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I quite like the Bananamobile. But it's very yellow!

Jean Genie

Must be difficult for you when the storms arrive, Inka. Are they just certain times of year or can they just whip up whenever ?


The cream was the wrong sort

It didn't cure the rash

It did go well with Holly berries

And smashing with the mash

Deanos Diggin It

Yep! Outed by Geoff! Apparently the yellow onesie was a dead givaway! 

Had to confess n come clean! 

Miss Becks

Now pantless man had problems,

As Holly had returned,

And Ivy was not far behind,

Poor Jane had just been spurned.


Deanos Diggin It

n when the mash was eaten

it letft a sour taste

n when the instructions were read

it turned out to be wallpaper paste!


Jean Genie

I have one.

Hark the Eton's angels sing,

Price tags here on everything,

Don't think twice the cashier smiled,

Debt and credit reconciled.


He decides to make a bolt for it

But running down the street

He runs into a yellow car

And goes arse over teat


A bloke called Dean has parked it there

And the girls are on his tail

He climbs into the driving seat

And drives into the whale


Jean, the worst storms come as the seasons change--fall and spring. So the wind and rain is expected-and we need the rain to fill up the aquifers, to see us through the summer drought. Most people are on wells. My water supply is stored in a cistern and tanks--but they are full now! Power outages are expected-in days gone by, they occurred more frequently and for longer, so most people are prepared.Woodstoves, propane cookers and lights, even generators. I was out of power for 2 weeks once.

Jean Genie

And here's me moaning about my 9 hour power cut last Monday  You sound well prepared though Inka but 2 weeks ??? I guess we take a lot of things for granted in this country.

Deanos Diggin It

Geoff! Youv'e lost me! We still on holly n ivy tune, or have we switched to hark the Herald? I need the rythm man!


Hark the Elton babies sing

We want brothers for our King

So Elton sends out for some more

That is what he has David for.


I am still on Holly and The Ivy- but now also on Hark the Herald ages sing

It is getting hard to keep up-will need a lie down soon in the darkened room

Deanos Diggin It

I do that most nights! Oxygen tent n a chimp ordered! Be here a week on Friday I have been realably informed!  


Deanos Diggin It

Right! Fellow forkers! Think this evenings entertainment is done! 

Gunna go n enjoy my chicken, coconut n fruit curry I prepared n left marinating over night with garlic n coriander naan bread! 

Inka! Batten down the hatches! My thoughts are with ya!  Update us all tomorrow! 

An to all else with ailments! Hope tomorrow brings relief n some restore to form! 

Goodnight all!


Oh help you lot. Cant stop snorting with laughter which is really annoying daughter!

Typical, OH goes away for work & the boiler starts up again! Neither me nor daughter actually sure which knob/lever to use & having had a glass of vino, both of us, it probably wouldnt be a good idea anyway! So have slightly reduced the temperature, so it wont come on as much, which is fine at the mo.

Daughter now very impressed. The dufflecoat she ordered has come & is just what she wanted- good. Only 2yrs of looking....

Inka- glad you're ok so far. I suppose that you're more used to the extremes of your weather. We'd never cope, just look how the recent harsh, used to be normal, winter caught us all out.

Need inspiration for menu now, so can update my Tesco order. Bye for a bit. J.

Miss Becks

That's better. Dinner has been consumed. Shepherds pie and chips. Nice and simple.

Night Dean!


Just came back from a supply run--it's not windy, , but dark and pelting down. The roads were slippery with mushed leaves, but few branches. Offered rides to two separate walkers, but they declined-intrepid souls. But they did have rain gear, so just as happy not to have wet upholstery.