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Morning Inka.

Lovely day today but don't think forecast for rest of week is very good

Gloves didn't completely work for me today, took them off to remove weeds from rose pot and wham! nasty sharp thorn got me good and proper  Own fault

Nose has started to run now. guess i have a cold, first one of season

Deanos Diggin It

Evening All! 

Morning Inka! n now having had a bit of time to catch up! You do actually live in a most beautiful part of the world! Lucky you!

Been gardening today for a colleague who has unfortunately had to retire/get finished on medical ground's! Yep! The dreaded C again! Only a young guy too! 

But he's looking to sell up n downsize, if only for the fact when the inevitable happen's, his OH is sorted n doesn't have all the hassle!

How Brave is that!!! 

So I have had the pleasure of using some serious bits of garden machinery I have not used in a while! 

Boy's n their toy's!


Sad news, Dean--but I'm sure your friend will appreciate your help.So sad when it strikes the young.

Deanos Diggin It

How True Inka! 

Same old same old! His previous owners planted two conifers right in the front of living room window not realising how big these things can grow! Total lack of light! Wrong plant wrong place! But now downed n shredded! 

n has a Christmas tree I shall drop next weekend n devise a stand to display it in my front yard in time for seasonal activities! Everybody's Happy! 


Dean it is always sad, like Figrat doing memorial gardening for his old friends, still it is good that us gardening folk can help in positive and practical ways like that.




Just a quick hello-been to Crystal Palace and back -have done my duty as regards son's gardening project and now dinner,papers, and tv-will catch up later

Deanos Diggin It

B'J! I have you a pressie! 

Saw this mid week n thought of you! 

Gis a mo while a take a pic n upload! 



Dean, good of you to help your colleague. I do hope that any treatment he has doesnt knock him about too much.

It always makes me feel guilty when I see other, much younger patients than me, often looking so cheerful when I've had a 'moaning' day. J.


It's also good,  Jo that gardening is a good escape from everything else, I unwind doing it. It takes my mind off other stuff. Not everyone feels the same about gardening.or about its benefits

Deanos Diggin It

Jo! Now I feel awfull! Just gis a mo while I Upload this for B'j!


I'm all agog Dean! 

Deanos Diggin It

A new foot B'j!

 But it is a foot of Chocalate! Enjoy! 



Oh gee Dean you thought of me. Geoff sent me a foot ruler, somehow I think yours is better

I can only have a little at a time though, can you break me off a piece everyday please

Great pressie. but will it really give me a new foot??????

Deanos Diggin It

Sorry! Jo! He has good days n bad day's! By all of convo today!  certain things do certain things! You'll know that yaself! 




Bjay- having eaten all my Austrian chocolate in the house that was mine & the Aldi equivalent I couldnt possibly comment.....

Dean- dont you dare feel sorry for me! People a lot worse than me. This course at the hospital over the next 4 weeks is supposed to help me to cope.

Now to fill in the questionaire they've sent me to complete before the course & will have another afterwards. Hate these things, but if it helps.....

Going to TV flop now. Night all. J.



Dean not noticed it was battered unless you ate some. Do we realy need cable ties though

Is it me or is that 'surprised' smiley looking very depressed?



Evening all. thought I'd stop by and see what's what. Very quiet tonight apart from the sound of bjay munching choccy.

Nothing exciting to report - got some digging done this pm, made some outstanding roast tatties for tea (OH said so and is the world's expert on such matters). That's about it really.


Full of choccy now. Yum al least cyber choco is calory free. Still got sore throat etc so only peeped in to see who's playing. No one was