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I was thinking Mrs Miggins in the bonnet


XF coming up Asda have renamed Chicken Chow Mein- Chicken Jahmene in their ex-employees honour

I like that

Deanos Diggin It

Cheer's Geoff! But not an hat Pearson! But thanks for considering my winter attire! 

Miss Becks

Good Lord. What have I started. 'I'm a wreck. Get me out of here!!'

The living room is now one huge playground.

Hiya and goodnight Dean. Sorry I missed you.

Think I'm going to dip into yet another stashed box of choccies.



I have been at the monkey-nuts-got told off for making a mess


Miss Becks

Ha ha ha! Messy Monkey!! Hey, you're going hedge digging tomorrow. Just remembered.

Still no sign of Kate yet.


Kate is probably still in that darkened room

I know-such fun -4 hours driving to plant a hedge-it's what Dads are for.

Does she have one favourite toy?-is she a dolly girl?

XF-Jahmene still jahmazing

Miss Becks

No, she's not a dolly girl really. She has dolls, but rarely plays with them. She is arty through and through. Colouring, painting, cutting out and making stuff.


Hi all, am watching I'm a Celebrity and recording the first (and second) episode of the Killing. Sorry but Helen's pathetic! 'I really tried my best' yeah, right - wonder what she'd do if she wasn't trying!!

Have had a bit of a cooking day today, made a pumpkin pie (was very popular) and a delicious pumpkin, lentil and pea curry (Jo you might want the recipe!). I've also cooked the rest of the pumpkin ready for soup tomorrow. That was all from the small orange pumpkin. Still got the green one left. 

Geoff, enjoy that planting tomorrow. I'll be turning out a cupboard.

Miss Becks

Wow Lottie, you did well with that then. Can't remember if the green one was bigger or smaller than the orange?


Been trying to get in since early evening

So Hi.

Typed out 2 posts and I see neither got through to Forkers.

Watching 'Killing' but nt sure if want to.

I asked Dean if his spider was on his drive, Apologised to Inka

Becks we used to have Christmas gnomes that couldn't be seen and always reported back not clearing up, going to bed, misbehaviour and they were always around, behind cupboards etc - you get the picture. they worked a treat Still do and they are in 20's - mind you I don't want to know any more 

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha Bjay! Father Christmas has a 'secret' spy camera in a little hole in the ceiling, and she is often threatened with it, and it works most times, but she does often 'forget' about it!


Back again!

OH has decided that we are going 'geo-caching'? tomorrow. Apparently 'something' in our nearby park. Hmm, let's see how shattered I am after trolling around after him as he takes umpteen photos down at Dunham. I hope that the leaves are still on the trees.

Our Ginko looks wonderful but OH's car needs moving for the best shot.

Lotties that sounds good. You have been busy.

I actually managed to 'watch' the whole of SCD! A first this series.

Am still looking at all the 'stuff' that I need to sort before I ring for the charity collection. It's like having w/end homework you always left it to the latest possible...

Right, am definitely signing off now. Night all J.


Becks, the green one is bigger so I'll have to make double quantities of everything next time! I like the idea of FCs spy camera! We always told the boys that FC would not come if they were awake, and not to get out of bed on Xmas morning until it was light in case he was still delivering!

Jo, geocaching is good fun, have done it with the Cubs a couple of times. Hope you find some interesting caches.

Not watching the Killing yet as I've not finished watching the last series (got it downloaded). I don't suppose that matters, as I don't think the stories follow on from one another. 


Helen doing the trial again tomorrow-or not-as the case might be

Also recording the Killing

From the top of my super ladder- I see everything-pumpkins,gnomes the whole caboosh-behave now-and Becks tidy up !!

Bedtime for me-night all.



stories don't seem to link Lottie.

FC has to be evrywhere though

Think I'm calling it a day


Miss Becks

At least my windows are clean for you to see through Geoff!

Goodnight Geoff and jo.

I don't have to worry about Jess getting up early Lottie. She's never been an early riser.

Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

Been outside to feed the birds. Their bath and drinking water were frozen. But it's going to be a nice sunny day, and no more frost this week.

Last night's SCD: some spectacular projections (of patterns on the dance floor). But not sure that many of the celebs rose to the occasion. Micheal and Kimberely did. DVO was very competent, but didn't blow me away. Louis, Victoria and Nicky were suitably adventurous, but didn't actually set the place on fire for me. Lisa was enthousiastic as usual, but didn't do it either, for me. There have been more memorable performances from previous years at Wembley.

Tonight's show, and Kimberley performing with Girls Aloud should be good.

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

The birds seem hungrier than usual this year. They went through the sunflower hearts in a day in the feeder and half of the mixed corn in another. There weren't many holly berries this year in the hedges but the winter thrushes and blackbirds have had them all already so will be a hard winter for them. They are lots of jays about for the acorns but apparently most of them are from the continent as not many acorns there this year.

I like Dean's pet. I the Mail yesterday there was an artical about two woman who were bitten by spiders in London. one almost died and the other lost flesh on her arm. Geoff might have a point.


Pottie Pam

Why did Helen go in the jungle? Limahl had a point when he asked her that. ( what did he sing? Oh yes 'Too shy shy') Did I hear her say that she can't even go to the shower by herself at home? She needs help.