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Oh, no speaky espaniola


I is fluencia-eet is obvious gringo

Miss Becks

Morning lovelies.

Very dull, wet and miserable this morning. The weather that is, not me!

Not very many plans today. Might tackle a bit more of madams room. Dunno. Might just do nothing.


Are you all connected up to a different cyber-world yet Becks?

Pottie Pam

Good morning forkers, I love your Christmas songs.

Hope everyone is okay.

Inka is very lucky to live in such beautiful surroundings in spite of one ot two problems.

Hope your change over goes well, Becks. It's always a pain dealing with two companies. they always seem to blaim the other when things don't go right.

Did a bit more Christmas shopping yesterday and quite enjoyed it although shopping is not my favourite pastime. One embarrassing incident when we set off the alarms in TX Max when leaving the shop. Everyone looked and we went back with a security guard to have our bags checked and ran the scanner over them. Nothing showed up and when he took us through the door again the alarms didn't go off.  Not a nice feeling.



Deanos Diggin It
Morning All!

Dunno what happened there early doors, reading throw posts with my coffee, obviously pressed something I shouldn't have!

Am currently square wheeled with a flat tyre! This could be a long drawn out job!

Not happy! (Sorry! No smilies on IPhone!)

I'm bored- it is 'orrible outside-got nothing I fancy doing inside

Perhaps Dean can collect car numbers whilst waiting-just hope there is no more post throwing

Pam-what exciting things did you buy or is a secret till the big day?-everybody around me keeps saying they want nothing for Christmas-wot is going on?


Morning all (boujour toute le monde)

Oh no Dean, hope you're up and running again soon!

PPam, it was the people who legged it out of the store the same time as you - they probably nicked loads! That's their Xmas shopping sorted!

Son no. 2 says the court case will only last 3 days, then he will be on something else. I'm glad its not going to be a long one, for his sake.

Damp and blowy here today, I might stay in! Trouble is that last patch of digging over is niggling at me. 

Miss Becks

Sorry, been on the phone to Royal Mail. Good Lord, has anyone tried to phone their customer services?? More options to choose from than a hooker at prime time!!

I think I'm still on BT Geoff, as the broadband light is still on, on the BT hub. I've got to go to the sorting office myself today to pick up the Sky one that wasn't delivered, or should I say re-delivered yesterday. Or I could wait until Thursday for it to be re-re- delivered!! I don't think so!

Dean, you have let me down. I thought superheros would be able to handle flat tyres.

Pam, I can see it all going tits up!

Jean, got your message.

Lottie, those niggles have to be sorted!

Pottie Pam

Hi Lottie. Comment allez vous?  ( that's the limit of my French ) We were the only ones going through the doors at the time. Still set the alarms off.

Not really exciting presents. Geoff. We concentrate on the children and buy silly cheap presents for the adults. My son plays golf so bought him something to mark his balls.

Chickens are fascinating. I read somewhere that when young chickens are starting to lay they change the way they cluck to each other. Does your chicken not gosssip with the others, Geoff? My chickens are racist. Even though they were hatched out together the black ones and the white ones stay in there own groups. The only grey one has no friends.


Gary Hobson

Geoff, well recalled about The Apprentice. I knew I'd seen it somewhere.

Miss Becks
Pottiepam wrote (see)


bought him something to mark his balls.


That made me giggle. I'm such a kid!

Jean Genie

Hope you get it sorted soon Dean - I wouldn't be impressed either considering the time you got up.

Sorry your're bored Geoff , I'm sure you'll think of something to do and it will appear on here shortly.

PPam - Remember something similar happening to me only the other way round. I bought a metal cheese grater from Asda once and when I got to the car found it in my shopping trolley. It was the same colour as the metal trolley.  So there was me , dashing across the carpark with the cheese grater held up high

Got some very strange looks.

3 days is not so bad Lottie, Wonder what he'll get after that ?

Becks. hope you get everything sorted - I would be giving Royal Mail short shrift ( or a petrol receipt ) Hope it's not far .


How do courts know how long a trial can last?-it is like knowing the lottery numbers in advance or who will be voted off a reality show?

My paper -despite all the nasty things going on in the world leads with XFACTOR IN CRISIS-THE BACKLASH-and it isn't the Daily Express


Pam they have a good cluck in the morning-probably about the weather

As Dean has started- today's carol is "Away in a Manger"-all contributions welcome .


The chickens are clucking and Dean is awake
Right early this morning and waiting for break-
down. Our Geoffrey is bored and is looking for fun
And Becks is just off to pick up her Sky One.


Miss Becks

Away in my garden,

My Toms all got Blight,

My Sweetcorn not ripened,

All died with frostbite,

My veggies looked healthy,

Then got munched by slugs,

And what's left alive,

Are all covered in bugs!


And it scans, too. I know cos I just sang it :- )


:- D :- D Becks


away with a stranger-no room in his bed

the little bored pantsman lay down his sweetbreads

the stars in the night sky-looked down where he lay

the little lord pantsman sleeps with Reggie Kray.