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We are going to play- New Christmas Carols -or rather old Christmas Carols with new words-you can either carry on with this one make up new words or start you own that other can follow-does not have to be Christmassy can be clean, naughty,funny,- doesn't matter this is my first attempt~~~~~~~~

The holly and the ivy

The ivy is a weed

The holly is a prickly bush

Where my dog just peed.

Miss Becks

Ok, so do I carry on from you, or start another one?


Rustling! hahahahahahahahaha

I've done jury service once. The first case was open and shut, the defendant had been seen committing the (relatively minor) crime and identified by two policemen and all was proceeding as it should but then the judge dismissed it because someone hadn't filled in a bit of paperwork correctly!!!!!  The second case we got through but I can't remember much about it apart from the fact that one of the lawyers present was about to go on holiday and was just anxious to get through it so he could leave. My abiding memory of the experience is with late starts, early finishes and red tape the whole thing is the most incredibly wasteful use of money that I have ever encountered.



Becks -carry on-if you can

I want it to be like Perry Mason or Crown Court-another illusion shattered


Just tried to carry on with something am making for baby for Christmas. Completely screwed it up. OH suggests I wait till feeling better - but bored!

No balls for Hungry Hippos. we used marbles - often got lost!! - but usually enogh around with 2 boys.


Miss Becks

The Holly and the Ivy

Are supposed to be in bloom!

But can't see any berries,

Must hit it with a broom!


The rising of the son

Means he must be fed

The clock has just struck12

His mum'll take him breakfast in bed



Here's one I prepared earlier

God rest you merry gentlefolk,
But actually not yet -
There's cards to write and stamps to buy
And presents still to get.
Oh thank the lord for VISA cards, cos they put off the debt.
*Oh a tiepin for uncle Leroy*, Uncle Leroy (rep. from * to *)

In August and September
The Christmas goods arrive
And unto shopping centres
The Organised do drive
Buy everything upon the list and still get home by five.
Oh a twinset for Great Auntie Joy... (you know what to do)

Buy turkey for the freezer
Ingredients for pud
Stock up on crisps and Twiglets
And suchlike party food.
Ah, better buy a tree straightway while they're still looking good.
And get tinsel that fire won't destroy ....

Hear carols in the precinct
See Santa in his grot
Look out for stocking fillers -
Ten quid should buy the lot.
And, yea, an Advent Calendat must never be forgot -
With daily chocs for each girl and boy ....

Miss Becks

The holly is so sharp though,

and it hurts when it pricks,

So I better go, and fetch my gloves,

And a bloody great big stick!


A stick is not good for that

It has other uses too

I use my MIL's special stick

The one on which she flew.

Miss Becks

Oh the rising of the sun,

never happens over here,

Just rain and clouds, and a windy breeze,

Summer never came this year.


Flo-is that an original work?


Yes, all my own work. I call it the St Andrew's Day Carol, so it's come out 11 days early.

I've always enjoyed inventing silly rhymes and pomes :- )


The rising of the sun

The curtains are pulled back

Forgot to put my pants on

Or wear my dirty mac



The holly and the ivy
Is all that I can grow,
And brambles ramble everywhere -
A tale of woe from Flo.


At the rising of the sun
I looked across the road (y)
Saw a bloke with no underpants
I think his dog's called Cod(y)

Miss Becks

The Holly is now cut back,

And most is on the floor,

This is going to be, the crappiest wreath,

I have hung on my door.

Deanos Diggin It
Away in a manger
Now get me some beer
I'm sure the weird neighbour would much prefer gear
But if he spoils Christmas by being a Pratt
He'll get a left hook from a pink baseball bat!