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Hi everyone.

Been trying to get on, send posts etc on and off since page 586.

which I could read but not send into. Super highway this area definately is not. Strange really becuse  there are govmt  around allegedly. 

Just tried again and whizzing through posts etc. Can't rmember what my posts were but just seen Cazz poem - Brill 

Lost track of what has happenened to Becks or is it tomorrow?

Miss Becks

Tomorrow Bjay.

I haven't tried those ones Jean. I don't like the nut ones.

Jean Genie

Bjay . I've had a few problems with site as well - taking ages to send stuff.

Jean Genie

Becks - can I message you ? need to know something about secret films


I  gave up, had my tea watched TV then thought I'd give it another go, no trouble posting or reading or even getting on the site. Sometimes it's just Forkers I have problems with?????

Don't like M&M's. Do like Malteses and missed them the other day because of problem getting in. Still did have a foot of choco yesterday 

Duffle coats, when my lads were little they ran off wearing duffle coats, I had apram so OH went running after them and grabbed a child in duffle cost. Wasn't one of ours!!


Jean Genie

 Bjay I can just picture that.

Miss Becks

I have terrible trouble trying to get the site on my old laptop, but the PC is normally fine.

You two are making me hungry!


This is lap top, plugged into power, Lap top not year old yet.

Old PC couldn't cope and I can be downstairs on this instead of in isolation in spare bedroom

It's making me want to nibble, better not though, weighed tomorrow!!

Jean Genie

I'm not  No more M&Ms for me !


Watching a programme about food as well!! 

Miss Becks

ha ha ha. Serves you right for not sharing Jean!

My old laptop must be at least 5 years old. Had it off ebay couple of years ago for £20 for my eldest daughter, to save her hogging my PC when she visits. But she still hogs the PC, and I get the dinosaur laptop! Wasn't meant to work that way!

Jean Genie

Never does Becks  Got this laptop last Xmas and I'm STILL finding my way round it. Got a little room / office upstairs with a pc but Hubbie's domain. He has a lot of stuff on it for work so don't like using it . He says not to worry as he can always retreive stuff   Took me ages to copy and paste .


Looks like its been fun and games on here today! Lots of poets - well done.

Son no. 2 has been picked for jury service but declined to tell us what it was about - he says he can't because its a closed court and not pleasant. Harsh that at 21 he has to deal with something like that really.

Inka, glad you are ok so far. Hope the power holds up.

I like the Lidl version of peanut M&Ms - nowhere near as expensive and equally tasty!

I had a duffle coat years ago when I was a student. It was lovely until it shrank a bit when it got wet!


I'm sure you will give him good council without prying Lottie. So hard though.

We only gave my OH trusty duffle away when we moved. Was good as a Paddington Bear Fancy dress in its later life!!

Going now Hopefully watching Master chef on iplayer. I may be back

Jean Genie

Lottie -  I wouldn't like to do it again . Played on my mind for years .

I'm going to Aldi tomorrow for foodie things for Xmas so I'll have a look for them but think I'll put them away . I'm all M & M d out

Right thats me off , got a film to watch . Apart from that this site's driving me nuts. Think somethings going on in cyberspace. Nighty nite all


Miss Becks

I often find cheaper versions, or stores own brands equally as good Lottie.

I'm not a fan of laptops to be honest Jean, but handy when you want to move around.

Miss Bateman

Hello everyone, not been here for a while, just managing to pop in to to the forum every now and again to read what you have all been up too...... As  usual ,  as I read you are all having a jolly good time!!! I've forgetten how to change my avater picture  so still stuck with the Halloween theme!  Will work on trying to change that tomorow. A running  theme with  me ... I have applied for yet another job on the Island so fingers crossed  yet again!! Its so difficult to get a nursing job when all they want is experience!! but how do you get experience when no  one will give you a job?! Grrrrrrrrrrr.. .. Any way on a happy note I have booked my flights to Edinburgh for Xmas with my family, not seen them all for 3 months so looking forward to that.  Ho Ho HO.

Miss B x


Lottie-at least he is taking it seriously-must be quite an experience

Have been at the Maltesers again-once you start you can'tstop

Odd this site seems to be working fine for me-I wonder why that is

Going to bed now -play nicely-if you like we can mangle another Carol tomorrow

Nite all

Qiuck edit-hello Miss B-good luck with job

Miss Becks

Hey Miss B!

I know what you mean about the job front. It's one of those circles. Glad you'll be home for Christmas! Nice to have a get together!

Night Geoff!!


Hello Miss B, yes that's a catch-22 about the job isn't it? Looks like you will have fun at Xmas though. 

I've been at the Galaxy tonight  

Off to bed now, night all!