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Did you know that you bite the head of a witchetty grub before eating?-and people say that TV is dumbed down-I have learnt that from TV world

Caz W

 Becks - great minds think alike

Miss Becks


Does it look like this Bjay???



Geoff - yuck!!

Good rhymes Becks and Caz!

Seems to be getting dark already! Where did the day go?


Well done all you poets.

Becks you must be relieved?

Tesco still due- I suppose the local school runs will have slowed them up between me & the store. I did try to go for a fairly sensible time with all the traffic around here....

Daughter now more awake & gone to Trafford Centre to meet a friend. Apparently she still wants a meal here tonight, but it's a quickie reheat as wasnt sure how much time I'd have after sorting out the delivery.

Despite the good forecast for tomorrow I think shall nip down to TC myself to do some more present shopping. Next week I could be blocked in by OH's car &/or workmans' van, so the garden can be done then.Then it's December the week after & shopping will be unbearable!

Goody, delivery arrived. Good dates on dairy things too & another £ off petrol too. mine, or OH, this time I think! Off to finish sorting. J.


Miss Becks

Is that your dinner for tonight Geoff, Deep Fried Grub!


She stand in the classroom

Or at the white board

Teaching some teenagers

While counting her hoard

But we are still here

Peering through the school gate

Has any body seen

Our old mate Kate?



Miss Becks

Aaw, she must be really bogged down trying to put that department right. What a way to start a new job.


I am on bacon pudding watch- that is tonights dinner-was told not to let it boil over-all ok to date

Caz W

Aaw poor Kate - she's missing out on all the fun too.  We may need you to organise another rescue mission soon Geoff.


Becks, Geoff 

That dolls face is just what it looked like. AArgh!

This attempt much better, maybe because I feel better.


It has just gone 4 curtains drawn-so miserable

I like Chucky

Caz W

At least we'll soon be able to put the Christmas lights up - that should cheer us up a bit .


I wonder if the lights will still work-haven't been out of the box for three years


Just lit fire - not cold - just wanted to be more cheery. What a horrible day



I've just eaten a Crunchie and am warming up a maple pecan pastry to have with a cup of tea - that's my way of being cheery on a day that never really got light. Weigh in day tomorrow - perhaps not wise choices :- /


Flo I have to report my weight every 3 weeks to a nurse- drug dose depends on it apparently. Must admit to weighing myself unclothed & before have consumed anything! Hospital clinics dont give you that chance.

I did finish off the yummy 'crusty' bread with lemon curd on it earlier.

Daughter back already! Doesnt want fried aubergine with the reheated cauli mac cheese, drat. Quick rumage in feezer & some ready made veg sausages will have to do! We have however got 4 (!!) large pots of the best ever youghurt to keep us going for...... oh at least a couple of days, I hope. Only seem to be able to get from my delivery store as not seen at t'other nor anywhere else yet. J.


Shortest day is one month away-21st December-then we are on the way back.


Hello all--still in fine form, I see. Just wanted to let you know I am lurking, trying to be inspired, but it's still 9am and the old brain isn't working well enough. That blow we were in for yesterday passed us by, but we are due another today. I am waiting for the mechanic to come and pick up my vehicle to give it a checkup---so will be a carless stay at home today.


Just done the eyes. Pleased to report much improvement

Oh Flo. tut tut tut. Still I have a large mincemeat and ginger tart waiting for me courtesy of Waitrose, a treat as i reached a target.

Your Monday quick meal always sounds really good to me Jo