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Pottie Pam

Good morning early forkers,

Have I  missed out on the maltesers?

I don't knit very often now but I'm knitting a dog coat as a joke Christmas present for my daughter's dog. I got the pattern off the Battersea Dog's home site, but I don't think it will be big enough. I'll have to knit some extra panels to go in. This is my dog Khan. He wouldn't be seen dead in a coat or dreesing up. He has a serious sense of humour failure but as you can see he still has his security blanket.


Pam -I saved you some maltesers


-knock yourself out-is Khan a softy as well?


Without getting to heated about GW presenters there is no obvious successors to Monty Don that I am aware of-the current crop of sidekicks could not carry the whole programme including Carole Klein- she irritates too many people so it would have to be someone outside that clique

It is easy to find knowledgeable garden people but not so easy to get one  who has an affinity with the viewing public and can do a presenting job as well

MD did upset the BBC with his organic/anti-chemical stance earlier in the year and his present mumblings aren't doing him any favours-my guess is he will continue- if not there is bound to be a contingency plan already in place.


Pottie Pam

Thanks Geoff. I'll save it for later. Khan is a big softy.

Geoff Hamilton was my favourite presenter. How long ago was that?  His son still runs Barnsdale. Wonder if he'd make a good presenter?


Gary Hobson

The photo of Khan, at the top of the page, looks very different to his avatar. Or are they different dogs.



Morning forkers.

Any maltesers left Geoff?

Have survived shopping with OH. He now has a new phone to 'play' with so that's it for today then? Noooo, he needs to quietly (ha) measure up in bathroom for the tiles & then we've got to go buy/order them!

At least it meant that I could actually do the shopping on my own without all sorts appearing in the trolley. I did suggest a Costa break before we left the store so he could check out the phone before we left, but no, drat!

I've done some paperwork & wobbled around to postbox with it. BTW cant find the garden mag anywhere around here....

Oh yes- OH has altered some pressure control on boiler. Engineer had said that it was likely to need a couple of adjustments initially- now he tells me. Not that I would have attempted that. Anyway, this morning all quiet- yay- but I have shifted the temp control so that it does actually come on! We're, ie me, getting the hang of it, I think.

Going to read paper 'on-line' as couldnt get our ususal one & certain sections eg gardening & finance (!) are my w/end reading. J.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, oops afternoon! Been lazing around reading my book. Will be finished with it shortly. I hate stariting a new book when I have just finished a good one.

Clouding over now, need to go and do a bit of shopping before doing some tidying up in the garden


Have fed the birds the bread crusts. OH pulled a face when I said the I need a new nut feeder to replace the one he bought me which is now in 'the tip' box. Bad design- you cant actually remove the base plate to properly clean out any manky bits at the bottom. The seed feeder, same make, but bought afterwards did allow better access for cleaning, but it's gone to the tip already- blowed if I can remember why! Anyway shall get a 2cnd seed feeder for the sunflower hearts plus one of those 'cages' that fit over the whole. Ok small squirrels can get into it, but now they cant!! So a cheaper option to use.

OH still messing with new 'toy', but he has the measurements for walls re the tiles, so off to source those in a bit!J.




Glyn, a woman after my own heart! If I have a good book on the go I can while away a whole morning ;- )  Haven't read anything for  a few weeks because I get nothing done when in reading mode.

Pam, I hope you are pleased with your malteser, it must be at leeast the size of a football. I love the pic of Khan and his comfort blanket.

Hello Jo, Geoff, David. I too await Kate's arrival and tales from the classroom.

Pottie Pam

I'm with Glyn and Flo. Hate to finish a good book and take a while to get into a new one. Just finished one about Edward and Mrs Simpson. Selfish Pair.

I still haven't eaten my maltester. I keep it for SCD tonight and enjoy it then.

Gary, they are the same dog but first photo taken ten years ago. I'd love to have all those years with him again. He's getting an old man now.



Pam, if saving for SCD maybe you could dress your malteser up a bit.


Miss Becks

Afternoon lovelies!

Busy day ahead! Been to Jess's nursery to have my car washed for Children In Need. Got to totally empty Jess's bedroom of toys and sort out what she does and does not play with! I can see tears ahead!

Also got some stuff to put on ebay, which I never seem to do in the end!

Also got some plants to repot.

Pam, doggie is lovely!! Jess said she wants one. But she says that when any of you post pet pictures! She wanted Cody yesterday!

Glad she never saw the whale!!!


Hello again to all laties and all returnees

Have cut more stuff back -there are no lots of bare gaps-spread more compost which as soon as I turn my back will be scratched everywhere-will have yet another sweep when they are corralled up again

Will not post pictures of our goldfish then-how is Ricky?

Tesco have got half-price dog food- OH has now got a stash of that

Jo how about a mars bar?-think I can spare one



The Doctor
No consideration for the diabetics on the forum



These are Dan's -nobody is to snaffle



Miss Becks

Aaw Dan. Geoff has provided for you!

Just had the urge to take all my net curtains down and clean the windows!! I must be coming down with something.

Ricky and Shakira are both fine. Don't grow much though do they, goldfish?


Don't they grow in accordance with the size of the bowl/tank?

Gone nerdy again

Have the curtains got a yellow tinge?

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha, yes, a bit. They are spinning happily in the washer now. (The nets I mean, not the fish!)