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Where is LL Pam?-she hasn't been seen since before the weekend-hope she is all right


Miss Becks

Don't know Geoff.

The cattle are lowing,

Geoff's Chucks are awake,

No eggs laid for breakfast,

And no cake to bake,

When Reggie awakens,

And looks to his side,

He jumps out of bed,

And throttles his bride!



Afternoon All

Well you have been busy this morning. Just taken me ages to catch up.

Will try better with carol today - Head clear, throat just a tickel and a little sniff 

"Just been to waitrose

Oh what a faff

Called in at Wilko

for seeds for the birds

Nectaroscordum only one pound a pack

Then bought a mag

Cos its nasty and wet"


Not very good at this verse stuff, still better than yesterday 

Becks hope you stay connected,

Dean unusual to hear you during the day, hope car is fixed soon


Reggie is running

And eating the seed

Trips over tomatoes

This is not what he needs

Falls over a chicken

Then over a trug

Despite being manly

Gets eaten by bugs.

Managed to go for a swim in the hydro pool yesterday which has eased the back, still not wonderfull but then it never will be. Raining and miserable out today so will stay in and do the dreaded housework. Hopefully will be better tomorrow and i will venture into town to get the last of the xmas presents, planning to get the cards written this week as some have to go to Australia and New Zealand. Seriously thnking of not doing cards and giving the money to charity but will still have to do some. If thats the worst problem i have today it will be a good dayoh bugger still have to decide what to do for dinner



The plot it is calling

For digging to be done

The couch grass and bindweed

Are not yet all gone

The wind it is blowing

The clouds scudding by

So think I'll just stay here

In the warm and the dry!


:- D :- D  Nice one Lottie!

Hello Maud ~ ~ (waves)


Flo sorting through rubbish

For doggies in need

She then sees some item

Specs on for a read

She doesn't really need it

But sneaks it under her cap

Gets it home to be told

Please take back that crap


Hello Maud

In a few weeks time the card procession will start-neighbours posting cards through neighbours letter boxes to neighbours they see all year

Don't see the point myself

miserable git-Southampton

Miss Becks

Well bugger me! In the time it took to drop Jess off, battle the traffic, retrieve my parcel and come home, they'd switched me over! Just plugged in my new hub, and off I go! Cool!


Am back, waiting on Tesco delivery, now to catch up. J.


Becks was there no squeaky bum time when it looked like it wouldn't work-what about all those scary connection things that BT mentioned?

Miss Becks

I haven't a clue! I haven't disconnected and unplugged the BT hub stuff yet. It may all go horribly wrong!


Here goes  reflects hat i have been attempting to do last couple of days

Christmas is coming

Presents to make

Nain scrrewed up the dolls face

No rag doll will make

well may be one more try

Just hope it works out

Or baby will not have soft doll

for the night


Well it sort of scans!

Welcome back Becks although by the sound of it you never left.

hi Jo hope Teso behave themselves and come on time

Miss Becks

Ha ha ha. Bjay! Great attempt. Have a couple of glasses of vino, and soon you'll be flowing!!


Insomnia1973 wrote (see)

Ha ha ha. Bjay! Great attempt. Have a couple of glasses of vino, and soon you'll be flowing!!

And that is the trouble-the flowing following the wine


Ha Ha Becks If I have any wine this will never look right. 3rd attempt at doll's face no more fabric left for more. Wine when I've done it maybe 

Miss Becks

Shall I just pull a head off one of Jess's dolls and send it to you?

Miss Becks

Away over Bjay's

A doll with no head,

She's getting frustrated,

The poor thing is dead,

She's trying her hardest,

To make it look cute,

But it just looks like something,

You just want to shoot!

Caz W

Away in the Malverns

BJ tries to sew

A face for a rag doll

She's on her third go

Becks has an idea

BJ should drink wine

And after 3 glasses

It all looks just fine