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Riding out the storm--98kph gusts ; 70kph steady at the lighthouse. Should abate by midnight, but predicted worse for tomorrow. Still have power, but probably not for long.I will have to resort to low-tech amusements soon--crosswords by lamplight, and fortunately a really good book. We'll see what the morning brings--so glad I don't have to go anywhere!

Pennine Petal
Morning all, hope your house is still standing Inkadog and not too much damage done in the garden.

I spent most of yesterday working on today's lecture, although managed to get a bit of gardening in too. Needed it for my sanity, but it gave me back ache! Haven't caught up on the meanderings I missed, sorry.

Have a lovely day all.
Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

Slept late this morning. I don't know why that happened, because I wasn't late to bed.

Fed the birds first. It didn't seem cold outside, and might be a decent morning ahead.

In the papers - there's an article in today's Mail about pothole gardening. It's a form of guerilla gardening, making use of potholes in roads and pavements. At first I thought the idea was silly. Surely the plants would get run over and squashed.

But planting in crevices does make a lot of sense and softens the landscape. Probably makes pavements safer too.

Jean Genie

Morning everyone  Haven't logged in all over weekend. Had a busy weekend at daughters and started Christmas shopping . Also had a big cook-in as freezer supplies were running a bit low.

Hope Inka is alright and the storm doesn't cause too much damage .

Maud and Bjay , hope you are feeling a bit better today.

Jo, hope today you are feeling a little stronger. How long before the effects of the treatment wear off a little ?

Georg, that is a really good idea . There is a little lane near us that would keeep that guy busy for months  Every year they fill a few more holes in but can't understand why they don't re-surface the entire road - suppose it's down to money.

Did anyone watch Crickley Hall last night ? Really enjoyed it.


Morning all. Busy day ahead so better get on with it. Already dropped son no. 2 at the station - he's off to do jury service. Something I have never done!

What cute little gardens! Love the little models he's put in with them.

Hope you're ok Inka, and still have power. At least you are prepared.



Morning folks.

Inka, I do hope you have weathered the storm with minimal damage.
Glyn, Sunday prep. is something I was very glad to retire from :- )
Love the pothole gardens, Gary. Good on him!

I too watched and enjoyed Crickley Hall - OH decided it's Crinkley Hall, just along the road from Noel Edmunds' Crinkley Bottom. Tom Ellis is one of my pin ups though I didn't realise he was in it so got a lovely surprise a bit like finding one of those pothole gardens :- D


Morning All

Did anyone else notice that the vivid purple tulips were I think crocus, How lovely to come across one.

Nose running especially when I bend down but headache seems to have gone thnak goodness. Just a light cold, not the cyber lurgy.

Jo I hope you get stronger, perhaps this course will show you ways of increasing your strength as well as coping with it all

Oh dear Inka. I can't imagine having no power for a long time, and those winds Ugh 

Very dark here nut dry. Going to attempt to pull out last of annueal rudbeckia today from the front, then that will be ready for a re-style. 

Pottie Pam

Good morning all,

Hope everyone who is not too well are feeling better and Inka is okay.

I like quirky things like the pothole gardener. We had a phase of phantom knitters in Cornwall. They wound their creations round lamposts etc, but i think the little gardens are nicer.

Horrible day today. Windy and raining. It's blowing all the leaves of the tulip tree which has been spectacular this year.

Got an appointment for a mammogram today,just routine, but will try and do some Christmas shopping while I'm in town.



Morning all forkers

This thread is turning into tales from the sick -bed

If you want to see something quirky -you have to visit Crystal Palace-someone has bought a street toilet-the type that goes under the pavement and lives in it-not sure what street number it is- just wish it is number 1 or number 2

Saw what was left of the Crystal Palace as well yesterday-not a lot- and the huge transmitter and great views over the City

Was supposed to play golf this morning-forecast was a bit iffy -called it off last night and it has been dry ever since-will try for Wednesday instead

Didn't watch Crinkley Hall-got too much other stuff going on-Ella one of the favourites is out of XF and Helen got the maximum 12 stars and another 5 stars on her trials-yay

I always fancied Jury service -just so I could dish out justice or argue like Henry Fonda in that film

Pottie Pam

Hi Geoff,

Hope the hedge planting went well.

 I saw that converted toilet on one of those property programmes. It made a cosy home but some of the original tiles in the gent's loos were still in place and the thick glass tiles that formed the ceiling were still there so they could see people in the street walking above  their heads.

I've never been called for jury service but my SIL has three times. Must be my murky past

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies!

Feeling the cold today, yet it's showing warmer than yesterday!   Had a lovely day playing with Jess yesterday.

Nothing much to report yet.


Hi Pam-it did he paid £20 for 15 well rooted privet bushes some bonemeal and that fungi stuff so we got them in-then I said some daffs would like nice along the inside front facing the house-lo and behold a bag of those appeared-so all planted, leaves swept up and bagged- but they are such gardening novices

I walked over that flat

Pottie Pam

Hi Becks.

I hope you weren't wearing your speedos Geoff.  I bet you felt good after your good turn.


Hi Becks-what games did you play?-can I join in?

Pam -have my face on

Miss Becks

Well, we made jam tarts, so made her some spare pastry to play with with shape cutters. She loves doing that. Then we played Frustration, Dotty Dinosaurs, Funny Face and colouring!

Hi Pam!



Morning again.

Windy dog walk, Maisie-moo trying to chase the fluttering leaves all the way to the sports field.Chickens look very ruffled but are enjoying scratching over the piece of ground I dug yesterday.

Becks, it's nice to have an excuse to play games and do colouring sometimes! I enjoy my Aunty days when my 9 year old niece comes over.

Bjay, I think your cold must have transferred cyberetically, I am sneezing and snuffling today. And I though my anti-virus was up to date ;- )

Miss Becks

Flo, she loved it. And I did to be honest.


Walking over loos puts me in mind of Carry on Screaming!!

Oscar came in wagged his tail and sprinkled the kitchen floor liberally with oak leaves. Bless!


Here is an interesting fact-just given the chickens their morning treat-the ones that are laying have now all bonded and peck together -the one that is still to lay still has to wait or goes nowhere near-they must give off some pheromones like a gang of women who won't to talk to the newbie-bloke don't do that -we ignore everybody

Flo-move away from the computer-don't want to catch anything else

Is Frustation still going?



Morning all.

Flo & Bjay, keep warm & drink plenty.

So far today not too bad energy-wise, but am not trying to do much. Whoevever said about the course helping- yes there's a session on how to spot the signs & deal with it.

Weather wild out there today. I did nip down to shed to collect a couple of cardboard boxes for the charity things as need the 'crate' that most are still in. 

Was going to nip to GC for new birdfeeder(s) but cant be bothered with it being so rotten out there, so am hibernating today. Keeping quiet for a while as daughter asleep until later. She had a rotten journey home with MWay closed & the surrounding roads murder. Manchester regular gridlock!

Couldnt get into that Crinkly thing last night. OH glad when I found something else.

Just noticed that OH has taken all but 1 banana with him & all the cheese bread rolls! I know I said having Tesco delivery tomorrow- yes I altered delivery slot- but really.... J.