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Morning Gary and Pam. Frosty but sunny start here. Was going to do indoor jobs today but I think will go out to enjoy the sun in a while.

Jo, my OH got up early to arrive at the marshes for sunrise photography. I did not go!!

I thought some of the floor projections on SCD last night were extremely distracting. Dances generally good but no-one blew me away. Michael was a very pleasant surprise. 


Morning All  Heads aching, throat sore BUT glorious day for the gardene.

Waiting for washing, quick vacuum then out to feed the birds, tidy the front, plant a rose (if OH will dig the hole). Also going to bury a peone in a pot and, wel,l see how I go then maybe tidy jewell border - been putting it off as a real mess.

See you


Yes thanks David I did. I have a spring back up should I need tham. and not really surprised about the purple ones. 


Morning Forkers. Not sure what I will be doing today - seems there is a long list! Better get on with it all.

Pennine Petal
Morning all, just having a quiet morning. I agree about the lights on the dance floor, it looked like they might trip over the raised section, as it blended in to the floor.

Watched the first Killing, but got very confused by the politics bit, not sure who is who, a bit like Borgen meets the killing. Bring back Salvo please!

Some hazy sunshine, not sure what we are doing yet. Think we need to do some shopping.

Catch you later.


Enjoyed Scd last night but think a lot of dances got lost because of the size of Wembley. Not a happy possum today had some treatment for my back and now feel like crap. Having one of those days when im pissed off with everything but not my fellow forkers. The sun is shining and its quite warm but im staying in bed, i will cause less trouble in here. Moan over.

Gary Hobson

It looked like a lovely sunny morning here. Went outside, with the best intentions, to do a few jobs. Within 15 minutes my fingers were freezing. The sunshine is deceptive, and anything you handle feels like ice. So I've abandoned the idea of doing any more work today. Am trying to get my fingers thawed out and working again using computer keyboard. Might sit in the sun, inside the greenhouse, later.


Just come in for a cuppa. Attacked the jewell bed. I planted a bronze grass for the jewells to grow up through ( there was aChelsea garden about 3 years ago where I had the idea from) But the grass has taken over so am pulling up every other clump the 'jewells came up this year and now hopefully they should next year. Might have made room for some more plants will have to see when fifnished. Foot coping OK but then I'm not digging.

Watched SCD last night. Felt that podium in the middle spoit the flow sometines and the lighting didn't grab me.

Head still hurts so does throat but hey is gloriously sunny here.


It's glorious sun here too, after being below freezing in the back garden first thing. But rather wobbly today  so all plans for Dunham visit abandoned. All being well will get up to park later on.

Now shall catch up.... J.



Maud- sympathies! Stay warm & tucked up in bed! At least my back doesnt huirt at the mo- famous last words? Agree with Gary, it might be sunny out there but unless you're moving & in the sun being inside much better if not 100%.

Flo- these 'photographers' ..... When on holiday in Austria mine gets up to walk around the nearby lake before breakfast! I have to accompany him of course. Made worse this yr by him having a new camera, so all the shots taken in previous yrs had to be repeated..... Did point out that trees do grow over the many yrs been going there so the shot cant be the same! Luckily quite a lot of seats around for me to flop. The 2cnd week daughter was with us so I managed to stay in bed for longer. J.


Well not done much so far! Had coffee, chatted with the 2 sons who are out of bed, let the chickens out for a wander. Kicked a few pine needles round and decided I really must get round to raking them if there's going to be any lawn left underneath them. Must go and make the soup for lunch now.

Maud, Bjay and Jo, take it easy. Gary, sounds like you need some new gloves!


Never go out without garden gloves on at moment Gary.

Come in for lunch an a rest - bacon sandwich treat

Looked a jewell bed from house and still looks a mess so guess will have to pull up some more grass But which ones to keep original idea going.

Moaning I might be but it is a lovely grass at moment in centers has deep autumn brown /red fronds. Am going to pot a couple up for future use. i just planted too many to start with.

OH has dug me a big hole to plant a rose in so will do that later. He also dug and planted a peone pot for frost protection till I can plant it in spring.

I do take care Lottie, thanks for your concern.


I too always garden in gloves. Had to follow strict hygene when having chemo, but wasnt a chore as normal for me- apart from sowing small seeds.

OH has finally reappeared, apart from snack lunch, from his 'workshop'. This new phone has kept him occupied all this w/end!

We're off to wrap up well now & go up to the park. J.


Just planted rose - a rambler 'Phyllis Bide' on my bower structure. Have some more on order (bare roots) but this one was in a pot. Any one know it?

OH says jewell bed looks a lot better, but I still think I can do more, maybe not today though. See what else I need to do - oh I know have to pot up some of the grass.

Daughter just text to say she is making gingerbread houses this Christmas.

Caz W

Maud, Jo & BJay - hope you recover quickly and are soon back to normal.  These are the words of wisdom my son sent me today



Caz W

SCD - I found the patterns on the floor very distracting too. Could hardly see Vincent & Dani.  Wembley is a great idea to fit loads of people in to raise money for CIN but I must admit to being a bit disapppointed this year.


That's me done for the day. Head still banging but maybe it will come to nothing.

Now have 4 pots of the grass  2 smaller clumps and gave them all a hair cut.  Might put a couple in pots either side of front door. Still have a way to go on bed though, one corner looks really messy still, but it is weeded etc. Birds are fed - need more food though

That dog has a look that Oscar dog has when he is feeling bouncy.

Forgot to say couple of bees whizzed past my head


Made me smile.

OH & me have walked, well wobbled in my case, up to & around the park. OH forgot to take the geo-caching bumph, so I sat in the sun & he took photos. Very few leaves left on trees though. Fresh air done us both good.

Have just had another piece of his banana & walnut cake- yummy.

I still need to finish cutting back/tidying one border in the back & the front- which is still looking good. Need OH's car to be out of the way to do that one, so even if had felt up to it today it wouldnt have been possible.

Whilst walking I finally got OH to discuss presents for daughter & his sister, which have to be postable! Doesnt he realise that shopping is getting to be murder even now? No comprehension, nor of the cost of postage for 'oh she'll need a parcel to open' ! J.


Morning,all--looks like a lot of garden tidying is going on, and that you are getting some sunshine.No such luck here--wind warnings up for this afternoon--they say up to 90 kph--so will prepare for loss of power by stoking up the woodstove.This time of year we are subject to the Pineapple Express--warm humid air from the South Pacific collides with cooler air from the north, and dumps the moisture on the Wet Coast. Of course, much of the rest of Canada gets it as snow.

As for gardening in gloves--I do try, but it's no use--and my hands do suffer as a result. I find that a coat of petroleum jelly works. That said, my manicure is looking fairly good at the mo, as the weather has kept me out of the garden!