they kidding!!!

Then, a letter to say they've arranged a 'Christmas Trip' to a local farm that does a Santa's Grotto. Another £10!!!

I really need to win the lottery! But I can't afford to play with all madams stuff going on!!

Caz W

Aaw isn't Cody so cute - just want to give him a cuddle - who says dogs don't have lots of different facial expressions???




You don't have to buy the photos do you Becks?-it seems a bit of mild extortion

There seems to be a lot of pressure from this nursery-don't they do anything for free?-and if you don't let her go to see Santa................

Caz-he is very cute- but does not like strangers which means you have to keep an eye on him when people go "aah"-Lottie had a rear view when she came here-not his best side


I agree about the facial expressions too Caz. Cody is very photogenic!

Boiler whistling again! OH cant hear it.....  but looked very disapproving when I said had been twiddling dials! What he didnt pay attention to was that I'd checked with the manual & instructions on the inside of boiler 'door' to controls. Do-lally/confused I may be, but not that daft!

2cnd thoughts though, going shopping with OH on a Saturday, or anytime, that is daft!

This little pc started to have a wobbly again- reluctant to 'awake' but finally got its' act together.

Bjay- yes the Brum markets are the biggest in UK. Never managed to get to it though. Manchester fine for me. As long as daughter gets some mandels she's happy & strudle & mulled wine for us both, perfect! J.

Caz W

Becks - probably raffle tickets next week, then something for a Christmas Fayre, then something for a Christmas Party and so on ...... 

Miss Becks

No, I don't have to buy them Geoff, but they are nice. I will buy one pack, but that's it! And , no, nothing is free. They've been making fairy cakes all week (for children in need) at 50p each! So Jess has had one each day. Tommorow is Car Wash Day, again for CIN, £2 per car! I'll be glad when she's at proper school!!

Caz, you're not wrong! I dread going there with my purse! LOL

jo, it sounds like that boiler needs a hammer putting through it!


Do you really think it will be less at a proper school Becks? 

Big son just rang. ASked if I was doing a Christmas stocking for baby and did I want his old one. Pointed out that actually it was his job to pass on and fill his daughters stocking. They hadn't considered that! New Parents!!!!!



Proper school, Becks, that's just as bad!

Speaking of cute dogs, my little horror has just managed to sneak a ball of wool out of the knitting bag. It's not worth fighting him for it as he's got teeth and is prepared to use them.


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. No Bjay, I suppose it won't. Better look for more crap to shove on ebay!!!

I have folded and opened a stashed box of Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations.

Flo! Looks so fluffy!!


Hello,all-just finished the Friday shopping and picked up a set of chains and a roll of landscape cloth at the Redirectory[by donation], so just a couple of dollars. The bonfire is still smouldering away--but it is going to rain later. Nice photos of chooks and Cody--my dogs have expressive faces, but they are both black, so it's hard to get a good photo. Think I'll go out and see if those chains will fit, then hope I'll not need them!  If they don't, then back they go.

Caz W

And very pleased with himself he looks too Flo  - with looks like that he could get away with anything.


We may moan aboutthe weather but I think Inka's chains are for her car rready for the snow.

So slow getting on and around this tonight



Flo-- another cutie

Have checked cyber-locker-found a stale doughnut-oops- but no choccy-orange

wot is going on??


Miss Becks

Oh Good Lord! You are like a spoilt brat!! Could you not wait until later! Here! Don't choke on them!



Do I have to take my own wrappers off?

Miss Becks

You have got to be kidding me????



Yes, the chains are for the van--don't often need them, but good to have especially on this steep hill. Probably no snow until Jan/Feb--it's still fairly mild here-overnight temps about +3 to 5.