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Night Dean

Had my 2 glasses of wine Becks - but they are only small size!

Also had my treat Must remember to buy one again - if I ever deserve a treat again

Just asked family - innocently - who their favourite Muppet was (well I did see these great mugs) and I get the full interrogation off 2 at home, one comes up with a totally obscure one (typical) and the others reply by text as if I've gone mad.. Perhaps they won't have a pressie then.

Hi Caz

Caz W

Hi BJay - was thinking of you this evening as I made Compost Crumble for afters .


Can't beat a bit of compost

Well if I ask Forkers who their favourite Muppet is what will you all say? 


Evening everyone

I have enjoyed reading all the poems - my brain doesn't work well enough to contribute

Washing machine last week - boiler didn't come on this morning  Barry is hoping it is just a new valve needed

I have been wrapping Christmas presents today - no gardening - yukky weather!!!

Pam LL x


Geoff where d'you get 'em?

I said exactly the same thing to daughter- she'll just call out the 'RAC' or whoever she's got......... mind you so would I, & have done! (but at least I know how to do it, just cant any more)

The forecast for here tomorrow isnt as good now, so will go pressie shopping tomorrow after all. Should be back by lunchtime so if ok may get outside afterwards. Plan to do some at w/end too, when OH is removing the rest of the tiles to go in the bathroom! Which reminds me, where are the goggles I use for fence painting? Know they're covered in 'stain'. Hmm, think will get OH a new pair just in case.......

Sort of watching the cooking, but need to finish emptying the dishwasher so can put it through a cycle with a cleaner.

So will sign off now. Night all. J.



Evening Pam-hope Barry is right about boiler

Night Jo-I find this silly things when I am bored

What is a Muppet?

Caz W

Hi Pam - hope it's nothing serious with your boiler. 

BJay - I liked the Swedish Chef.





Have sevral Muppets - Sorry picture bit big. How to reduce That is the question?


Oh it came out small 


A Muppet

Well, it's not quite a mop, it's not quite a puppet," - Homer Simpson

That explains it all
Pennine Petal
Hola Geoff, que tal hoy? Are you still out to play or am I too late?

Hola mon ami Glyn

Travailling to mon chambre soon

Bonnes nochas


Off to bed in a min but just popped in before I turn in. I had 'that' conversation with OH this evening - the one about aged parents and Christmas and do we invite them here or go to theirs. MIL gets nervous of FIL driving in the dark (for no good reason, he's perfectly capable) so if they come over they have to stay, even though they only live 45 mins away. My mum doesn't drive so we would have to go and get her if she was coming to ours for Xmas - she's also 45 mins away but the opposite direction. We have decided we will have to call them to discuss. This could take some organising. 

Night all, sweet dreams.

Pennine Petal
Moi aussi, je suis tres fatigu??.
Buenas noches, amigos, hasta ma??ana


Gary Hobson

Morning forkers.

Bjay wrote (see)

If I ask Forkers who their favourite Muppet is what will you all say? 

Dani and Vincent are my favourite muppets.

Been out to feed the birds. More wet wet wet. I put down some stepping stones to save some of the lawn a couple of weeks ago. It's a good job I did. Won't be doing anything outside today. At least it's mild.

Went to history society last night. A couple of people were venturing into family history research. I shall spend this morning seeing if I can find anything for them on Ancestry.


Gutten morgen alles.

Tablet taken- ugh- & timer set to tell me when 'safe' to start proper food & drink!

il pleut! This is where my memory of any language has disparu (?) was thinking how to write about going present shopping, but got well & truely stuck!

Daughter up too & has completely confused me as is working a late duty, not a daytime one, so I did wonder why she hadnt left. I have actually made a daily note on the kitchen calendar of her duty rotas so I will, hopefully, have a chance to know whether cooking for 1,2 or 3, & when to deadlock the front door at night or not!

Listening to the heavy rain out there, I doubt shall try 'cutting back' later if it dries up, unless wearing a wet suit!

Hurry up beeper I'm hungry! J.

Jean Genie

Morning all . It's HORRIBLE here   Very dark and tiddling down - had to leave the lights on. Debating whether to take coffee back to bed but probally won't .  Once I'm up - I'm up.

Hope the problem with your boiler is only a small one Pam. Strange. That was the exact same senario as my daughter. Washing machine and then boiler. The problem with hers was some sort of valve, I think.

She picks up her keys to the bungalow at the end of the week which is handy as she can start taking some of the smaller items to her new house before the move. Daniel is all excited and we think he'll settle well. The good news is there's an autistic school near to where she'll be living so she has an appointment made. Not long now - she has to vacate on the 10th Dec but up to now things are running smoothly with the sale of the house.Hope you get your brekkie soon, Jo and good luck with your research Georg



Maria Bueno peeps

Had me weetabix

Ball bashing is orf again today-too wet-will wait till next week now

Have put the washing on -in the hope that it will dry up as forecast

Another free bit of advertising has appeared

There is a footy job going at Chelsea-best get showered and dressed-soon


Il pleut ici aussi. Une cadeau is a present - about as much as I remember. Wish I'd learned Spanish rather than French though.

Jean, I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible with the move. A good friend of mine is moving shortly but only from one side of the village to the other. (Mrs A, for those of you who might remember that saga - now no longer with Mr A, hence the move). I've offered to help!

I'm going to become a great-aunt in the very near future! This means that Grandad will become a great-great Grandad (and my brother will become a grandad - not sure he's ready for pipe and slippers yet!)

Not planning on digging today - even if the rain stops in time it will be too soggy. It will be a trip to the supermarket at lunchtime.