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:- D :- D Dean and Geoff and Becks. Wasn't there someone famous-ish called Geoff Becks? or was it Geoff Dean?



Or maybe Dean Beck?????


Dean-that doesn't scan


Ivy is coming down the street now

Watch all the curtains twitch

I bet she goes to number 22

He seems to have an itch



Jeff Beck-hi-ho silver lining


Holly follows Ivy
The curtains twitch some more
But, no she goes past 22
And in to 24.


Jeff! - It was the G that confused me.


Miss Becks

The man with no pants on,

Is eyeing Ivy up,

But Holly's having none of it,

And clonks him with a cup!


Becks and Flo -still confused by bananaman


Poor Ivy always misses out

Around this time of year

With Holly hanging on the door

She never gets to leer


Just sing it to music of away in a manger and it works

Enjoying your little ditties Forkers

Deanos Diggin It

It's my own work Geoff!

The reason it doesn't compute is I think you were away when the baseball bat conversation was being had!


Now I get it

Bjay-you can join in you know


Enjoying the contributions folks, none forthcoming from here am afraid. J.


Brain on cold strike today. Have tried but just go blank!

Deanos Diggin It

With ivy always missing out

holy comes to her aid

said he'd show her a good time

if she dressed as a maid


But Ivy sneaks around the back
And clambers up the wall
She clings there until pantless man
Arrives to break her fall.



Dean, I see a well-known fantasy scenario for men kicking in here  ;- )


The pantless man is underneath

But holly gets in first

She pushes him out of the way

And Ivy hits the dirt


I am trying

Sorry got to last line and I'm stumped!!


Well, aren't you all festively entertaining this morning!!!

Yes, still here and still powered up--surprisingly, as there are outages all around. Supposed to have another go with the wind today though and dismal for the rest of the week. Not too much damage--a few branches down here--but we'll see what it's like when I go out later. First big storm of the season always brings down the weak wood.

Price we pay for living in Paradise.